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We have been in the shipping business for 36 years. Our Services include Ship Sale and Purchase,
Ship Management, Ship Maintenance. Finding suitable vessel from world markets according to buyers' specs. 
Purchasing vessels, flagging, certification, operation, management of vessels. Valuation of the vessels for insurances,
banks, courts and for other interests. You can't beat the experience. We are worldwide competitive in ship sale and purchase.
 The Service You can Rely on.

Welcome Ships for Sale / from 1000dwt to 300,000dwt

Below you can find General Cargo Ships, Bulk Carriers, Container Ships
and Tankers, Container and Tanker Ships are at the bottom:

00001-General Cargo-1260dwt/3.4m. blt1988Holland, IACS Class,
1hold/1hatch, 1830m3, m/e Caterpillar 775hp. price-offers.

00001*1-1280dwt/3.6m. blt1986Holland, Loa64m x Bm10.5m,
1hold/1hatch, 1830m3, m/e Caterpillar, price-offers. SOLD

0001-General Cargo-1400dwt/3.9m. blt1991England, Loa58m x Bm9.3m x Dbt4.75m. 1hold/1hatch, 1760m3, co2, appendix A,B,C fitted, timber fitted, price/offers. Sold

0001-0-General Cargo-1400dwt/3.89m. blt1985England, 
Loa58.2m x Bm9.4m. 1hold/1hatch, 1767m3, m/e 2xCummins 740hp.
price-offers SOLD

0001-1*1-General Cargo-1520dwt blt1985Germany, IACS Class, Loa75m x Bm10.5m. m/e man 600hp. bow thruster, 1hold/hatch, box, 2350m3, 60teu, hyd. wheelhouse, price/offers.Cancelled Sale

0001-1-General Cargo-1600dwt/3.3m. blt1986Holland, IACS Class, Loa79m x Bm10.3m. 1hold/2hatch, pontoon hatchcovers, gearless, bowthruster, m/e Stork 1000hp, 9knt/2.5-2.6t go, eco 8knt/2.2t go, price/offers.Sold

0001-2-General Cargo-1740dwt/3.7m. blt1985Germany, IACS Class, Loa75m x Bm10.5m. , 1hold/hatch,  2350m3, m/e mwm 1000hp. price/offers.

0001-3-General Cargo-1890dwt/4.2m. blt1991Holland, IACS Class, Loa65m x Bm11.4m. 1holdhacth,  2600m3, bowthruster, m/e Caterpillar 1300hp. price/offers.

0001-4-General Cargo-1890dwt/3.75m. blt1990Germany, IACS Class, Loa81m x Bm11.3m. 1hold/hatch, 2800m3, bowthruster, m/e Mak810hp. price/offers. Cancelled Sale

0001*1-General Cargo,Sea-River-2065dwt/3.4m. blt1996Holland, IACS Class, Loa88m x Bm11m x Dbt5.5m. 1hold/1hatch, 3050m3, m/e Caterpillar 1000hp. price/offers. 


001-General Cargo, Sea-River-2100dwt/3.99m. blt1984Holland, IACS Class, Loa80 x Bm10.9m. 1hold/1hatch, 2680m3, box, 1 bulkhead, m/e Deutz 810hp. price/offers. Cancelled Sale

001*1-General Cargo-2100dwt/4.46m. blt1994Denmark, IACS Class, Loa73.5m x Bm11.3m x Dbt5.5m. hold capacity 2050m3, 83teu, crane 2x30ton, m/e Alpha b&w 1000hp. price/offers. /SOLD

002-General Cargo Ship-2150dwt/4.52m. blt1983Denmark, IACS Class, Loa72.5m x Bm11.2m x Dbt6.7m, 1hold/1hatch, 2835m3, m/e Mak 1200hp. 10knt/3.8t. crane 2x15ton, price/offers. /SOLD

002*1-General Cargo,Sea-River-2200dwt/4.03m. blt1997Holland,
IACS Class, Loa82m x Bm11.5m. 1hold/1hatch, 3060m3, box,
m/e Deutz 1000hp. bowthruster, price-offers.

003-General Cargo,Sea-River-2290dwt/4.24m. blt.1985Germany,IACS Class, Loa82.5m x Bm11.3m , 1hold/1hatch, 2870m3, m/e Deutz 800hp. bowthruster, price/offers. /SOLD

004-General Cargo, Sea-River-2300dwt/4.3m. blt1985Germany, IACS Class, Loa80.6m x Bm12.6m., 1hold/1hatch, box, 3220m3, m/e Deutz 1380hp. bowthruster, 2 movable bulkheads, price/offers.

005-General Cargo Ship-2310dwt. blt1984Germany, IACS Class, Loa82m x Bm11.3m. 1hold/1hatch, box,2890m3, m/e mwm 600hp. bowthruster, price/offers. 

006-General Cargo,Sea-River-2370dwt/4.35m. bşt1993Germany, IACS Class, Loa81.5m x Bm11.3m x dbt5.52m. 1hold/1hatch, 3040m3, ice class, shaft generator, bowthruster, grain, imo fitted, m/e Deutz 1300hp. price/offers.  /SOLD

007-General Cargo Ship-2246dwt/4.8m. blt1996Slovakia, IACS Class, Loa82.4m x Bm11.5m. 1hold/1hatch, 3460m3, m/e Deutz 1800hp. bowthruster, grainfitted, price/offers. 

007*1-General Cargo-2487dwt/4.8m. blt1996Slovakia, IACS Class, Loa82m x Bm11m x Dbt6.1m. 1hold/1hatch, 3475m3, 100teu, m/e deutz 1800hp. price/offers. 

007*1-1-General Cargo,Sea River-2500dwt/4.5m. blt1999Europe, IACS Class, Loa89m x Bm11.5m. 1hold/1hatch, box, 3700m3, m/e Deutz 2000hp. bowthruster, price/offers. 

007.1-General Cargo- 2626dwt/4.5m. blt1988Holland, IACS Class, Loa82m x Bm12.5m. m/e Deutz 1600hp. price-Euro750,000. 

008-General Cargo,Sea-River-2736dwt, blt1986, IACS Class, Loa89m x Bm12m , 1hold/1hatch, box, price/offers. /SOLD 

008-1-General Cargo-2756dwt/4.3m. blt1999Holland, IACS Class, Loa90.5m x Bm13.7m., m/e 2450hp., capacity 3900m3, 200teu, price/offers.SOLD

008.1-General Cargo-2760dwt.blt1980Holland, IACS Class, Loa81m x Bm15m. 1hold/1hatch, box, m/e 2400hp. excavator fitted, price/offers.

008*1-General Cargo-2769dwt/5.5m. blt1977Germany, Loa71m x Bm12.8m. , 2900m3, m/e Mak 1500hp. price/offers.

009-General Cargo,Short Omsky-2778dwt/3.72m. blt1979, Loa79.2m x Bm14.8m x Dbt5m. ice class,3hold/3hatches, 2800m3, grain fitted, price-usd650,000. /Cancelled Sale 

009-1-General Cargo-2780dwt. blt1996Holland, IACS Class, Loa90.5m. x Bm13.7m. 1hold/hatch, 3900m3, 200teu, bowthruster,price/offers. SOLD 

009*1-General Cargo-2800dwt/4.45m. blt1986Holland, IACS Class, Loa82m x Bm12.6m x Dbt6.35m. 1hold/1hatch, 3590m3, 141teu, m/e 1260hp. price/offers. Euro 400,000.Cancelled Sale  

0010-General Cargo Ship-2820dwt/5.4m. blt1979Holland, IACS Class, Loa75m x Bm12.6m x Dbt6.5m. 1hold/1hatch, 3480m3, m/e 1500hp. price/offers. 

0010*1-General Cargo-2855dwt/4.8m. blt1986Holland, IACS Class, Loa89m x Bm12.5m x Dbt6.35m. 1hold/1hatch, 3900m3, 157teu, m/e Deutz 1600hp. price/offers.  Euro 400,000. /SOLD

0011-General Cargo Ship-2890dwt/4.83m. blt.1985Germany, IACS Class, Loa88m x Bm11.4m x Dbt6.7m. 1hold/1hatch, 3660m3, 2 movable bulkheads, grainfitted, m/e Deutz 815hp. 9.5knt/3.4 go, bowthruster, price-usd650,000. /SOLD

0011.1-General Cargo-2951dwt/6.5m. blt1982Holland, IACS Class, Loa83m x Bm12.5m. 2hold/2hatch, 3900m3, m/e 2500hp. price/offers. 

0011-1-General Cargo-3000dwt/5.1m. blt1990Holland,IACS Class,
Loa82m x Bm12.5m. 1hold/2hatch, 4500m3, bowthruster,
movable bulkhead, price-offers.

0012-General Cargo,MPP-3003dwt/4.95m. blt1996Slovenya, IACS Class, 1hold/1hatch, 4150m3, boxhold, low airdraft, m/e Deutz 1500hp. price-Euro 500,000.  /SOLD

0012*1-General Cargo-3010dwt/4.94m. blt1991Holland, IACS Class, Loa82m x Bm12.5m. 1hold/2hatch, 4500m3, 125teu, m/e Caterpillar 2280hp. grainfitted, bowthruster, elvent, shaft generator, price-offers.

0012.1-General Cargo-Sea River-3013dwt. blt1990Holland, IACS Class, Loa82m x Bm12m. price-usd700,000. /SOLD

0012.2-General Cargo-3040dwt/5.8m. blt1985Norway, IACS Class,
side door, side loading elevator, 4600m3, m/e wartsila 3000hp,
shaft generator, price-offers.

0013-General Cargo, Sea-River-3050dwt/4.43m. blt85Germany, 1hold/1hatch, box, container, grain fitted, m/e deutz 1800hp. Crane 2x25ton. price/offers. /SOLD

0014-General Cargo-3060dwt/5m.blt89Holland, IACS Class, ice class, Loa 83m x Bm13m x Dbt6.6m. 1hold/1hatch, 4320m3, m/e Caterpillar, movable bulkhead,bowthruster, price/offers.

0014.1-General Cargo-3064dwt/4.6m. blt84Germany, Loa90m x Bm13.5m. 1hold/1hatch, 4440m3, 150Teu, m/e Deutz 1000hp. shaft gen, price/offers.

0015-General Cargo-3075dwt/4.8m.blt2007, IACS Class, Loa80.3m x Bm12.5m. 1hold/1hatch, 3500m3, m/e Mak 1550hp. 2bulkheads, bowthruster, price/offers. 

0016-General Cargo,Sea-River Sormovsky-3100dwt/3.68m. blt1981Russia, IACS Class, Loa114m x Bm13m x Dbt5.5m. 4hold/4hatches, 4200m3,  price / offers. usd1.5million. 

0016*1-General Cargo-3100dwt/5.5m. blt1984Germany, Loa91m x Bm12m. 1hold/1hatch, m/e 2400hp. excavator fitted, price/offers. 
Cancelled Sale

0016*1-1-General Cargo-3125dwt. blt1991Europe, IACS Class, Loa82m x Bm12.5m. 1ho/2ha, 4200m3, box, excavator fitted, price/offers. 

0016.1-General Cargo-3137dwt. blt1978Germany, Loa88m.x Bm15.8m. 1hold/1hatch, box, 4100m3, m/e 2000hp. cpp, bowthruster, excavator fitted, price/offers. 


0017-General Cargo-3150dwt. blt1998Holland, IACS Class, Loa89.5m x Bm12.5m, 1hold/1hatch, box,4000m3, m/e Deutz 1670hp. bowthruster, 2 movable bulkheads, container fitted, dangerous goods, price/offers. 
Cancelled Sale

0018-General Cargo,Sea-River Volgobalt-3187dwt/3.64m. blt1980, IACS Class, Loa114m x Bm13m x Dbt5.5m. 4hold/4hatches, 4700m3, price/offers. /SOLD

0018.0-General Cargo,Sea-River Omsky-3196dwt/3.3m. blt1982Russia,
Loa102.5m x Bm14.8m. 4hold/4hatch, 4380m3, price-usd1.2million.SOLD

0018.1-General Cargo-3200dwt/6.8m. blt1978Germany, IACS Class, Loa79.6m x Bm12.7m. hold cap. 3500m3, m/e Mak 1000hp. bowthruster 360kw, aftthruster 360kw. selfdischarge excavator Daewoo 420 grab 2.7m3 discharge capacity 350m3/h, price-Usd600,000.    
Cancelled Sale SOLD

0018.2-General Cargo-3200dwt/4.7m. blt1986Germany, 
Loa90m x Bm15.5m. 1hold/1hatch, 5700m3, 300teu, cr 2x30ton,
Mak 1850hp. price-offers.

0018.3-General Cargo-3200dwt/5.6m. blt1983Germany, IACS Class, Loa90m. one side door, pallet lifts 2x6ton, crane 1x26ton, 1 box hold, m/e Mak 2000hp. shaft gen., bowthruster, price-offers.

0019-General Cargo,Sea-River-3216dwt/4.7m. blt1989Holland, IACS Class, Loa89m. x Bm12.5m ,ice class, 1hold/1hatch, box, m/e Deutz 800hp.

bowthruster,Auomation,Container,grain fitted. price/offers.SOLD

0020-General Cargo,Sea-River-3217dwt/4.7m. blt1989Holland, IACS Class, Loa89m x Bm12.5m. 1hold/1hatch, box,3960m3, m/e mwm 800hp. bowthruster, container fitted, price/offers. /SOLD

0021-General Cargo,Sea-River-3222dwt/4.7m. blt1989Holland, IACS Class,ice class, 1hold/1hatch, 3960m3, m/e Caterpillar 1400hp. bowthruster, automation, container,grain fitted, price/offers. /SOLD

0022-General Cargo-3200dwt/5.2m. blt1989Holland, IACS Class, Loa82m x Bm12.6m , 1hold/1hatch, 4500m3, m/e 1750hp. Container fitted, price/offers. /SOLD

0022.1-General Cargo-3250dwt/4.8m. blt1995Holland, IACS Class, Loa84m x Bm12.5m. 1hold/1hatch, 3995m3, m/e Wartsila, bowthruster, price-offers. SOLD

0022.2-General Cargo-3300dwt/4.95m. blt1997Holland,IACS Class,
Loa89m x Bm12m, 1hold/1hatch, 5000m3, 146teu, box,
Wartsila 1800hp. price-offers.

0023-General Cargo,Sea-River Amur-3329dwt/4.1m. blt1987Czeheslovakia, IACS Class, Loa115m x Bm13m x Dbt6m. 3hold/3hatch, m/e 2x700hp. price/offers. /SOLD

0023-1-General Cargo-3330dwt/4.9m. blt2001Holland, IACS Class,
Loa91m x Bm13.8m. 1hold/1hatch, 5100m3, 140teu,
grainfit, bowthruster, Wartsila 2650hp. cpp prop. price-offers.Euro2.3mill.
reduced Euro2.1mil. ss dd passed.

0024-General Cargo, Sea-River Amur- 3337dwt/4.13m. blt1986Czeheslovakia, IACS Class, Loa116m x Bm13m XDbt6m. 3hold/3hatch, 4000m3,m/e 2x700hp. ,price/offers.

0025-General Cargo,Sea-River Amur- 3337dwt/4.13m. blt1986Czeheslovakia, IACS Class, Loa116m x Bm13m x Dbt6m. 3hold/3hatch, 4000m3, m/e 2x700hp. price/offers. 

0025.1-General Cargo-Sea-River Amur-3338dwt/4.2m. blt1986Czech. IACS Class, Loa116m x Bm13m x Dbt6m. 3hold/3hatch, box, m/e Skoda 2x700hp. price/offers.

0025.2-General Cargo,Sea-River Sormovsky-3350dwt/4m.
blt.1973Russia,  4hold/4hatch, 4300m3,Loa114m x Bm13m,

0026-General Cargo, MPP-3400dwt/4.9m. blt1987Germany, IACS Class, Loa95m x Bm16m. 1hold/1hatch, 4400m3, m/e 3000hp. bowthruster, container fitted, price- usd1.3million. 

0027-General Cargo,Sea-River-3410dwt/4.99m. blt1991Holland, IACS Class, Loa88m x Bm12.5m. 1hold/1hatch, 3900m3, m/e Caterpillar, 2 movable bulkheads, grain fitted, price/offers. SOLD

0027.1-General Cargo,-3430dwt blt1989Europe, IACS Class, Loa87m x Bm13m. 1hold/1hatch, 4450m3, bowthruster, m/e B&W 1460hp. price/offers. 

0028-General Cargo,Sea-River-3450dwt/4.95m. blt1997Holland, IACS Class, Loa89m x Bm12.5m. 1hold/1hatch, 5100m3, m/e 1760hp. bow thruster, grain,imo fitted, price/offers. Euro 1.6million /SOLD

0028-1-General Cargo-3450dwt/5.6m. blt2004Slovakia, IACS Class,
Loa85.5m x Bm12.8m. tween, 1hold/1hatch, 4600m3, 160teu,
m/e Mak 2450hp. crane 2x35ton, price-offers. SOLD

0028-2-General Cargo-3470dwt/5.2m. blt1990Korea,IACS Class,
Loa74m x Bm15m, 2970m3, m/e hanshin 1600hp, 
price-offers. SOLD

0028*1-General Cargo,MPP-3480dwt/5.6m. blt2003Slovakia, IACS Class, Loa86.5m x Bm12.8m x Dbt7.1m. tween,4500m3, crane 2x35ton, m/e Mak 2450hp.tweendecks can be used as two bulkheads, 166Teu, bowthruster,price/offers. /SOLD

0028.1-General Cargo-3500dwt/5.6m. blt2005Slovakia, IACS Class, Loa86m x Bm12.7m. 1hold/1hatch, 4600m3, m/e Man2000hp. price/offers.

0029-General Cargo,MPP-3505dwt/5.6m. blt1998Slovakia, IACS Class, tweendeck, Loa 86.5m x Bm12.8m x Dbt7.1m. 1hold/1hatch, 4650m3, Crane 2x35ton, m/e B&W 2330hp. removable tween, grain, container fitted, price/offers. SOLD

0029.1-General Cargo-3550dwt/5.6m. blt1994Slovenia, IACS Class, Loa88m x Bm12.7m. 1hold/1hatch, box, 4600m3, 167teu,container fitted, crane 2x12ton, m/e Mak 2000hp. price/offers.

0029.2-General Cargo-3590dwt/5.6m. blt1982Japan, IACS Class,
Loa91m x Bm14m, 2hold/2hatch, 4900m3,grain fitted,
m/e Hanshin 2000hp. der. 2x25t+2x3t, price-usd650,000.

0029.3-General Cargo-3592dwt/5.6m. blt1982Japan, IACS Class,
Loa91m x Bm14m, 2hold/2hatch, 4900m3, grain fitted,
m/e Hanshin 2000hp. der 2x25t+2x3t, price-usd650,000.

0029*1-General Cargo-3600dwt/5.58m. blt1995Slovakia, IACS Class, Loa88m. x Bm12.7m. 1hold/1hatch, box, crane 2x 11ton, m/e Mak 2000hp. price/offers.

0030-General Cargo-3600dwt/4.99m. blt1993Holland, IACS Class, 1hold/2hatch, box,3800m3, m/e 1700hp., bowthruster, bulkheads, pontoon hatchcovers, price-Euro 900,000.

0030*1-General Cargo-3600dwt/5.3m. blt1984 Germany, IACS Class, Loa92m x Bm11.3m. 1hold/1hatch, box, m/e Deutz 810hp, 3 gens, bow thruster, price/offers.  

0030*2-General Cargo,MPP-3630dwt/5.9m. blt1993Denmark, tween, IACS Class, Loa81m x Bm13.6m x Dbt7.3m. 1hold/1hatch, 4000m3, m/e Mak 2990hp. crane 2x50ton, pitch propeller, price-Usd 2million.

0031-General Cargo,Sea-River Volgobalt-3637dwt/3.95m. blt1977Slovakia,  Loa114m x Bm13m x Dbt5.5m. 4hold/4hatch, 4700m3,m/e 2xSkoda 1400hp. price/offers. usd1million.SOLD

0032-General Cargo,Sea-River Volgabalt- 3637dwt/3.95m. blt1980, Loa114m x Bm13m x Dbt5.5m. 4hold/4hatch, 4700m3, price/offers. /SOLD

0032.1-General Cargo-3670dwt/5.9m. blt1986Germany, IACS Class, Loa87.8m x Bm12.8m x Dbt7.1m. 1hold/1hatch, box,4600m3, m/e Deutz 1000hp. two movable bulkheads, grainfitted, bowthruster, price/offers.
Euro 630,000. SOLD

0033-General Cargo-3675dwt/5.45m. blt2005Slovakia, IACS Class, Loa88m x Bm12.8m. 1hold/1hatch,  m/e man 2000hp. bowthruster, price/offers


0033*1-General Cargo-3676dwt/5.5m. blt2001Slovakia, IACS Class, Loa88m x Bm12.8m. x Dbt7.1m. 1hold/1hatch, 4600m3, 170teu, m/e Deutz 2000hp.price/offers. 

0033*1-0-General Cargo-3678dwt/5.4m. blt2003Slovakia, IACS Class, Loa88m x Bm12.7m. 1hold/1hatch, 4500m3, 140teu, bowthruster, price/offers. 

0033*1-1-General Cargo-3680dwt/5.4m. blt2005Europe, Loa88m x Bm12.7m. 1ho/ha, 4500m3, m/e Man2060hp. bowthruster, price/offers.

0033.1-General Cargo-3698dwt/5.8m. blt1991Holland, IACS Class, Loa83m x Bm13m. 1hold/1hatch, box, 4470m3, 180teu, m/e 2400hp. price/offers. 

0033*2-General Cargo,Sea-River-3700dwt/3.7m blt1984Russia,IACS Class, Loa107.4 x Bm16.7m. 2hold/2hatch, 4400m3, Twin screw 2300hp. bow thruster, price-offers.

0033.2-General Cargo-3713dwt/5.5m. blt1994Germany, Loa88m x Bm12.7m x Dbt7.1m. 1hold/1hatch, 4600m3, 140teu, price/offers.SOLD 

0033.3-General Cargo-3715dwt/5.8m. blt1994Slovakia, IACS Class, Loa81m x Bm12.8m x Dbt7.1m. 1hold/2ha, 4600m3, m/e Deutz 2000hp. price/offers. SOLD

0034-General Cargo,MPP- 3730dwt/5.3m. blt1985Germany, IACS Class, Loa98m x Bm13.5m x Dbt7m. 1hold/1hatch, 5300m3, flush tween, 2x cranes, m/e Deutz 1850hp. priceoffers. usd790,000. /SOLD

0034.1-General Cargo-3740dwt/5.8m. blt1993Slovakia, IACS Class, Loa88m x Bm12.7m x Dbt7.1m. 1hold/2hatch, 4600m3, m/e Deutz 2000hp. price/offers. SOLD

0034.2-General Cargo-3770dwt, blt1996Japan, IACS Class,
Loa83m x Bm14.5m. 6500m3, derrick 3x20ton, price-offers.SOLD

0035-General Cargo,MPP-3830dwt/5.15m. blt1985Germany, IACS Class, Loa94m x Bm14m, tween deck, 1hold/1hatch, 5400m3, crane 2x25ton, m/e mwm 2250hp. container fitted, price/offers. /SOLD

1-General Cargo Ship- 3510dwt/5.56m. blt.1988 Korea, IACS Class, Loa 92.20m. x Bm 13.60m. x Dbt 6.8m., 2hold/2hatches , cranes 3x30tons, m/e Hanshin 2400bhp/260rpm. spd 12knts. price/offers./SOLD


1*1-General Cargo-2950dwt/5.8m. blt1991Holland, IACS Class, Loa82.5m. x Bm12.5m x Dbt7.4m. 1hold/1hatch, 4400m3, 184Teu, m/e 2450hp. price-usd850,000./Cancelled Sale SOLD

1.1-General Cargo Ship-3000dwt/4.95m. blt1994 Europe, Sea-River,IACS Class, Loa88.5 x Bm11.4m. 1hold/1hatch, 4160m3,box, 116Teu, 2 bulkheads, movable wheelhouse, m/e Deutz , 11knts/5.2t go, bowthruster, price/offers. 


1.2-General Cargo Ship-3016dwt/4.40m. blt1987Germany, IACS Class, Loa88m x Bm12.08m. 1hold/1hatch, box, 4800m3, 197teu, m/e Wartsila 2500hp. reduction gear, cpp, flap rudder, price/offers.

1*2-General Cargo-3035dwt/4.63m. blt1993Holland, IACS Class, Loa88m x Bm12.5m x Dbt6.5m. 1hold/1hatch, 3950m3, 156Teu, dbl hull, bowthruster,
m/e Deutz 2000hp. price/offers.  

1.3-General Cargo Ship-3050dwt/4.60m. blt1985Germany, IACS Class, Loa88m. x Bm12.80m. 1hold/1hatch, 150teu, m/e wartsila 1500hp. shaftgenerator, bowthruster, price-Euro650,000.  /SOLD

1.4-General Cargo Ship-3088dwt/4.88m. blt1982Germany, IACS Class, Loa88m. x Bm11.30m. x Dbt6.75m. 1hold/1hatch, 90teu, m/e Deutz 1800hp. price/offers. /Cancelled Sale  

1.5-General Cargo Ship-3145dwt/6.1m. blt1990Europe, IACS Class, Loa74.7m x Bm12.7m , 1hold/1hatch, box, 3700m3, 2 movable bulkheads, 9knts/4ton mgo. price/offers. SOLD

1.5.1-General Cargo-3150dwt/6.04m. blt1974Germany, Loa77.5m x Bm13m x dbt7.6m. 1hold/1hatch, 4300m3,boxlike, price-usd450,000. /Cancelled Sale

1*6-General Cargo,MPP-3176dwt/5m. blt1987Germany, IACS Class, Loa94m x Bm16m x Dbt7.5m. 1hold/1hatch, 260teu, m/e Wartsila 2350hp. price- Euro 1million.  SOLD

1.6-General Cargo-3200dwt/4.7m. blt1996Holland, IACS Class, Loa90m x Bm12.7m x Dbt6m., 1hold/1hatch, 4700m3, 2 movable bulkheads, 152teu, m/e Mak 1850hp. bowthruster, price/offers.  /SOLD

1*7-General Cargo-3200dwt/4.6m. blt1996Holland, IACS Class, Loa90.6m x Bm15.7m. 1hold/1hatch, box, 3980m3, 265teu, m/e Wartsila 4450hp, shaft generator, bowthruster, price-/offers.  Usd1.5million

1.7-General Cargo Ship-3200dwt/4.7m. blt1989Holland, IACS Class, Loa89m x Bm12.5m , 1hold/1hatch, 3950m3, 155Teu, m/e Caterpillar 1400hp.spd10knts, bowthruster, price- Usd1.1million.


1*8-General Cargo,MPP-3284dwt/4.6m. blt1995Holland, IACS Class, Loa96.5m x Bm15.7m. 1hold/1hatch, box, 265teu, m/e Wartsila 4450hp, shaftgenerator, bowthruster, price/offers.  

1.8-General Cargo-3330dwt/4.13m. blt1990Czech, IACS Class, Loa116m x Bm13.4m x Dbt6.02m. 3hold/3hatch, 4060m3, 100teu, bowthruster, m/e 2x700hp Skoda, 2  propellers. price/offers.  

2-General Cargo Ship-3350dwt/5.51m. blt.1990Korea, IACS Class, Loa88.31 x Bm13.82 x Dbt6.6m., 2hold/2hatches, Derricks 2x15tons + 1x20ton ,m/e Hanshin 2400bhp/260rpm. spd 13knts. price/offers.


3-General Cargo Ship-3330dwt/4.2m. blt2007Germany, IACS Class, Loa99.9m x Bm13.6m x Dbt5.7m. 2holds2hatches, grain5000m3, 220Teu, m/e 4xdrive propulsion Mtu 4x600kw, 4rudder, generatırs 2x150kva, lifting wheelhouse, elvent, co2 inholds, price/offers. 

3.1-General Cargo-3365dwt/5.7m. blt2000Korea, IACS Class, Loa81 x Bm14m x Dbt7m., 2hold/2hatch, derrick 2x15ton, m/e 2300hp.price/offers.

4-General Cargo Ship-3370dwt  blt.1994Japan, tween deck, Loa 82.55m. xBm13.80m. x Dbt8.50m. ,IACS Class, 2hold/2hatches , grain/bale 5200/4940m3, Derricks 2x20tons, m/e Mitsubishi 2000hp/215rpm. spd 12knts. price/offers. SOLD



4.1-General Cargo,MPP-3370dwt/4.9m. blt 1995 Holland, IACS Class, Loa88m. x Bm12.7m x Dbt6.3m. 1hold/1hatch, 4300m3, boxhold, 2movable bulkheads, grainfitted, low airdraft, m/e Mak 2000hp. price-Euro500,000.  /SOLD

-General Cargo Ship- 3380dwt/5.7m.blt.1989Japan,IACS Class, Loa 81.51m. x bm13.80m. x Dbt7.90m., 2holds/2hatches grain/bale 5240/5040m3, Derricks 2x5tons +1x10ton, m/e Mitsubishi 2600hp, spd 12knts. price/offers.



6-General Cargo,MPP-3400dwt/6m. blt.1990 Turkey, IACS Class, Loa 84m x 13m. x 7.1m. 2hold/2hatches , gr/bl 3900/3700m3, m/e 1950bhp. in good condition,.price/offers. /SOLD 


6*0-General Cargo-3440dwt/5.5m. blt1998Slovakia, IACS Class, Loa85m x Bm12m. 1hold/1hatch, 4500m3, tween convertible into single, boxlike, movable bulkheads 7 positions, m/e Man B&W 2300hp. crane 2x35ton. price-offers.SOLD

6*1-General Cargo-3550dwt/3.81m. Sormovskiy sea-river- blt1977, IACS Class, Loa 114m x Bm13.2m, capacity 4300m3, price/offers. 

6.1-General Cargo--3600dwt/5.80m. blt2007China, IACS Class, Loa81m x Bm13.60m x Dbt8.30m. 2hold/2hatches, 5340m3, m/e Chinese standard 6300zc -2000bhp. price-usd2.3million.

6.1-1-General Cargo,Sea-River-3600dwt/5.5m. blt1992Slovenia,IACS Class, 1hold/1hatch, 4600m3, m/e Deutz 2000hp, bowthruster, price/offers. 

6.2-General Cargo,MPP-3700dwt/5.48m.blt1991Germany,IACS Class, Loa88m x Bm12.8m x Dbt7.1m. 1hold/1hatch, 4600m3, 2movable bulkheads, m/e Deutz 2000hp. bowthruster, price-Euro 650,000. /SOLD

6*2-General Cargo,Sea-River-3709dwt/5.46m. blt1991Germany, IACS Class, Loa88m x Bm12.8m x Dbt7.1m. 1hold/1hatch, 4660m3, box, 2 movable bulkhead, bowthruster, m/e Deutz 2000hp. price-Euro 950,000. SOLD 

6.3-General Cargo,sea-river-3750dwt/5.5m. blt1998Slovakia, IACS Class, Loa88m x Bm12.9m x Dbt7.1m. 1hold/1hatch, box, 4650m3, 2 movable bulkheads,dbl skin, 160teu, m/e Deutz 2000hp. bowthruster,price/offers. Price-Euro1.4million 

6*4-General Cargo,MPP-3780dwt/5.5m. blt1989Germany,IACS Class, Loa88 x 12.9 x 7.1m. 1hold/1hatch, 4650m3,144teu, m/e leDeutz850hp, 10.5knts, hydraulic lowerable bridge,bowthruster, 2movable bulkheads, price/offers. Euro1.1 million 


6*5-General Cargo,MPP-3830dwt/5.8m. blt1993Germany, IACS Class, Loa85m x Bm13m x Dbt7.4m. 1hold/1hatch, 4500m3, box, 200teu, m/e Wartsila 2400hp. shaftgenerator, bowthruster, price/offers.  Euro1million SOLD

6.6-General Cargo-3990dwt/5.3m. blt1986Holland, IACS Class, Loa88m x Bm13.1m, 1hold/2hatch, 4300m3, m/e Wartsila 2700hp. shaftgenerator, bowthruster, cpp, price-offers. SOLD

6*6-General Cargo-4044dwt/5.7m. blt1994Holland, IACS Class, Loa90m x Bm14m. 2hold/2hatch, 5450m3, 170teu, m/e B&W 2700hp. bow thruster, side loading lifts, price/offers. 

6.4-General Cargo-4080dwt. blt1989Japan, Loa85m x Bm14.2m. x Dbt7.1m. m/e1500hp. gens 2x Yanmar, price/offers./SOLD

6.7-General Cargo-4080dwt/6.5m. blt1977Europe, IACS Class, Loa82 x Bm13m. 1hold/1hatch, 4800m3, m/e 1500hp. price-offers.

7-General Cargo,MPP-4100dwt/5.70m. blt.1998 Holland, IACS Class, Loa 89.7m x Bm 13.5m., 1hold/1hatches, gr 5600m3, m/e Mak, price/offers.


7*1-General Cargo,MPP-4135dwt/5.7m. blt1996Holland, IACS Class, Loa89m x Bm13.6m x Dbt7.2m. 1hold/1hatch, 2bulkheads 5 positions, 5590m3, 260Teu, m/e Mak 3000hp. bowthruster, dangerous goods,timber fitted. price/offers. /SOLD

7*1-1-General Cargo,MPP-4140dwt/5.7m. blt1996Holland, IACS Class, Loa90m x Bm13.5m. 1hold/1hatch, box, 5600m3, m/e Mak3000hp. 240teu,
price-Euro1.5million. SOLD

7.1-General Cargo, MPP-4140dwt/6.5m. blt1984Germany, IACS Class, Loa88.5m x Bm15.5m. x dbt8.3m. 1hold/1hatch, gr/bl 5850/5750m3, box, crane2x30ton, m/e Deutz 2000hp. 9knts/4.5t go, shaftgenerator, bowthruster, price/offers. /SOLD

7*2-General Cargo-4144dwt/5.75m. blt1992Japan, IACS Class, Loa90.5m x Bm13.2m x Dbt7.4m. m/e 1000hp. price/offers.

7*2-1-General Cargo-4148dwt/5.7m. blt1995Holland, IACS Class, Loa89m x Bm13.5m. 1hold/1hatch, 5600m3, 210teu, m/e 3100hp. shaftgenerator, price-offers. SOLD

7.2-General Cargo,MPP-4150dwt/5.7m. blt1998Holland, IACS Class, Loa89m x Bm13.6m x Dbt7.2m. 1hold/1hatch, 5500m3,260teu, m/e Mak 2600hp. price/offers.
 Cancelled  Sale

7.3-General Cargo,MPP-4195dwt/5.8m. blt1995Holland, IACS Class,ice class 1A, Loa90m x Bm13.8m. 1hold/1hatch, 5570m3, m/e Mak 3000hp. price/offers. SOLD

7*3-General Cargo,MPP-4200dwt, blt1991Holland, IACS Class, Loa88m x Bm13m, 1hold/1hatch, 5200m3, 180teu, m/e 2700hp. bowthruster, price/offers.

7.4-General Cargo,MPP-4241dwt/5m. blt1989Germany, IACS Class, Loa104m x Bm15m x Dbt7.5m. 2hold/2hatch, 5800m3, 150teu, m/e Mak 3400hp. bowthruster, port side ramp lift, price/offers. 

8-General Cargo,.MPP- 4250dwt/5.8m. blt1996Holland, IACS Class, 2hold/1hatch, 2movable bulkheads, grain fitted, 5650m3, boxhold, m/e mwm 2450hp. CPP, shaftgenerator, bowthruster, spd 11knts/6-6.5t go, price-Euro1.65million.

8.1-General cargo,MPP-4250dwt/5.8m. blt1996Holland, IACS Class, Loa89.7m. x Bm13.2m. 1hold/1hatch, box, 5600m3, 2 movable bulkheads, m/e Deutz 2440hp. bow thruster, price/offers.

8*2-General Cargo-4256dwt/6.8m. blt1986Japan, Loa94.9m x Bm16m, 2hold/2hatch, m/e Mak 3000hp. price/offers. 

8.2-General Cargo,MPP-4260dwt/5.5m. blt1980Germany, IACS Class, Loa95m x Bm15m x dbt7m. 1hold/1hach, grain5200m3, box, grainfitted, containerfitted, m/e Mak 1800hp. 9knts/3.2t mgo, bowthruster, 
 /Cancelled Sale

8.3-general Cargo,MPP-4265dwt/5.7m. blt1995Holland,IACS Class, Loa85.5m x Bm13.2m x Dbt7.1m. ice class, 1hold/1hatch, 5700m3, m/e 2400hp. 240teu, grain fitted, CPP, price/offers. SOLD

8.3*1-General Cargo,MPP-4270dwt/5.4m. blt1991Holland, IACS Class, Loa88m x Bm13m x Dbt7m. 1hold/2hatch, 5650m3, 180teu, m/e 2300hp. bowtruster, boxhold, grainfitted, price/offers.

8.3*2-General Cargo-4291dwt, blt2002Russia, IACS Class, Loa96m x Bm13.5m. 2hold/2hatch, 4750m3, m/e Mak 2500hp. price/offers. 
Euro 1.65million  SOLD

8.3-0-General Cargo,MPP-4412dwt/5.4m. blt1984Germany, IACS Class, Loa99.7m x Bm14.5m x Dbt6.96m. 2hold/2hatch, 5300m3, 173teu, m/e Deutz 1660hp. price/offers./SOLD  

8.3-1-General Cargo,MPP-4425dwt/5.99m. blt1990Germany, IACS Class, Loa104.5m x Bm16.2m x Dbt7.75m. 1 hold/1hatch, 6460m3, 320teu, crane 2x25ton. m/e Mak 4000hp. price/offers. /SOLD /for sale again

8.3-2-General Cargo-4426dwt/5.7m. blt1994Korea, IACS Class, Loa94m x Bm14.5m x Dbt7m. 2hold/2hatch, m/e B&W 2280hp. price/offers.  

8*3-General Cargo,MPP-4430dwt/5.7m. blt1995 Slovenia, IACS Class, Loa99.9 x 12.8m. 1hold/2hatch , 5900m3, 2bulkheads, dangerous goods,bowthruster, shaft generator, 290teu, m/e Deutz 3500hp.price/offers.

8*3-1-General Cargo,MPP-4483dwt/6.1m. blt1991Germany, IACS Class, Loa89m x Bm16m, 1hold/1hatch, 5800m3, 250teu, m/e B&W 3500hp. price/offers. SOLD

8*4-General Cargo-4500dwt/5.8m. blt1981 Germany, IACS Class, Loa92m x Bm15.5m x Dbt6m. 2hold/2hatch, 5800m3, box, m/e Deutz 3600hp. price 700,000.Euro
 /new Usd750,000. /SOLD

8.4-General Cargo,MPP- 4500dwt/6.2m. blt1995 Lithuania, IACS Class, Loa99m x Bm15.5m x Dbt7.7m. 2hold/2hatch,  5600m3, m/e B&W 4400hp container fitted.  250Teu.  price/offers.

8.5-General Cargo, Sea-River-4501dwt/5.3m. blt2005Holland, IACS Class, Loa89m x Bm15.2m. x Dbt6.9m.,ice class, 1hold/1hatch,box, 6300m3, 215teu, m/e Mak2400hp. 2movable bulkheads,shaftgenerator, price/offers. /SOLD


8.6-General Cargo,Sea-River-4505dwt/5.3m. blt2004Holland, IACS Class, Loa89m x Bm15.2m x Dbt6.9m.,ice class, 1hold/1hatch, box, 6300m3, m/e Mak2400hp., Container fitted,2movable bulkheads, shaftgenerator,/SOLD price/offers. 

8*7-General Cargo-4510dwt/6.7m. blt1995Korea, IACS Class, Loa79m x Bm14.5m x Dbt8.1m. 1hold/1hatch, 4100m3, m/e Man 2300hp. price/offers.  

8*7.0-General Cargo-4555dwt/6.1m. blt1991Germany,IACS Class, Loa88m xBm13.6m. 1hold/hatch, 5600m3, 170Teu, m/e Deutz 2000hp. price-offers.

8*7.1-General Cargo-4576dwt/5.45m. blt1984Turkey, Loa98m x Bm14.5m. 2hold/2hatch, 6100m3, derrick 4x3ton, price- Usd950,000.Cancelled Sale

8.7-General Cargo, MPP-4600dwt/6.2m. blt1998Holland,IACS Class, Loa89.7m. x Bm13.2m. 1hold/1hatch, 5715m3, 2movable bulkheads, 210teu, m/e Deutz 3000hp. shaft generator,bowthruster, price-Euro 1.1million. /SOLD

9-General Cargo , MPP,Container- 4640dwt/6.1m. blt.1991 Sietas,Germany, IACS Class, Loa 103.5 x Bm16.2m. , 2holds/3hatches, grless, 370Teu, m/e Mak, bowthruster, shaftgenerator, Price-Euro1.1mill. /SOLD

10-General Cargo ,MPP,Container-4640dwt/6.1m. blt.1991 Sietas Germany, IACS Class, Loa 103.5 x Bm16.2 x Dbt8m. , 2hold/3hatches, 370Teu, m/e Mak, grless, Bowthruster, Shaftgenerator, price/offers. SOLD


11-General Cargo, MPP,Container- 4240dwt/6.4m, blt.1984 Sietas,Germany, IACS Class, Loa 88.5m x Bm 15.5m.x Dbt 6.5m., 1hold/1hatches, 5400m3, box hold, removable tween, 250 teu, tt 10t/m2,Cranes 2x30tons, m/eWartsila 2800hp , price/offers. 
/For Sale Again


11.1-General Cargo,MPP-4620dwt/6m. blt2009Spain, IACS Class, Loa89.5m x Bm13.7m x dbt8m. box, 1hold/1hatch, 5600m3, m/e Mak 2500hp. 12knt/7t. strength for hvy cargo, price/offers./Cancelled  Sale

11*1-General Cargo,MPP-4645dwt/5.75m. blt2000Bulgaria, IACS Class, Loa99m x Bm13.8m. 2hold/1hatch, 6280m3, 280teu, m/e Mak 3900hp. price/offers.

11.2-General Cargo,MPP-4670dwt/6m. blt2008Spain, IACS Class, Loa89m x Bm13.7m x Dbt8m. 1hold/1hatch, box, m/e Mak 2500hp. container fitted, bowthruster,price/offers./Cancelled Sale 

11*2-General Cargo,MPP-4670dwt/6m. blt2008Europe, IACS Class, Loa89m x Bm13.7m. 1hold/hatch, box, m/e Mak 2500hp. 110teu, bowthruster, price/offers.  

11.3-General Cargo,MPP-4675dwt/5.7m. blt2000Bulgaria, IACS Class, Loa99m x Bm13.7m x Dbt7.4m. 1hold/2hatch, 6260m3, 280Teu, m/e Mak 12.5knts/12.5t ifo180cst. price/offers./SOLD

12-General Cargo -4720dwt/6.4m. blt1994 Japan, IACS Class, Loa 97m x Bm15.5m. x Dbt7.8m. , Box hold, 2hold/2hatches,5920m3,  gearless, m/e Hanshin 2800hp.  spd 12knts, bowthruster. price/offers.


13-General Cargo,MPP,Container-4725dwt/6m. blt1991 Turkey, IACS Class, ice Class 1A, 2hold/hatches, gr/bl 5200m3, 220Teu, 12 reefer plugs, crane 2x25ton, m/e B&W 4560hp. CPP, 10.5knts /8t ifo180cst no do at sea, price-usd1.5million. /SOLD


14-General Cargo- 4140dwt/5.6m. blt.1983Turkey, IACS Class, Loa 94.4m x Bm13.5m. x Dbt6.8m. 2hold/2hatches, 5180/4700m3, Derrick 2x3t +2x5t, m/e 1240hp, price/offers. 


15-General Cargo-4200dwt/6.2m. blt1996Japan, IACS Class, Loa80m x Bm14.5m xDbt7.8m. 1hold/1hatch, gr/bl 3680m3, m/e Hanshin 2800hp, gearless, price/offers. 


15.1-General Cargo,MPP-4750dwt/6.2m. blt1998Holland, IACS Class, 1hold/1hatch, 2movable bulkheads, 212teu, m/e Deutz 3000hp. bowthruster,shaftgenerator, price-Euro1.2million.   

15.2-General Cargo,MPP-4790dwt/5.9m. blt2005China,IACS Class, Loa99.6m x Bm16.9m , 1hold/2hatches, 4450m3, 365Teu, m/e Mak 4070hp. bowthruster, shaftgenerator, price-usd1.5million.  /SOLD

15.3-General Cargo,MPP-4825dwt/5.9m. blt1998Germany, IACS Class, Loa99.6m x Bm16.9m x Dbt7.55m. 1hold/3hatches, 4400m3, m/e B&W Alpha 4000hp.Container 355teu, shaftgenerator, bowthruster, price/offers. 

15.4-General Cargo- 4850dwt/6.4m. blt2000 Holland, IACS Class, Loa90m x Bm13.5m x Dbt7.1m. 1hold/1hatch, gr/bl 5490m3, m/e Mak2440hp. shaftgenerator, price/offers. /SOLD

15*4-General Cargo-4875dwt/6.3m. blt1991Germany, IACS Class, Loa94m x Bm15.5m 1hold/1hatch, tween,325teu, crane 2x50ton. m/e Mak 2900hp.bowthruster, shaftgenerator, price/offers. 

15.5-General Cargo-4900dwt/6.6m blt1998Japan, IACS Class, Loa94.5m x Bm16m x Dbt10.6m. tween deck2hold/2hatch, 6250/7740m3, derrick 3x25ton, m/e 3000hp.price/offers. SOLD

15.6-General Cargo,MPP-4920dwt/6.2m. blt2000Holland, IACS Class, Loa95m x Bm13.2m x Dbt7.2m. 1hold/1hatch 6200m3,  216Teu, m/e Mak 3260hp. crane 2x35ton, bowthruster, price/offers./SOLD  

15.6-1-General Cargo-4950dwt/6.2m. blt2001Turkey, IACS Class, Loa100m x Bm16m. 1hold/1hatch, 6500m3, 380teu, cr 2x80ton, m/e Mak 5800hp. price-offers.

15.7-General Cargo-4980dwt/6.2m. blt1996Romania, IACS Class, Loa93m x Bm15m x Dbt 8m. 2holds, 6500m3, 260teu, movable bulkhead, m/e Mak 3500hp. CPP, shaft generator, bowthruster, price-Euro 2million. reduced to Euro 1.5million.

15.8-General Cargo,MPP-5028dwt/6.2m. blt1995Turkey, IACS Class, Loa94m x Bm15.8m x Dbt7.9m. 1hold/1hatch, box, 6200m3, 390teu, crane 2x40ton, m/e Mak 4000hp. bowthruster, shaftgenerator, price/offers.

15.9-General Cargo-5046dwt/6.3m. blt1994Turkey, Loa98m x Bm14.5m. 2hold/2hatch, 6700m3, derrick 4x5mt, m/e 2900hp. price/offers. usd2million.

16-General Cargo-5050dwt/6.2m. blt2000Holland, IACS Class, Loa95m x Bm13.2m x Dbt7.2m. 1hold/1hatch, 6190m3, 2 movable bulkheads, 220teu, m/e mwm 2990hp. boxhold, bowthruster, price-usd1.8million/SOLD. 

16.0-General Cargo/MPP-5090dwt/6.5m. blt2000China, Loa100.5m x Bm18.5m. IACS Class, celled 500teu, crane 2x40ton, m/e Mak 5300hp. bowthruster, shaftgenerator, price-abt. 1million. SOLD

16*1-General Cargo-5161dwt/5.4m. blt1991Europe, Loa99m x Bm16.6m. 2hold/2hatch, 5800m3, m/e 2660hp. price/offers.SOLD 


16.1-General Cargo-5180dwt/6.1m. blt1983Japan, Loa94m x Bm16m x Dbt7.6m., 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 6250/5570m3, m/e Hanshin 2800hp. Gens 2xYanmar, price/offers. 


16.1-1-General Cargo-5250dwt/7.3m. blt1996Korea, IACS Class, Loa80m x Bm15m, 1hold/1hatch, box, m/e 2500hp. price/offers.

16.2-Container,MPP-5335dwt/6.6m. blt1993Germany, Loa99.9m x Bm18m x Dbt8.25m. IACS Class, 2hold/2hatch, 7200m3, 500teu, grless, m/e Deutz reduced to 3000hp. hold mech vent. shaftgenerator, bowthruster, cpp, price- usd1.5million.  

16.3-General Cargo-5440dwt/6.6m. blt1992Japan, IACS Class, Loa107m x Bm15m. 2hold/2hatch, 5600m3, price-offers.

17-General Cargo-5460dwt/6.73m. blt1994Japan, Loa 96.2m x Bm17.2m. x Dbt11.5m. tween, 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 9380/8850m3 , derrick 3x30ton, m/e Hanshin 2800hp/240rpm.. spd 11.5knts. price/offers.


17.0-General Cargo-5500dwt/6.7m. blt1994Japan, Loa 96m x Bm17.2m. x Dbt11.5m. 2hold/2hatch, 9380m3, derrick 4x30ton, m/e Hanshin 2800hp. price/offers.

17.1-General Cargo,MPP-5550dwt/6.2m. blt2007Turkey, IACS Class, Loa99.9m x Bm16.5m. 1hold/1hatch, 7800m3, container fitted, m/e Man 4500hp. bowthruster, shaftgenerator, 2 side mounted crane pedestals, price/offers.  

17.2-General Cargo,MPP-5600dwt.   blt1997Japan, IACS Class, Loa94m x Bm18m. 2hold/2hatches, 9500/9240m3, 200Teu, crane 2x40ton, m/e Mitsubishi 3600hp. price/offers.  

18-General Cargo- 5640dwt/5.5m. blt1984Japan, IACS Class, tween, Loa97.2m. x Bm18.2m. x Dbt9m. , 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 9600/8900m3, derrick 3x25ton, m/eHanshin 2800hp/240rpm. price/offers.


18*1-General Cargo- 5650dwt/6.9m. blt1991Japan, Loa102m x Bm16m x Dbt8.6m. 2hold/2hatch, hatch cover elman, m/e B&W 3150hp.grless, shaftgenerator, bowthruster,cpp, price/offers. 

18.1-General Cargo,MPP-5725dwt/6.5m. blt1998Holland, IACS Class, Loa101m x Bm15m x Dbt8.4m. 1hold/2hatch, 7700m3, 270Teu, m/e Deutz 3750hp. bowthruster, str. hvy cgo. price/offers./SOLD  

18.2-General Cargo,MPP-5890dwt/6.2m. blt1986Europe, Loa99m x Bm19.5m. 3hold/3hatches, 8200m3, crane 2x25ton, 330teu, m/e 4600hp. price/offers.

19-General Cargo-5910dwt/6.9m. blt.1984Japan, IACS Class,Loa 102m X Bm16m. x Dbt8.5m. 3hold/3hatches , gr/bl 7350/7000m3, grless, m/e B&W 3150hp. Cpp propeller,price/offers. SOLD


20-General Cargo- 5120dwt/6.4m. ,blt.1991Jpn. 92m x 16m x7.7m. , 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 6200/5500m3, Derrick 2x20ton + 1x30ton. m/e Mitsubishi 2800hp. price/offers.


21-General Cargo- 5800dwt/6m. blt.1996Japan, IACS Class, Loa 97.5m. x Bm9.2m. 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 8680/8250m3, derrick 1x30ton +2x20ton, m/e Mitsubishi 2800hp. price/offers. SOLD


21*1-General Cargo-5800dwt/6.1m. blt2001China, IACS Class, Loa105m x Bm15.6m. 1hold/hatch, bowthruster, m/e Mak 3260hp. crane 2x35ton, price/offers.

21.1-General Cargo-5801dwt/6m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class, Loa97m x Bm18m x Dbt9.2m. 8600m3, m/e Mitsubishi 2800hp. price/offers. 

21.1-1-General Cargo-5900dwt/6.3m. blt1995Turkey, IACS Class, Loa99m x Bm17m. 2hold/1hatch, 7000m3, 480teu, m/e B&W 6600hp. shaftgenerator, bowthruster, price-offers.

21.2-General Cargo-5950dwt/7.2m. blt1996Japan, IACS Class, Loa108m x Bm16m. 2hold/2hatch, 6000m3, gearless,m/e Hanshin 4500hp.

22-General Cargo-5960dwt/6.5m. blt1984Japan, tween, Loa98m x Bm17.5m. 2hold/2hatches, McGr. gr/bl 10600/10000m3, derrick 4x20ton, m/e Mitsubishi 3300hp. gens 2xYanmar, price/offers.




23-General Cargo-5590dwt blt.1997Japan, IACS Class, 85.5x16.10.5m. , 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 8900/8500m3, m/e Mitsubishi 3300hp. price/offers. 


23*1-General Cargo-5820dwt/7.3m. blt1993Japan,tween, IACS Class,Loa94m x Bm16m x Dbt10.6m. 2hold/2hatch,8700m3, m/e Mitsubishi 2000hp,derrick 3x25ton, price/offers.SOLD  

23.1-General Cargo-5848dwt/6.6m. blt1991Japan,Tween, Loa96m x Bm18m x Dbt7m. IACS Class, 2hold/2hatches, 10570/10000m3, m/e Mitsubishi 3300hp. price/offers.  /SOLD

23.1-1-General Cargo-6020dwt/6.5m. blt1985Holland,Loa106xBm18m, IACS Class, 3hold/3hatch,7600m3, 400teu, crane 2x60ton, m/e Stork 4000hp. bowthruster, shaftgenerator, price-offers.

23.2-General Cargo-6080dwt/5.75m. blt1986Japan, Loa98m x Bm18.5m x Dbt9.2m. 2hold/2hatch, 9300/8900m3, derrick 3x20ton, m/e Mitsubishi 2800hp. price-usd850,000.  /SOLD

23.3-General Cargo-6100dwt/6.7m. blt2007China, IACS Class, 2hold/2hatch, boxed, 7950m3, m/e Daihatsu 2600hp. crane 2x20ton, price/offers.  SOLD

24-General Cargo-6120dwt/6.77m. blt1981Japan, IACS Class, Loa97.5m. x Bm17m x Dbt12m. 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 11400/10500m3, Derrick 3x20ton, m/e Hanshin 3300hp. gens 2xYanmar. price/offers. SOLD


24*1-General Cargo-6175dwt/7.35m. blt1998Japan, IACS Class, Loa96.5m. x Bm17.4m., 2hold/2hatch, single pull, 10400m3, crane2x30ton+der.1x30ton, m/e Mitsubishi 3300hp.tweens pontoon, price-usd2.75million.Reduced usd2.45mill.

24.1-General Cargo-Sea River-6200dwt/4.68m. blt1996Russia, IACS Class, Loa140m x Bm16.4m. x Dbt6.7m. 4hold/4hatch, 6700m3, m/e 2x1300hp-SKL,  price/offers. 

24*2-General Cargo-6223dwt/7.35m. blt1997Japan,IACS Class, Loa96m x Bm17m x Dbt11.6m, tween,2hold/2hatch, 10300m3, m/e Hanshin 3300hp. crane 2x30t. + der 1x30t. price/offers.  SOLD

24*2-1-General Cargo-6260dwt/7.3m.blt2000Germany, IACS Class, Loa 99.99m x Bm 17m. 1hold/1hatch, 7250m3, 360teu, crane 2x80ton,
Mak5200hp. , shaftgenerator, price-offers. SOLD

24.2-General Cargo-6270dwt/5.8m. blt1992Japan, IACS Class, Loa111m x Bm18m x Dbt7.6m. 2hold/2hatch, double skin, crane 2x25ton, 7900/7800m3, m/e Hanshin 3300hp. price/offers.Cancelled Sale. 

24.3-General Cargo-6296dwt/7.4m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class, Loa86m x Bm17m x Dbt11.7m. hold cap.10,500m3, derrick 3x25ton, m/e Mitsubishi 3300hp. price-Usd 2million. /new Usd1.8million

24.3-0-General Cargo,MPP-6300dwt/7.3m. blt1995Denmark, IACS Class, Loa100m x Bm15m, 1hold/2hatch, box, hyd.folding, 7200m3, 230teu, m/e Mak 4480hp. shaftgenerator, grainfitted, price-usd3.3 million. 

24.3-1-General Cargo- 6300dwt/7.3m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class, Loa96m x Bm17m. 2hold/2hatches, 10500m3, m/e Mitsubishi 3300hp. derricks 4x25ton. price/offers.

24*3-6318dwt/6.3m. blt1998Holland, IACS Class, Loa111m x Bm15m x Dbt8.4m. 2hold/2hatch, 8500m3, m/e Wartsilal 4500hp. box hold, 360teu,
price- Euro 3million. 

24*3-1-General cargo-6350dwt/4.9m. blt2007Ukraine, IACS Class, Loa127m x Bm17m. 3hold/3hatches, 9000m3, box, m/e Man, price-offers.

24.4-General Cargo-6355dwt/6.55m blt2001China, Loa120m x Bm18m x Dbt8.4m. tween, IACS Class, 2hold/2hatch, 9900m3, m/e Mak 5870hp. 646teu, crane 2x120ton, comb.240ton. price-usd5million.


24.4-1-General Cargo-6370dwt blt1998Europe, IACS Class, Loa105m x Bm16m. 1hold/hatch, 7800m3, m/e Mak 4700hp. price/offers.  

24*4-General Cargo-6440dwt/7.1m. blt1985Holland, IACS Class, Loa96m x Bm15m x Dbt9m. 1hold/2hatch, 7500m3, 210teu, crane 2x20ton, bowthruster, m/e Wartsila 2770hp. price/offers./Cancelled Sale

24.5-General Cargo-6495dwt/6.8m. blt1981Japan, Loa105m x Bm16m x Dbt8.41m. 2hold/2hatch, 8500m3, m/e Hanshin 4000hp. price/offers.

25-General Cargo-6680dwt/7.58m. blt1983Japan. IACS Class, Loa110m x Bm19m x Dbt12.9m. 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 12,800/11.800m3, derrick 4x20ton, m/e B&W 3400hp. price/offers. /SOLD


25*1-General Cargo-6730dwt/7.5m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class, Loa98m x Bm18m. 2hold/2hatches, 12000m3, derrick 4x25ton, m/e Hanshin 4000hp. price/offers.

25.1-General Cargo-6755dwt/7.5m. blt1989Japan, IACS Class, Loa97m x Bm18m x Dbt13m. tween deck, 2hold/2hatch, 12800/11800m3, derrick 4x25ton, m/e Hanshin 3300hp. price/offers. /SOLD

25.2-General Cargo-6837dwt/7.5m. blt1989Japan,IACS Class, 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 12800m3, derrick 4x25ton, m/e Hanshin, price/offers. /SOLD

26-General Cargo-6840dwt/6.7m. blt.1985Korea, IACS Class, 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 9400/8400m3, Derrick4x12ton, m/eHanshin 4000hp. price/offers.


26.0-General Cargo-6842dwt. blt1991Japan, IACS Class, Loa97m x Bm18m. tween, 2hold/2hatch, 12,800m3, McGr. derr. 4x25ton, m/e B&W 3600hp. price/offers. SOLD

26.1-General Cargo-6845dwt/7.5m blt1989Japan, Loa98m x Bm18m x Dbt13m. tweendeck, 2hold/2hatch, 12800/11800m3, derrick 4x25ton, m/e hanshin 3300hp, price-usd1.3million. 

26.2-General Cargo-6850dwt/6.7m. blt1989Korea, Loa110.15m x Bm16.40m. x Dbt8.55m. 2hold/2hatches, 9300/8400m3, derrick 2x15ton + derrick2x25ton, m/e B&W, price/offers. 

26.3-General Cargo-6855dwt/7.05m. blt1994Korea, IACS Class, Loa105m x Bm17.5m. x Dbt9.5m. 2hold/2hatch, 9300m3, m/e B&W 4000hp. price/offers.

27-General Cargo-6860dwt/7.5m. blt1990Japan, Loa97m. x Bm18m. x Dbt13m.  tween, 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 10,800/10,000m3, derrick 4x25ton, m/e Hanshin 4550hp, price/offers.


27.1-General Cargo- 6900dwt/6.9m. blt.1996Turkey, IACS Class, Loa122m. x Bm19m. 3hold/3hatch, cellular removable holds, 9050m3, crane 2x40ton, 590teu, m/e Man 8400hp.shaftgenerator, bowthruster, price-offers.

28-General Cargo- 6920dwt/7.5m. blt.1990Jpn. tween, IACS Class, Loa 98m. x Bm18m. x Dbt13m. 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 13,400/12,400m3, Derrick 4x15ton, m/e Hanshin 3850hp. price/offers. /SOLD


29-General Cargo-6290dwt   blt.1982Japan, IACS Class, tween, Loa96.7m. x Bm17.4m. x Dbt9.6m. 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 11,000/10,000m3, derrick 3x15ton, m/e Mitsubishi 2800hp. price/offers.


30-General Cargo-6810dwt/6.75m. blt1987Korea, IACS Class, Loa110m x Bm16.5m x Dbt8.6m. 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 9400/8400m3, derrick 4x20ton, m/e Mitsubishi 3500hp. gens 2xYanmar. price/offers.SOLD


31-General Cargo-6500dwt/6.9m. blt.1985Japan, Loa98 x Bm18 x dbt9.3m., 2hold/2hatches gr/bl 8700/8200m3 , m/e B&W 3200hp/190rpm, consumption 6.5t ifo, derrick 4x20ton. price/offers. 



32-General Cargo- 6800dwt/8.5m. blt.1992Korea, IACS Class, Loa110 x Bm 16 x Dbt8.5m. 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 9300/8500m3, derrick 4x25ton, m/e Mitsubishi 4000hp. price- usd1.6million. SOLD



33-General Cargo-6480dwt/6.8m. blt.1984Japan, IACS Class, 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 8280/7200m3, derrick 2x15t +2x25t, price-usd1million./SOLD


34-General Cargo-6450dwt/6.80m. blt.1982Japan, Loa 106m. x Bm16m x Dbt8.4m. 2hold/2hatches , 8500m3, m/e 4000hp, derrick 4x10ton. price/offers. /SOLD



 35-General Cargo-6460dwt/6.6m. blt.1989Korea, IACS Class, tween, Loa100m x Bm17.5m. x Dbt10.5m., 2hold/2hatches, m/e 3400hp, derrick 4x20ton, price/offers. 


36-General Cargo-6580dwt/6.8m. blt.1986Japan, Loa105m x Bm16.5m. ,2hold/2hatches , gr/bl 8500/7900m3, m/e Mitsubishi 3400hp, derrick 4x10ton. price/offers. 


37-General Cargo- 6500dwt/6.8m. blt1983Japan, Loa 105m x Bm16m. x Dbt8.4m., 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 8500/8000m3, derrick 4x10ton. price/offers./SOLD


37.1-General Cargo-6678dwt/7.19m. blt1989Japan, IACS Class, Loa98.2m x Bm18.1 x dbt12m. 2hold/2hatches, 11340/10800m3, derrick 4x20ton.price/offers.  SOLD

37.2-General Cargo-6695dwt/6.85m. blt1990Korea, IACS Class, Loa103m x Bm17.8m. x Dbt10.8m. 2hold/2hatches, 11800/11200m3, derrick 4x20ton, m/e Hanshin 3400hp. price/offers. /SOLD

37.3-General Cargo-6695dwt/6.85m.blt1990Korea, IACS Class, Loa103m x Bm17.8m x Dbt 10.8m. 2hold/2hatches, 11800/11200m3, derrick 4x20ton. m/e 3400hp. price/offers. /SOLD

37.4-General Cargo-6750dwt/7.5m. blt1989Japan, IACS Class, Loa97.1m. x Bm18m x dbt13m. tween, 2hold/2hatches, 12800/11800m3, 220teu, derrick 4x25ton, m/e Hanshin 3300hp. price/offers/SOLD.  


37.5-General Cargo-6857dwt/6.7m. blt1991Korea, IACS Class, Loa110m x Bm16m x Dbt8.55m. m/e B&W , price-usd1.2million. SOLD

38-General Cargo-6900dwt/7m. blt1990Japan, IACS Class, Loa102m x Bm17.5m. , 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 11,200/10,700m3, derrick 4x20ton, m/e 3400hp. price-usd1.3million. 


39-General Cargo-6070dwt/5.6m.blt1986Japan, Loa97m x Bm18.5m x Dbt9.2m. tween, 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 9300/8400m3,derrick 3x20ton, m/e Mitsubishi 2800hp, price-usd1.4million

Price reduced to usd850,000./SOLD

40-General Cargo-6800dwt/7.5m. blt1989Japan, tween, Loa97m x Bm18m x Dbt7.5m. 2hold72hatches  gr/bl 12800/11800m3, derrick 4x25ton, m/e Hanshin 3300hp, priceoffers./SOLD


40*1-General Cargo-6800dwt/6.3m. blt2007China, IACS Class, Loa112m x Bm17.5m x Dbt8.2m. 3hold/3hatch, 9400m3, crane 2x15ton +derrick1x15ton,  m/e Daihatsu 3400hp. price/offers.  

40.1-General Cargo-6820dwt/6.9m. blt1996Japan, IACS Class, Loa105m x Bm16.8m x Dbt8.8m. 3hold/3hatch, 8800/8200m3, crane 2x15ton, m/e B&W 4400hp. price-offers/   SOLD

40.1.1-General Cargo-6820dwt/6.9m. blt1998Japan, IACS Class, Loa105.5m x Bm17m. 3hold/3hatch, 8800m3, crane 2x15ton, m/e B&W 3800hp. price-offers.

40.2-General Cargo-6830dwt/6.92m. blt1996Japan, IACS Class, Loa106m x Bm17m x Dbt8.8m. 3hold/3hatch, 8800/8200m3, m/e B&W 4400hp. crane 2x15ton, price/offers. SOLD

40*2-General Cargo-6830dwt/6.9m. blt1996Japan, Loa105m x Bm17m. 3hold/3hatches, hayd. folding covers, 8800m3, crane 2x15ton, m/e B&W 4400hp. priceoffers.

40.3-General Cargo-6880dwt/7.5m. blt1991Japan, Loa98m x Bm18m x Dbt8m. 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 13480/12480m3, m/e Hanshin 3300hp. derrick 4x25ton. price-try usd1.1million.  SOLD

41-General Cargo-6900dwt/7.5m. blt1989japan, IACS Class, Loa92m x Bm18m x Dbt13m. , 2hold/2hatches gr/bl 13400/12400m3, m/e Hanshin 3600hp. price/offers. /SOLD


41*1-General Cargo-6901dwt/7.52m. blt1989Japan,Loa96m x Bm18m x Dbt13m. tween, 2hold/2hatch, 13490/12480m3, m/e Hanshin 3600hp. derrick 4x15ton, price/offers.  

41-1-General Cargo-6920dwt/7.5m. blt1990Japan, IACS Class, Loa99m x Bm18m x Dbt13m. 2hold/2hatch, 13400/12400m3, derrick4x20ton, m/e Hanshin 3300hp. price/offers.  SOLD

41-2-General Cargo-6946dwt/7.4m. blt1994Japan, tween,, IACS Class, 2hold/2hatch, 13000m3, cr 4x25ton, m/e Hanshin 3250hp. price-usd2million.

41.1-General Cargo-6980dwt/7.43m. blt1993Japan, IACS Class, Loa98m x Bm18.8m x Dbt7.85m. 2hold/2hatch, 13500/12300m3, m/e Mitsubishi 4400hp. price/offers.

41.2-General Cargo-6985dwt/7.5m. blt1986Japan, tween, Loa98m. x Bm18m x Dbt13m. 2hold/2hatches, 13,900/12,300m3, m/e Mitsubishi 3800hp. crane 2x25ton + derrick 2x15ton, price/offers.

41.2-0-General Cargo,MPP- 6985dwt/7.2m. blt1994Russia, IACS Class, Loa109m x Bm17.7m x Dbt9m. 3hold/3hatch, 7760m3, box, hyd.folding, 340teu, tt 15t/m2, m/e B&W 4500hp. bowthruster, price-usd2.2million with ss/dd freshly passed.  

41.2*0-General Cargo-7000dwt/7.4m. blt1991Japan, Loa98m x Bm18m. IACS Class, 2hold/2hatch, 13000m3, m/e Hanshin 3000hp. price-offers.

41.2-1General Cargo-7000dwt/6.26m. blt2009China, Loa120m x Bm16.8m x Dbt8.2m. 2hold/2hatch, gr/bl 10200/9950m3, crane 2x25ton, m/e Daihatsu 3400hp. price/offers.

41.2-2-General Cargo-7000dwt/7.43m. blt1991Japan, IACS Class, tween, 2hold/2hatch, 13780m3, m/e Hanshin 3300hp. derrick 4x25ton, price/offers. SOLD

41.3-General Cargo-7009dwt/7.43m. blt1990Japan, IACS Class, tween,Loa98.16m. x Bm18.80m x Dbt12.90m. 2hold/2hatches, 13,600/12,400m3, m/e 3400hp. price/offers.

41.4-General Cargo-7040dwt/7.4m. blt1990Japan, Loa98.2m x Bm18.8m. x Dbt12.9m. 2hold/2hatch, 13,600m3, derrick 4x25ton, m/e Hanshin 3300hp. price-usd1.3million.   Reduced usd1million. SOLD

41.5-General Cargo-7042dwt/7.6m. blt1991Jaapan, tween, IACS Class, Loa98m x Bm18.7m. 2hold/2hatch, 13000m3, der 4x20ton, m/e Hanshin 3300hp. price/offers. SOLD

42-General Cargo-7050dwt/7.43m. blt1987Japan, tween, Loa98m x Bm19m x Dbt12.9m. 2hold/2hatch, gr/bl 13550/12550m3, derrick 4x25ton, m/e B&W 3400hp. price-usd1million. /SOLD


42*1-General Cargo-7052dwt/7.43m. blt1991Japan, IACS Class, Loa98.2m x Bm18.8m x Dbt12.9m. 2hold/2hatch, 13700m3, m/e Hanshin 3300hp. derrick 4x25ton, price/offers.  /SOLD

42.1-General Cargo-7056dwt/7.45m. blt1985Japan, IACS Class, Loa99m x Bm18.7m x Dbt12.9m. 2hold/2hatch, 13500/12500m3, m/e B&W 3800hp. derrick 4x15ton, price/offers. 

42.1-1-General Cargo-7060dwt/7.4m. blt1991Japan, IACS Class, tween, Loa98m. x Bm18m. 2hold/2hatch, 13000m3, der 4x25ton, m/e Hanshin 3200hp. price-usd1.7million.

42*2-General Cargo-7069dwt/7m. blt2007China, IACS Class, Loa108m x Bm17m. 3hold/3hatch, crane 2x25ton. m/e Shanxi Daihatsu 3400hp. price  usd4million.   

42.2-General Cargo,MPP-7070dwt/7.4m. blt1990Japan, Loa98m x Bm18m x Dbt12.9m. tween, 2hold/2hatch, 13700/12500m3, derrick 4x25ton, m/e Hanshin 3300hp. price/offers.  usd1.1million. SOLD

42.2-0-General Cargo-7080dwt/7.4m. blt1994Japan, tween, Loa98m x Bm18m. IACS Class, 2hold/2hatch, 13000m3, der. 4x25ton, m/e 3400hp. price-offers.

42.3-General Cargo,MPP-7126dwt/7.47m. blt.1990Japan, IACS Class, Loa103m x Bm17.5m x Dbt10.5m. tween, 2hold/2hatch, derrick 4x15ton, m/e Hanshin 4550hp. price/offers.

42.4-General Cargo-7140dwt/7m. blt1997Japan, IACS Class, Loa101m x Bm19m x Dbt8.8m. 2hold/2hatch, 9500/8900m3, derrick 4x25ton, m/e Hanshin 4500hp. price/offers.  

42.5-General Cargo-7160dwt/6.9m. blt1990Japan, Loa107m x 17.5m, 9700m3, derricks 4x25ton, m/e Mitsubishi, price-offers.usd1.1 million SOLD

43-General Cargo-7190dwt blt1991Japan, Loa107m x Bm18m , 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 9700/8900m3, derrick 4x15ton, m/e Mitsubishi 4000hp. price/offers. 


44-General Cargo-7200dwt/6.9m. blt1990Japan, 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 9700/8900m3, m/e Mitsubishi 4000hp. derrick 4x20ton. price/offers. /SOLD


44*1-General Cargo-7208dwt/6.85m. blt1991Japan, IACS Class, Loa106m x Bm17.5m x Dbt8.7m. 2hold/2hatch, 9500m3, m/e B&W 4000hp, derrick 4x20ton. priceoffers. usd 1.65million

44*1.0-General Cargo-7300dwt/7m. blt2000Japan, IACS Class, Loa100m x Bm18m. 2hold/2hatch, 9400m3, der 3x30ton, m/e Mitsubishi 4200hp. price-usd2.5million.

44*1-0-General Cargo-7300dwt/7.1m. blt1998Japan, IACS Class, Loa100m x Bm18.5m. 2hold/2hatches, 9400m3, derrick 4x30ton, m/e Mitsubishi, price-offers.

44*1-1-General Cargo-7300dwt/6.9m. blt2008China, IACS Class, Loa113m x Bm17m, 3hold/3hatches, crane 2x25ton, m/e daihatsu, price/offers.

44.1-General Cargo-7357dwt/7.4m. blt1994Korea, IACS Class, Loa100.5m x Bm17.5m. 2hold/2hatches, 9300/8500m3, derrick 4x25ton, m/e B&W 4000hp. priceoffers.   usd1.8million.

44.2-7448dwt/7.7m. blt1997Japan, IACS Class, Loa98m x Bm18m x Dbt11m. tween, 2hold/2hatch, 10700m3, m/e Mitsubishi 3300hp. derrick 4x25ton. price- usd2.5million.  

44.3-General Cargo-7520dwt/7.2m. blt2000Japan, IACS Class, Loa101m x Bm19m. 2hold/2hatches, 9900m3, derrick 3x30ton, price/offers.

45-General Cargo-7540dwt/7.7m. blt2000Japan, IACS Class, tween, Loa97m x Bm19m x Dbt9.8m , 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 12900/12000m3, derrick 1x30ton + Crane 2x30ton, m/e Hanshin 4400hp. price/offers. SOLD


45*1-General Cargo- 7630dwt/6.8m. blt2006China, IACS Class, Loa108m x Bm18m. 3hold/3hatches, 10,000m3, box, m/e B&W 3800hp. price/offers.

45.1-General Cargo-7633dwt/6.8m. blt2005China, IACS Class, Loa108m x Bm18m. 3hold/3hatch, 10,000m3, box, dbl skin, grless, bowthruster, m/e B&W 3800hp. price-Euro3.5million. 

45.2-General Cargo-7633dwt blt2006China, IACS Class,
Loa108m x Bm18m. 3hold/3hatch,10,000m3,box, grainfitted,
bowthruster, B&W 3800hp. price-Euro3.5million. SOLD

46-General Cargo-7730dwt/7.2m. blt2000Japan, IACS Class, Loa 100m x Bm19m x Dbt9m , 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 9800/9200m3, m/e 4700hp, derrick 4x25ton, price/offers. usd3.5million.reduced usd2.65million. SOLD


47-General Cargo- 7730dwt/7.2m. blt2006Japan, IACS Class, Lbd93m x Bm19m x Dbt9m, 2hold/2hatches , gr/bl 9800/9200m3, crane 1x30ton + derrick 2x30ton, m/e B&W4400hp, price/offers.



48-General Cargo-7130dwt/7m. blt1991Korea, IACS Class, Loa110m x Bm16.5m. x Debt8.8m. , 2hold/2hatches, derrick 4x10ton, m/e Mitsubishi 4000hp,price usd1.8million. /SOLD


48.1-General Cargo-7320dwt/6.8m. blt2008China, IACS Class, Loa108m x Bm18m x Dbt9.2m. 2hold/2hatches, 8400/8200m3, m/e Hanshin, derick 4x25ton, price/offers.  /SOLD

49-General Cargo-7360dwt/7.16m. blt2000Japan, IACS Class, Loa100m x Bm18.5m x Dbt9m , 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 8600/8100m3, derrick 3x30ton, m/eMitsubishi 4200hp,  price/offers.


49.1-General Cargo,MPP-7362dwt/7.5m.blt1985Japan, IACS Class, Loa103m x Bm18m x Dbt13m. tween, 2hold/2hatch, 14300/13200m3, 175Teu, crane 2x25ton +derrick2x10ton, m/e Hanshin 10knt-6ton ifo180, price/offers.  SOLD

50-General Cargo-7010dwt/7.5m. blt1986Japan, Loa99m x Bm19m x Dbt13m. 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 13700/12600m3, m/e B&W 3800hp, price/offers. 


51-General Cargo-7050dwt/6.4m. blt1989Japan, Loa112m x Bm18.5m x Dbt8.2m. 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 10,000/8900m3, m/eHanshin3300hp. derrick 4x25ton.price/offers. SOLD


51.1-General Cargo-7060dwt/7.43m. blt1985Japan, IACS Class, tween, Loa98.16m. x Bm18.70m x Dbt12.90m. 2hold/2hatches, 13,500/12500m3, derrick 4x20ton,m/e 3400hp. price/offers.  

52-General Cargo-7080dwt/7.5m. blt1995Japan IACS Class, tween, Loa 98m x Bm13m. 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 13800/12600m3,derrick 4x25ton, m/e3400hp. price /offers. 


53-General Cargo-7030dwt blt1990Japan IACS Class, tween, Loa92m x Bm19m x Dbt12.90m. 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 13600/12400m3, m/e Hanshin 3300hp. derrick 4x25ton, price/offers. SOLD


54-General Cargo-7730dwt/8m. blt1995Japan IACS Class, tween, Loa100m x Bm18.5m x Dbt8.5m. 2hold/2hatches , gr/bl 14600/13500m3,  derrick 4x25ton,       m/e Mitsubishi 4200hp . price/offers/SOLD


54.1-General Cargo,MPP-7732dwt/7.89m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class, tween, Loa100.50m x Bm18.60m. 2hold/2hatches, 14,600/13,500m3, m/e Mitsubishi 4200hp. derricks 4x25ton. price/offers. SOLD

55-General Cargo-7020dwt/7.6m. blt1989Japan , IACS Class, tween, Loa99m x Bm18m x Dbt12.5m. 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 12480/11600m3, derrick 4x20ton, m/e Hanshin 3300hp. price/offers.



56-General Cargo-7200dwt/7.5m. blt1990Japan, IACS Class, tween, Loa 102m x Bm18m x Dbt13m. 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 13800/12700m3, m/e Mitsubishi 4000hp, derrick 4x25ton, price-usd1.2million./SOLD





57-General Cargo-7060dwt/7.4m. blt1990Japan, IACS Class, tween, 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 13700/12600m3, Loa98m x Bm19m x Dbt12.8m. m/e Hanshin 3300hp, price-offers. SOLD



58-General Cargo-7050dwt/7.5m. blt1991Japan, IACS Class, tween, Loa98m x Bm19m x Dbt13m. 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 13700/12600m3, m/e Hanshin 3300hp. price/offers. 


58.1-General Cargo-7430dwt/7.7m. blt1998Japan, IACS Class,  2hold/2hatch, 10700/9900m3, m/e Mitsubishi 3300hp, price/offers./SOLD 

58.2-General Cargo,7480dwt/6.3m. blt2005China, IACS Class, Loa119m x Bm16.8m x Dbt8.2m. 2hold/2hatch, Mcgr. 10,000m3, m/e Daihatsu 3400hp.price/offers.  exc. Usd4million.

58.2-1-General Cargo- 7524dwt/7.7m. blt1998Japan, IACS Class, Loa97.5m x Bm18m. 2hold/2hatch, 11500m3, m/e 3500hp. der 4x25ton. price/offers. SOLD

58*2-General Cargo,MPP-7560dwt/6.95m. blt1990Germany, IACS Class, Loa122m x Bm18.7m x Dbt8.8m. 2hold/6hatches, 11100m3, 500Teu, m/e Mak 7300hp. gless, 13knts/13t ifo180cst, price-Euro1.3million

58.3-General Cargo,MPP-7580dwt, blt2005 Germany, IACS Class, Loa108m x Bm18.2m. 3hold/3hatches, 10300m3, m/e B&W 3750hp.

58.4-General Cargo,MPP-7580dwt.blt2006Germany, IACS Class, Loa108m x Bm18.20m. 3hold/3hatches, 10300m3, m/e B&W 3750hp. price/offers.  

58*5-General Cargo,MPP-7630dwt/6.85m. blt2005China, IACS Class, Loa108m x Bm18m x Dbt9m, 3hold/3hatch, 10190m3, gearless, m/e B&W 3800hp, price/offers.  Euro 3.5 million  SOLD

58.5-General Cargo,MPP-7700dwt/7.2m. blt1989Japan, IACS Class, tween, 2hold/2hatch, 14700/13800m3, m/e B&W 3300hp, 4 generators, crane 2x25 + der1x20t, price-try usd1.25million./SOLD 

58.5-1-General Cargo-7705dwt/7.2m. blt1988Japan, IACS Class, tween, 2hold/2hatch, 14700m3, m/e B&W 4000hp. price/offers. SOLD

58.5-2-General Cargo-7730dwt/6.4m. blt2008China, IACS Class, Loa116m x Bm18m. 3hold/3hatch, 10200m3, cr 3x20ton, m/e 3900hp. price- offers.

58*6-General Cargo- 7800dwt/6.5m. blt2010China, IACS Class, Loa120m x Bm17.5m. x Dbt8.4m. 3hold/3hatches, 10,000m3, m/e 8320zcd, price/offers.  

58.6-General Cargo,MPP-7800dwt/7m. blt2000Holland, IACS Class, 2hold/2hatch, 9300m3, 370Teu, m/e Mak 5200hp. bowthruster. price/offers. 

58.6-1-General Cargo,MPP-7850dwt/7.8m. blt2000Europe, IACS Class, Loa108m x Bm18m. 2hold/2hatch, tween, 10000m3, elvent, crane 2x35ton, m/e Man 4600hp. 370teu, price-offers.

58.6-2-General Cargo-7916dwt/8m. blt1995Japan, tween, Loa98m. x Bm18m. 2hold/2hatch, 13000m3, der 4x25ton, m/e Mitsubishi 3250hp. price-usd2milion.

58.6*1-General Cargo- 7960dwt/7.9m.blt2000Japan, IACS Class, Loa101m x Bm18m x Dbt11m. tween, 2hold/2hatch, single pull hatchcrs, 11600/10700m3, derrick 3x25ton, m/e Mitsubishi 4000hp, price/offers. SOLD 

58.7-General Cargo-7980dwt. blt1997Japan, IACS Class, Loa 99.99m x Bm18.8m x Dbt9.2m. 2hold/2hatches, 10200/9500m3, derrick 3x30ton, m/e Mitsubishi 4400hp, price/offers. SOLD

58.8-General Cargo-8035dwt/7.2m. blt1991Japan, IACS Class, Loa109m x Bm18m x Dbt9.35m. m/e B&W 3900hp. price-usd1.5million. SOLD

58*8-General Cargo-8046dwt/7.4m. blt1991Japan, Loa109m x Bm18m. tween, 2hold/2hatch, 9600m3, derrick 3x20ton. m/e B&W, price - usd1mill.

58-8-General Cargo-8050dwt/7m. blt2009China, IACS Class,
Loa108m x Bm18m, 3hold/3hatch, 10200m3, crane 2x25ton,
m/e Mak 4000hp, bowthruster, price-offers.

58.9-General Cargo-8066dwt/7m. blt2010China, IACS Class, Loa108m x Bm18m. 3hold/3hatch, box, 10300m3, crane 2x25ton, m/e Mak 4000hp. price/offers. 

58*9-General Cargo-8100dwt/7.7m. blt1988China, IACS Class,
Loa119m x Bm18.5m x Dbt10.4m. 3hold/3hatch, 11,600m3,
cr 4x15t. Sulzer 4600hp. price-offers.  SOLD

59-General Cargo-8100dwt/7.7m. blt1990Japan, IACS Class, tween, Loa106m x Bm18m x Dbt12.5m. 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 13100/12000m3, derrick 4x15ton, price/offers. SOLD


59.0-General Cargo,tween-8120dwt/7.25m. blt2002China, IACS Class, Loa126m x Bm19m. 3hold/3hatch, 12000m3, 596teu, crane 2x60ton, m/e B&W 6700hp. shaftgenerator,bowthruster, price-offers.

59*1-General Cargo-8122dwt/7.7m. blt1990Japan, IACS Class, tween, Loa106m. x Bm18.2m x Dbt12.5m.2hold/2hatch, derrick 4x25ton, m/e B&W 3800hp. price/offers. SOLD

59.1-General Cargo,MPP-8142dwt/7.93m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class, tween, Loa100.70m x Bm18.60m. 2hold/2hatches, 14,400/12,800m3, m/e Mitsubishi 4200hp. derrick 1x30ton + crane 2x25ton. priceoffers./SOLD 

59.2-General Cargo,MPP-8142dwt/7.93m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class, tween, Loa 100.70m x Bm18.60m., 2hold/2hatches, 14,400/12,800m3, m/e Mitsubishi 4200hp. derrick 3x25ton. price/offers.usd2million.SOLD

59.3-General Cargo,Bulk-8160dwt/7.85m. blt1995Korea, Loa100.5m x Bm19.1m x Dbt12.5m. 2hold/2hatch, 14200/13200m3, derrick 4 x25ton, m/e B&W 4500hp. price/offers.

59.3-1-General Cargo-8160dwt/6.7m. blt2008China, IACS Class,
Loa120m x Bm17m, 2hold/2hatch, 9800m3, m/e Daihatsu 3400hp
bowthruster, price-offers.

59*4-General Cargo,Bulk,MPP-8176dwt/7.9m. blt1994 Korea, IACS Class, Loa100m x Bm19m x Dbt12.5m. 2hold/2hatch, 14200/13200m3, 125Teu, derrick 4x20ton, m/e Hanshin 4000hp. price/offers

59.4-General Cargo,Bulk-8218dwt/7.2m.blt2012China, IACS Class, Loa123m , 3hold/3hatch, 11,200m3, 625teu, crane 2x35ton, m/e Yanmar  4500hp.price/offers.  SOLD


60-General Cargo,Bulk-8220dwt/7.68m. blt1995Taiwan, IACS Class, tween, Loa104 x Bm19 x  Dbt13.3m. 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 15700/14500m3, derrick 4x25ton, m/e B&W 4000hp, price/offers.SOLD


61-General Cargo,Bulk-8230dwt/7.3m. blt1993Japan, Loa109m. x Bm18.3m.  2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 10600/9900m3, derrick 4x20mt, m/e Hanshin 4000bhp. price-usd1.8million.  /SOLD


61.1-General cargo,MPP-8310dwt/7.3m. blt1999Holland, IACS Class, Loa121m x Bm15.8m x Dbt9.75m. 2hold/2hatch, 11200m3, 400teu, m/e Mak 5200hp. price/offers.  /SOLD

61.2-General Cargo,MPP-8440dwt/7m. blt2009China, IACS Class, tween, 2hold/2hatches, 11,900m3, crane 2x35ton. m/e Daihatsu 3400bhp. price/offers


61.3-General Cargo,MPP-8446dwt/6.5m. blt2007China-Loa129m x Bm18m x Dbt8.8m. 3hold/3hatches, 12,000m3, m/e Pielstick 3900bhp. crane 2x20ton +derrick 1x15ton. Class overdue, price-usd2million.

61.3.1-General Cargo-8455dwt/7m. blt2008China, IACS Class, tween, Loa118m. x Bm18m. 2hold/2hatch, 11900m3, port side IHI cranes, m/e Yanmar 3500hp. price-Usd 5.5million.Reduced Usd4mill.

61.3*0-General Cargo-8500dwt/7.8m. blt2000Japan, IACS Class, Loa94m x Bm19m. 2hold/2hatch, 9950m3, der 4x25ton, m/e Mitsubishi 4100hp. price-offers.

61.3-0-General Cargo-8500dwt/6.5m. blt2010China, IACS Class, Loa132m x Bm18m. 3hold/3hatch, 11700m3, m/e Mak 4000hp. cr 2x30ton,  price-Usd6million.

61.3-1-General Cargo-8500dwt/8.25m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class,tween,
Loa100.6m x Bm18.8m, 2hold/2hatch, 14500m3, crane 1x30ton +
der 2x25ton, m/e B&W 4400hp. price-offers.

61.3-2-General Cargo-8520dwt/8.1m. blt1998Japan, tween, Loa100m x Bm18m. 2hold/2hatch, 14000m3, cr 4x25ton, m/e B&W 4300hp. price-usd2.5million.

61.3*1-General Cargo-8550dwt/8.2m. blt1998Japan, IACS Class, tween, Loa 100.6m x Bm18.8m x Dbt13m. 2hold/2hatch, 14700/13500m3, derrick 2x25ton + crane 1x30ton, m/e B&W 4400hp.price/offers.


61.4-General Cargo,MPP-8628dwt/8.2m. blt1994Japan, IACS Class, tween, Loa100.60m. x Bm18.80m. 2hold/2hatches, 15,200m3/13,500m3, m/e B&W 4200bhp. crane 1x30ton +crane2x20ton. price/offers.

61*4-General Cargo-8688dwt/8.6m. blt1985Japan, IACS Class, Loa100m x Bm18.7m x Dbt13m. 2hold/2hatch, 13900m3,m/e B&W4400hp,der 2x25ton+cr 2x30ton, price/offers. 

61*4.0-General Cargo,ro ro-8700dwt/7.3m. blt1997Japan, IACS Class, Loa114m x Bm19m. 2hold/2hatch, 18000m3, cr 3x25ton, m/e B&W 5200hp. price-offers.

61*4.1-General Cargo,MPP- 8700dwt/7m. blt2002Holland, IACS Class, removable tween, Loa132m x Bm15.9m. 12800m3, 550teu, crane 2x40ton, m/e Mak 5200hp. price-offers.

61.5-General Cargo,MPP-8730dwt/7m. blt1998Holland, IACS Class, Loa132m x Bm15.9m.,2hold/2hatch, 12600m3, 550teu,  m/e Wartsila 4950hp. 14knts. price/offers. 

61*5-General Cargo-8730dwt/7.3m. blt1995Japan, tween, IACS Class, m/e B&W 5200hp. crane 2x25ton +der1x25ton, price-offers.

61.6-General Cargo,MPP-8735dwt/7m. blt2000Holland, IACS Class, Loa132m x Bm15.9m x Dbt9.65m. 2hold/2hatches, 12,800m3, 550Teu, m/e Wartsila 4850hp. bowthruster, price/offers. /SOLD

61*6-General Cargo-8737dwt/6.9m. blt2008China, IACS Class, Loa131m. 3hold/3hatch, 10900m3, crane 3x35ton. m/e Man -Pielstick 5200hp. price usd6million.  

61.6*1-General Cargo-8776dwt/7.5m. blt2007China, IACS Class, Loa111m x Bm18.5m. 2hold/2hatch, derrick 4x30ton, m/e Hanshin 4500hp.price/offers.    

61*7-General Cargo,Bulk-8780dwt/7.5m. blt2004Japan, Loa112m x Bm18.5m x Dbt9.5m. 2hold/2hatch, 10800m3, derrick4x25ton, m/e Mitsubishi 4200hp. price/offers. Usd3.5mill. 

61.7-General Cargo,Bulk-8786dwt/7m. blt2008China, IACS Class, Loa129m x Dbt9.2m. 3hold/3hatches, 12600/11700m3, m/e Yanmar 4500hp/620rpm. crane 3x30mton, price/offers.

61.8-General Cargo,Bulk-8817dwt/7m. blt2008China, IACS Class, Loa129m x Dbt9.2m. 3hold/3hatches, 12600m3, m/e Yanmar 4500hp/620rpm. derrick 3x20ton, price/offers.  

61.9-General Cargo,Bulk-8860dwt/7.6m. blt1985Japan, IACS Class, Loa115m x Bm18.60m x Dbt9.8m. 3hold/3hatches, 10900/10500m3, derrick 4x20ton, m/e B&W 4000hp. price/offers. SOLD

61*9-General Cargo,Bulk-8880dwt/7.6m. blt1985Japan, Loa104m x Bm18.5m. der 4x20ton, m/e Mitsubishi 4500hp. price-offers.

62-General Cargo,Bulk-8900dwt/8.15m. blt1997Japan, IACS Class, Loa101m x Bm19m x Dbt10.3m. 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 11100/10300m3, derrick 4x30ton, m/e 5280hp. price/offers.



62.0-General Cargo,Bulk-8930dwt/8.2m. blt1998Japan, IACS Class, Loa100m x Bm19m. 2hold/2hatch, 15500m3, cr 3x30ton, m/e B&W , price-offers.

62.1-General Cargo,Bulk-9000dwt/7.6m. blt2007Turkey,IACS Class, Loa119m x Bm18.4m x Dbt10m. 3hold/3hatch, 11400m3, crane 2x35ton, m/e Wartsila 4000hp. price/offers. 

62.2-General Cargoi Bulk-9000dwt/6.7m. blt2011China, IACS Class, Loa127m x Bm18.2m. 3hold/3hatches, 11,200m3, m/e Man 4700hp. price/offers.  SOLD

62*2-General cargo,MPP-9200dwt/7.45m. blt2000Holland, IACS Class, Loa128m x Bm15.9m. 2hold/2hatch, 12500m3, 430teu, m/e Mak 5800hp. crane 1x60ton, price-offers.

63-General Cargo,Bulk-9230dwt/8.5m. blt2000Japan, IACS Class, tween, Loa100m x Bm19m x Dbt12.5m. 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 13900/12800m3, m/e B&W 5300hp. price/offers./SOLD 


64-General Cargo,Bulk-9500dwt/8.7m. blt1996Japan, IACS Class, tween, Loa110m x Bm19m x Dbt12.5m , 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 11900/11000m3, m/e B&W5600hp. spd14knts, crane3x30ton +dr1x30ton,price-usd3.5million. SOLD



65-General Cargo,Bulk-9030dwt.  blt1994Japan, IACS Class, tween, Loa114m x Bm19.5m x Dbt13.2m. 2hold/2hatches, m/e Hanshin 5600hp. price/offers. 


65*0-General Cargo-9320dwt/8m. blt2000Japan, tween, IACS Class, Loa108m x Bm20m. 2hold/2hatch, 15000m3, cr 3x30ton, m/e Hanshin, price-offers.

65*01-General Cargo-9350dwt/8.8m. blt1996Europe, IACS Class, 3hold/3hatch, m/e B&W , shaftgenerator, bowthruster, cr 2x40ton, price-offers.

65.0-General Cargo,MPP-9369dwt/8m. blt1996Bulgaria, IACS Class, Loa126m x Bm20m x Dbt10.4m. 3hold/3hatch, 11800m3, 510teu, crane 2x40ton, shaftgenerator, m/e B&W 6000hp., price/offers.

65.01-General Cargo,tween-9400dwt/9.2m. blt2004Japan, IACS Class, Loa97.5m x Bm18.5m. 2hold/2hatches, 12000m3, m/e Mitsubishi 3900hp. price/offers. SOLD

65.02-General Cargo,tween-9400dwt/9.2m. blt2004Japan, IACS Class, Loa97m x Bm18.5m. 12000m3, m/e Mitsubishi 4600hp. price-offers.

65.03-General Cargo-9430dwt. blt2004Japan, IACS Class, Loa97m x Bm13m. 2hold/2hatch, 12000m3, cr 3x30ton, m/e Mitsubishi 4600hp. price-usd3.9million.

65*1-9450dwt/9.2m. blt2006Japan, IACS Class, Loa98m x Bm18.8m x Dbt13m. tween, 2hold/2hatch, 12100m3, crane 2x30ton. m/e Mitsubishi 4600hp. price/offers.usd4.3million.

65.1-General Cargo,MPP-9496dwt/8.8m. blt1985Japan, IACS Class, tween, Loa127m x Bm18.9m x Dbt11.1m. 12,000m3, 470teu, m/e 5100hp. crane 2x50ton. price/offers.  /SOLD

66-General Cargo,Bulk-9500dwt/8.5m. blt1985Japan, IACS Class, Loa113m x Bm19m x Dbt11m. 1hold/2hatches, crane 2x30ton, m/e Hanshin 6000hp. price/offers. /SOLD


66.0-General Cargo-9510dwt/8m. blt1997Japan, IACS Class, Loa118m x Bm19m. 2hold/2hatch, 19000m3, cr 2x40ton, m/e B&W, price- offers.

66.1-General Cargo,MPP-9600dwt/8.5m. blt1987Japan,  tween, Loa113m x Bm18.9m x dbt11.31m.1hold/2hatches, 12700/12000m3, 560teu, crane 2x50ton. m/e Hanshin 5300hp. price/offers./SOLD  

66*1-General Cargo,MPP- 9619dwt/8.6m. blt1983Holland, IACS Class, Loa113m x Bm17m x Dbt11.31m. 2hold/2hatch, box, McGr, m/e 4000hp. crane 3x30ton, flush tween, 270teu, price/offers. 

66.2-General Cargo,MPP-9650dwt/8.5m. blt1988Japan, tween, Loa113m x Bm18.9m x Dbt11.31m. 1hold/2hatches, 12800/12100m3, 560teu, crane 2x50ton. m/e Hanshin 5300hp. price/offers./SOLD  

66.3-General Cargo,Bulk-9720dwt/8.9m. blt1997Japan, IACS Class, Loa100m x Bm19.6m x Dbt13m. 2hold/2hatch, 14700/13300m3, crane 3x25ton. price/offers. 

66.3-0-General Cargo,MPP-9740dwt/8.5m. blt1993Japan, IACS Class, Loa113m x Bm19m. 2hold/2hatches, 12700m3, 560teu, m/e Hanshin 6000hp.
price/offers. SOLD

66*3-General Cargo,MPP- 9774dwt/7.7m. blt2006 Holland, tween, IACS Class, Loa132m x Bm15.8m x Dbt9.65m. 2hold/2hatch, 12000m3, 470teu, crane 2x40ton, m/e Mak 5200hp. price/offers. SOLD

66*3-1-General Cargo-9950dwt/7.98m. blt1999Japan, IACS Class, Loa113m x Bm19m. 3hold/3hatch, 10900m3, crane 2x30ton +der 1x25t,
B&W 5200hp. price-offers. SOLD

66.4-General Cargo,MPP-9,998dwt/8.5m. blt2004Japan,IACS Class,tween,

2hold/2hatches, 15500/14300m3, crane 2x35ton, m/e Hanshin 5300bhp,
price/offers.  /SOLD

67-General Cargo,Bulk-10,000dwt/9.2m. blt2002Japan, IACS Class, tween, 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 14000/12800m3, crane 2x30ton + der1x30ton, m/e B&W 4400hp.spd12knts. price/offers. 


68-General Cargo,Tween-10,050dwt/8.2m. blt1991Japan, IACS Class, Loa110m x Bm19m x Dbt9.3m. 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 17000/16600m3, m/e Mitsubishi 3500hp. derrick 4x20ton. price/offers./SOLD 


68*1-General Cargo,MPP-10,053dwt/8.2m. blt1991Japan, IACS Class, tween,Loa110m x Bm19m, 2hold/2hatch, 17250m3, m/e Mitsubishi, derrick 4x20ton, price/offers.  SOLD

68.1-General Cargo,MPP-10,070dwt/9.2m. blt2005Japan, IACS Class, Loa101m x Bm18.8m x Dbt13m. tween, 2hold/2hatch, 13900/12800m3, crane 2x30ton + derrick1x30ton, m/e B&W 4400hp. price/offers.SOLD 

69-General Cargo,Tween-10,080dwt/9.2m. blt2002Japan, IACS Class, Loa100m x Bm19m x Dbt13m. 2hold/2hatches, m/e B&W 4400hp. price/offers./SOLD 


69.1-General Cargo,Bulk-10,083dwt/9.2m. blt2005Japan, IACS Class, Loa101m x Bm18.8m x Dbt13m. 2hold/2hatch, 13900/12800m3, crane 2x30ton + derrick 1x30ton, m/e B&W 4400hp.  

69*2-General Cargo,Bulk-10,100dwt , blt2006Japan, IACS Class, Loa110m x Bm19m. 2hold/2hatches, 15500m3, crane 2x35ton + der 1x30ton, m/e B&W 5300hp, price/offers. SOLD

69*2-0-General Cargo,Bulk-10,100dwt/8.1m. blt1996Japan, IACS Class, Loa113m x Bm19m. 3hold/3hatch, m/e B&W 5200hp. cr 3x25ton, price-offers.

69*2-1-General Cargo,Bulk-10,120dwt/8m. blt1999Japan, IACS Class,
Loa113m x Bm19m, 3hold/3hatch, 11000m3, cr3x30t, B&W 5300hp,
box holds, price-offers. SOLD

69*2-2-General Cargo,Bulk-10,130dwt/7.4m. blt2005China, IACS Class, Loa128m x Bm18m. 3hold/3hatch, 12600m3, m/e Daihatsu 3400hp. cr 2x20ton. price-offers.

69.2-General Cargo,Bulk-10,250dwt/8.6m. blt2005Japan, tween, IACS Class, Loa108m x Bm19.5m x Dbt13.2m. 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 14,500/13200m3, crane 2x30ton, m/e B&W 5300hp. spd 12.5knts. price/offers./SOLD

69.2-0-General Cargo,Bulk-10,260dwt/8.2m. blt1995Germany, IACS Class, Loa128m x Bm18m. 3hold/3hatch, 11900m3, m/e Mak, price- offers.

69.2-1-General Cargo,Bulk-10,290dwt/7.7m. blt2002Holland, IACS Class,  Loa138m x Bm16m. 2hold/2hatch, cr 2x40ton, m/e Mak 5300hp., shaftgenerator, bowthruster, sternthruster, price-offers.

69.3-General Cargo,Bulk-10,300dwt/8.2m. blt2004Japan,tween, IACS 

Class, Loa115m x Bm19.6m x Dbt13.2m. 2hold/2hatch, 16300/15200m3,
crane 2x35ton +derrick 1x30ton, m/e B&W 5270hp. price/offers. usd5.5million. SOLD

69*3-General Cargo,Bulk-10,330dwt/9.2m. blt1998Japan, tween, IACS Class, Loa100m x Bm19m., 15000m3, m/e B&W 5200hp. cr 3x30ton. price-offers.

69.4-General Cargo,Bulk-10,560dwt/8.142m. blt1993Turkey, sd mpp. IACS Class, Loa128.15m x Bm18m x Dbt10.50m. 4hold/4hatches, gr/bl 14109/13027m3, crane 3x15mt. m/e Man B&W 6L35MC 4160bhp. appB,CO2,elvent, ismi issc fitted, price-hi usd2mill.

69.5-General Cargo,MPP-10,590dwt/7.3m. blt2002 Holland, IACS Class, partly tween, Loa143m x Bm18.3m. , 14,690m3, 660teu, crane Liebherr 2x60ton, m/e Mak 5800hp. box, bowthruster, price/offers/SOLD.  

69.5-1-General cargo,MPP-10,600dwt/7.35m. blt2002Holland, IACS Class, Loa143m x Bm18.3m. 2hold/2hatches, 14600m3, 660teu, crane 2x60ton, m/e Mak, price-offers.

69.5-2-General Cargo-10,600dwt/8.8m. blt1999Japan, IACS Class, Loa110m x Bm19m. 2hold/2hatch, 10100m3, m/e B&W, cr 3x30ton, price-offers.

69*5-General Cargo,Bulk- 10,650dwt/8.6m. blt2005Japan, IACS Class, Loa121m x Bm18m, 2hold/2hatches, 15400m3, crane 2x30ton + der1x25ton, m/e B&W , price-offers.

69.6-General Cargo,Bulk-10,700dwt/8.6m. blt2004Japan, IACS Class, tween, Loa111.3m Bm19.6m. x Dbt13.2m. 2hold/2hatches, 15800/14700m3, m/e Hanshin 5300hp. price/offers.

69.6-1-General Cargo,Bulk-10,760dwt/8.3m. blt1997Japan,tween, IACS Class, Loa112m x Bm20m. 2hold/2hatch, 18000m3, cr 3x30ton, price- offers.

69*6-General Cargo-10,855dwt/7.7m. blt2006China, IACS Class, Loa127m x Bm18m x Dbt10.1m. 3hold/3hatch, 14000m3, boxlike, crane 2x20mt, m/e Yanmar 4500hp. price/offers. 

69*6-1- 10,970dwt/8.6m. blt2004Japan, Loa121m x Bm18m, 2hold/2hatches, 15400m3, crane 2x30ton + der1x25ton, price-offers.

69*6-2-General Cargo,Bulk-10,970dwt/7.5m. blt2006China, IACS Class , Loa128m x Bm18m. 3hold/3hatch, 12400m3, gearless, m/e Daihatsu 3400hp. price-offers.

69.7-General cargo,MPP-11,040dwt/9.6m. blt1998Japan, Loa105 x Bm19 xDbt13.50m. IACS Class, tween, crane 2x30t + der1x30t, m/e 5270hp. price/offers.  /SOLD

69*7-Gen.Cgo,Bulk-11,100dwt/7.4m. blt2008China, Loa145m x Bm18m, 2hold/2hatches, m/e Mak , crane 2x80ton, price-offers.SOLD

69*8-General Cargo,Bulk-11,140dwt/8.7m. blt2007Korea, IACS Class, 2holds/2hatches, 14000m3, 660teu, crane 2x60ton, m/e Mak, cpp, shaftgenerator, price-offers. SOLD

69*8-1-General Cargo,Bulk-11,230dwt. blt2000Japan, Loa110m x Bm19m. tween, IACS Class,  2hold72hatch, 14,600m3, crane 2x30ton +der1x30ton, m/e B&W 5300hp. price-offers.

69.8-General Cargo,Bulk-11,270dwt/8.3m. blt1982Japan, Loa119m x Bm20m x Dbt10.6m. 3hold/3hatches, 13,600/13,400m3, derrick 4x15ton. m/e Mitsubishi 6000hp. price/offers.

69.9-General Cargo,Bulk-11,307dwt/8.04m. blt1994Turkey, sdbc, IACS Class, Loa134.5m x Bm18m x Dbt10.60m. 4hold/4hatches, gr/bl 15350/14192m3, 520Teu, crane 3x24mt. m/e Man B&W 6L35MC 5350bhp.appB,CO2,elvent, ism, issc fitted, price-low usd3mill. SOLD

69.10-General Cargo,Bulk-11,366dwt/8.04m. blt1995Turkey,sdbc,IACS Class, Loa134.5m x Bm18m x Dbt10.6m. 4hold/4hatches, gr/bl 15190/14057m3, 520Teu, crane 3x24mt, m/e Man B&W 6L35MC 5300bhp  . no mgo at sea, appB, CO2,elvent, ism, issc fitted, price-low mid usd3mill. SOLD

70-General Cargo,Bulk-11,400dwt/9.2m. blt2003Japan, tween, IACS Class, Loa110m x Bm19m x Dbt13.5m. 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 15700/14600m3, crane 3x30ton, m/e B&W 5280hp , spd13knts. price/offers. Usd 4.8 million. SOLD


70*1-General Cargo-11,400dwt/9.2m. blt2005Japan, IACS Class, Loa110m x Bm19m. 2hold/2hatches, 15700m3, crane 2x30ton +der 1x30ton, m/e B&W , price-offers.

70.1-General Cargo,MPP-11,477dwt/9.3m. blt1999Japan, tween, IACS Class, Loa100.8m x Bm19.8m x Dbt13.8m. 2hold/2hatches, 15,600/14,800m3, m/e Mitsubishi 5400hp, derrick 2x30ton + crane 2x30ton, price/offers.  

70*2-General Cargo,MPP-11,650dwt/8.8m. blt2004Japan, tween, IACS Class, Loa115m x Bm20m. 2hold/2hatch, gr/bl 18,940/17480m3, m/e B&W 6000hp. crane 2x30ton +der 1x30ton, price/offers.

70*2-1-General Cargo,MPP-11,700dwt/8.6m. blt1983Germany,IACS Class, Loa133m x Bm20m. tween, 3hold/3hatch, 15600m3, 570teu, m/e Mak 6000hp. crane 2x35ton, bowthruster, price-offers. SOLD

70.2-General Cargo,MPP-11,830dwt/8.25m. blt1993 S.Africa, sd, IACS Class, Loa140m x Bm22.6m. x Dbt10.8m. 3hold/3hatches, 16900/16160m3, 925Teu, m/e Mak 8900bhp, CPP, Bowthruster, crane Hagglund 2x40ton, price-teklifler/offers.  

70.3-General Cargo,MPP-11,850dwt/8.6m. blt1990Holland, tweendeck, IACS Class, Loa127m x Bm18.9m. removable tweendeck pontoons, pontoons can be used as bulkheads, 1hold/3hatches, 14800m3, m/e Wartsila 6700hp. bowthruster, crane 3x40ton, price/offers. /SOLD

71-General Cargo,Bulk-11,900dwt/8.3m. blt1985Japan, IACS Class, Loa121 x Bm20 x Dbt11m. 3hold/3hatches, gr/bl 15000/14400m3, derrick 4x20ton, m/e Mitsubishi 4100hp. price/offers./SOLD 


71*1-General Cargo,MPP-11,930dwt/8.4m. blt2001China, tween, IACS Class, Loa134m x Bm20.4m. 14900m3, 900teu, m/e Wartsila 10600hp. bowthruster, shaftgenerator, pitch propeller, price/offers.  SOLD

71*1-0-General Cargo,MPP-11,930dwt/8.3m. blt2001China, IACS Class, Loa134m x Bm20.4m. tween, 3holds, 530teu, m/e Wartsila 10300hp. shaftgenerator, bowthruster, cpp, price-usd2.1million.SOLD

71*1-1-General Cargo,MPP-12000dwt/7.7m. blt2007China, Loa140m x Bm20m, 3hold/3hatch, 14600m3, 700teu, m/e Pielstick 5200hp. price/offers. SOLD

71.1-General Cargo,MPP-12,150dwt/8.6m. blt1991Holland, IACS Class, Loa130m x Bm19m x Dbt11.65m. tween,1hold/3hatches,14,800m3, 670Teu, crane 3x40ton. m/e Wartsila 6600hp, shaftgenerator, price/offers. 

71.2-General Cargo,MPP-12,150dwt/8.6m. blt1990Holland, tween, IACS Class, Loa130m x Bm19m x Dbt11.65m. 1hold/3hatches, 13160m3, 670Teu, crane 3x40ton. m/e Wartsila 6600hp. shaftgenerator, price/offers. 

71.2*1-Generaş Cargo,bulk-12,200dwt/7.98m. blt2009China, IACS Class, Loa140m x Bm20m. 3hold/3hatch, box,14700m3, m/e Yanmar 4500bhp. price/offers.  

71.3-General Cargo,Bulk-12,257dwt/8.6m. blt2001Japan, IACS Class, Loa115.3m x Bm19.6m , 3hold/3hatches, 14,900/14,300m3, m/e Mitsubishi 4900hp. gens 3xYanmar, price/offers. SOLD

72-General Cargo,Bulk-12,300dwt  blt1982Japan, IACS Class, Loa129m x Bm20m x Dbt11.2m. 4hold/4hatches, gr/bl 15100/15000m3, crane 3x15ton, m/e Pielstick5850hp. price/offers. 


73-General Cargo.Bulk-12,300dwt/8.4m. blt1983Japan, Loa129m x Bm20m x Dbt11.2m. 4hold/4hatches, gr/bl 15100/15000m3, crane 2x15ton, m/e Pielstick 5850hp., price/offers. /SOLD


73.1-General Cargo, Bulk -12,500dwt/8.8m. blt2008Japan, IACS Class, Loa115m x Bm19.6m. 3hold/3hatch, 14900m3, crane 3x30ton, m/e Mitsubishi 4900hp. price/offers. usd7.5million. SOLD

73.2-Bulk Carrier-12,525dwt/8.8m.blt2007Japan, IACS Class, Loa115m x Bm19.6m. x Dbt11.4m. 3hold/3hatches, 14900/14360m3, crane 3x30ton, m/e Mitsubishi 4900hp. price/offers.usd7million. SOLD

73*2-Bulk Carrier- 12,615dwt/8.3m. blt2007China, IACS Class, Loa122m x Bm20.5m. 3hold/3hatch, 16600m3, derrick 4x30ton, m/e Mitsubishi 4900hp. price/offers.

73*2-1-Bulk,MPP-12,740dwt/8m. blt2005China, IACS Class, tween, Loa138m x Bm21m., 3hold/3hatch , 15900m3, 660teu, crane 2x 120ton. m/e Mak 5400kw, bowthruster, shaftgenerator, tweendecks can be used as bulkheads, price/offers.  SOLD

73*3-Bulk Carrier-12,760dwt/8.3m.blt2003Japan, IACS Class, Loa122m x Bm20.6m , 3hold/3hatch, 16,600m3, crane 2x30t + der1x30t, price/offers.  

73*3-1-Bulk Carrier,MPP,Container-12,990dwt/8.5m. blt2001China, IACS Class, Loa127m x Bm21m. 4hold/4hatch, 16500m3, m/e B&W 7300hp. cr 3x40ton, price-offers.

73.3-Bulk Carrier-13,000dwt/9.54m.blt2006Japan, tween,Loa116m. x Bm20m x Dbt14.3m. IACS Class, 2hold/2hatches, 17950/16600m3, crane 2x30ton +der.1x30ton, m/e B&W 5700hp. price/offers.


73.3-0-Bulk Carrier-13,500dwt/9m. blt2006Japan, IACS Class, Loa128m x Bm20m, 2hold/2hatches, 19800m3, crane 2x30ton + der 2x25ton, m/e B&W, price-offers.

73.3-1-Bulk Carrier-13,520dwt/8.4m. blt2006Japan, IACS Class, Loa136m x Bm21m x Dbt11.3m. 4hold/4hatch, 17000m3, crane 2x30ton. m/e Man B&W, price/offers.

73.3-2-Bulk Carrier- 13,525dwt/8.2m. blt2008China, IACS Class, Loa120.5m. x Bm22m. 4hold/4hatch, 18700m3, m/e Yanmar 4500hp. price/offers.

73*4-Bulk Carrier-13,600dwt/7.9m. blt2010China, IACS Class, Loa139m x Bm20m. crane 2x30ton. grain 18400m3, m/e Yanmar 4500hp.price/offers.

73*4-1-Bulk,MPP-13,720dwt/8.3m. blt2007Japan, IACS Class, Loa132.5m x Bm21m x dbt13m. 2hold/2hatch, 22000m3, crane 2x50ton, 430teu, bowthruster, price/offers.  SOLD

73.4-Bulk Carrier-14,000dwt/8.21m. blt1998Bulgaria, IACS Class, Loa142m x Bm22.2m x Dbt11.13m. 4hold/4hatches, 18000m3, m/e Man B&W 4900hp.crane 4x12ton. price/offers.  

73.4-0-Bulk Carrier-14,000dwt/7.8m. blt2007China, IACS Class,Loa145m x Bm20m. 3hold/3hatch, 20,000m3, Pielstick 5200hp. app.b fitted, price-offers.

73.4-1-Bulk Carrier- 14,180dwt/7.9m. blt1999Japan, IACS Class, Loa134m x Bm21m. 4hold/4hatches, 17500m3, crane 3x25ton, m/e Mitsubishi, price-offers.

73.4-2-Bulk Carrier- 14,680dwt/8m. blt2010China, IACS Class, Loa144m x Bm21m, 4hold/4hatch, 20300m3, crane 2x25ton, m/e Hanshin 4500bhp. price-offers.

73.4-3-Bulk Carrier-15,200dwt/8m. blt2007China, Loa144m x Bm21m.  3hold/3hatch, 20000m3, m/e Pielstick 5200hp. price-offers.

73.5-Bulk Carrier-15,500dwt/8.35m. blt2001Japan, Loa135m x Bm22m x Dbt11.3m. crane 3x30ton, m/e B&W 5700hp. price/offers./SOLD

73.6-Bulk Carrier-15,560dwt/8m. blt1994China, IACS Class, Loa143m x Bm22m x dbt12.2m. 4hold/4hatches, 19100/18300m3, crane 3x15ton, m/e Man B&W 6000hp. price/offers.  

73*6-Bulk Carrier- 15,900dwt/8.11m. blt2008China,IACS Class, Loa145m x Bm21m, 4hold/4hatches, 21000m3, m/e Hanshin 4500bhp, price-offers.

73.7-Bulk Carrier-15,960dwt/8.2m. blt2007China, IACS Class, Loa148m x Bm21m x Dbt11.46m. 4hold/4hatches, 22,000m3, crane 4x25ton, m/e Pielstick 5200hp., gens 3xCummins 280kw, Eco 10knts /10.5t  ifo180cst +0.7mgo , price/offers.

73*8-Bulk Carrier-15,960dwt/8.8m. blt1998China, IACS Class, Loa136m x Bm22m x Dbt12.2m. 4hold/4hatch, 17000m3, m/e B&W 5700hp. crane 3x30ton. price- usd5million.  

73.8-Bulk Carrier-16,225dwt/9.4m. blt1986Spain, IACS Class, Loa148m x Bm22m x Dbt12.81m. 5hold/5hatch, 22700m3, m/e B&W 7400hp. crane 4x12ton, price/offers.

74-Bulk Carrier-16,300dwt/8.3m. blt2004Japan, IACS Class, Loa137m X Bm23m x Dbt11.4m. 4hold/4hatches, crane4x30ton, m/e Mitsubishi 6300hp. Generators 3xYanmar, price/offers. SOLD


74*1-Bulk Carrier-16,300dwt/8.2m. blt2010China,IACS Class, Loa151m x Bm21m x Dbt11.4m. 4hold/4hatch, 22800/21700m3, crane 2x20ton, price/offers. SOLD

74*1-1-Bulk Carrier-16,380dwt/ blt2008 Japan, IACS Class, 4hold/4hatch, 20300m3, m/e Mitsubishi 6300hp. crane 4x30ton. price/ offers.

74*1-2-Bulk Carrier,MPP-16,600dwt/9.4m. blt2004China, IACS Class, Loa142m x Bm22m. 3hold/3hatch, 650teu, cr 3x35ton, m/e B&W,

74.1-Bulk Carrier-16,600dwt/8.3m. blt2009China, IACS Class, 4hold/4hatches, 21600m3, crane 3x25ton. m/e man B&W 6100hp. dbl skin, open hatch,box,price/offers.

74.2-Bulk Carrier-16,700dwt/7.9m. blt1997korea, IACS Class, Loa165m. x Bm26m x Dbt13.3m. 4holds/4hatches, gr/bl 22,200m3, crane 3x25ton, spd 12knts/22ton ifu380. price/offers. 

74.3-Bulk Carrier-16,730dwt/8.5m. blt2002Japan, IACS Class, Loa135m. x Bm23m x Dbt11.5m. 3hold/3hatches, 20440/20000m3, crane 2x30ton, m/e Mitsubishi 5850hp, price/offers. 

74.4-Bulk Carrier-16,800dwt/8.25m. blt2009China, IACS Class, Loa148m x Bm23m x Dbt11.80m. 21,600m3, crane 4x25ton. m/e Man B&W 6100hp. dbl skin,open hatch,box, price/offers.  

74.4-0-Bulk Carrier-16,800dwt/8.2m. blt2010China, IACS Class, Loa147m x Bm23m. 4hold/4hatch, 21,600m3, cr 3x25ton, m/e 5800hp. price-offers.

74*4-Bulk Carrier- 16,850dwt/8.8m. blt1998China, IACS Class, Loa143m x Bm22m. 4hold/4hatch, 19800m3, m/e B&W 5300hp. crane 2x25ton. price-offers.

74*4-1-Bulk Carrier- 16,855dwt/8.8m. blt1997China, IACS Class, Loa143m x Bm22m. 4hold/4hatch, 19850m3, m/e B&W 5300hp. crane 2x25ton, price-offers.

74.5-Bulk Carrier-16,870dwt/8.4m. blt2000Japan, IACS Class, Loa141m x Bm22.4m. x Dbt11.5m. 4hold/4hatches, 21,400/20,800m3, crane 3x25ton, m/e B&W 5200hp. price/offers.

74.6-Bulk Carrier-17,000dwt/9m. blt1993China, IACS Class, Loa143m x Bm22m x Dbt12.2m. 4hold/4hatches, 19100/17700m3, crane 3x15ton. m/e B&W 6500hp. price/offers.  

74.7-Bulk Carrier-17,380dwt/8.87m. blt1996China, IACS Class, Loa143m x Bm22m x Dbt12.2m. 4hold/4hatches, 19800/19300m3, crane 3x25ton. m/e B&W 5300hp. price/offers.  /SOLD

74.8-Bulk Carrier-17,400dwt/8.87m.blt1995China, IACS Class, 4hold/4hatches, 19800/19300m3, m/e Man B&W 5300hp.price/offers.  

74.8-1-Bulk Carrier-17,550dwt/10m. blt2009China,tween, IACS Class, 3hold/3hatch, 23100m3, m/e B&W 6000hp. cr 3x30ton. price-offers.

74*8-Bulk Carrier-17,550dwt/10m. blt2009China, IACS Class, 3hold/3hatches, crane 3x30ton, m/e 6000hp. price/offers.

74*8-0-Bulk Carrier- 17,555dwt/10m.blt2011China, tween, IACS Class, Loa132m x Bm22m, 3hold/3hatch, 23000m3, crane 3x30ton, m/e B&W 6000hp. price/offers.  

74*8-1-Bulk Carrier- 17,825dwt/9m. blt1985Japan, IACS Class, Loa146m x Bm22.8m x dbt12.2m. 4hold/4hatch, 21600m3, m/e B&W 7500bhp. derrick 4x20ton, price/offers. SOLD 

74*8-2-Bulk Carrier-18,200dwt/9.1m. blt2002Japan, IACS Class, Loa148m x Bm23m, 4hold/4hatches, 23000m3, m/e B&W 6600hp. crane 3x30ton, price/offers.

74*8-3-Bulk Carrier-18,230dwt/9.11m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class,
Loa148.2 x Bm22.8m. 4hold/4hatch, 23000m3, B&W 6700hp. crane 3x30ton, price-offers.

74.9-Bulk Carrier-18,296dwt/9.15m. blt1994Japan, IACS Class, Loa148.3m. x Bm22.8m. 4hold/4hatches, 23,200/22,300m3, m/e B&W 7660hp. crane 4x30ton, price/offers. 

74.9-1-Bulk Carrier- 18,300dwt/9.1m. blt2000Japan, IACS Class, Loa148m x Bm23m, 4hold/4hatches, 23000m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W, price-usd6.5million.

74.10-Bulk Carrier-18,310dwt/9.1m. blt1997Japan, Loa148m x Bm22.8m. x Dbt12.2m. 4hold/4hatches, 23200/22300m3, m/e B&W 6700hp. price/offers. /SOLD

74.11-Bulk Carrier-18,360dwt/9m. blt2000Korea, IACS Class, Loa145m x Bm24m. 4hold/4hatch, 24000/22700m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W 7600hp. shaft generator no do at sea, price/offers./SOLD 

74.11-1-Bulk Carrier-18,460dwt/9m. blt1997Korea, IACS Class,
Loa145m x Bm24m, 4hold/4hatch, 24000m3, crane 4x30ton,
m/e B&W 7600hp, price-offers.

74.12-Bulk Carrier-18,480dwt/9m. blt1997Korea, IACS Class,
Loa145m x Bm24m, 4hold/4hatch, 24000m3, crane 4x30ton,
m/e B&W 7600hp, price-offers.

74.13-Bulk Carrier-18,486dwt/9m. blt1997Korea, IACS Class,
Loa145m x Bm24m, 4hold/4hold, 24000m3, crane 4x30ton,
m/e B&W 7600hp, price-offers.

75-Bulk Carrier- 18,600dwt/9.2m. blt1987Jpn, IACS Class, Loa145m x Bm23m x Dbt12.4m. 4hold/4hatches, gr/bl 23500/22900m3, m/e Mitsubishi 6000hp. crane 4x30ton, price/offers. /SOLD


75*1-Bulk Carrier- 18,700dwt/8.4m. blt2001Japan, IACS Class, Loa138m x Bm25m. 4hold/4hatch, 22900m3, m/e B&W 7000hp. crane 3x35ton.

75.1-Bulk Carrier-18,900dwt/8.5m. blt2009Japan, IACS Class, Loa140m x Bm25m. 4hold/4hatches, 21500m3, m/e B&W 7000hp. crane 3x30ton. price/offers. 

75.2-18,908dwt/8.45m. blt2007Japan, IACS Class, Loa140m x Bm25m. 4hold/4hatches, 23,150/22,550m3, crane 3x30ton, m/e B&W 7000hp. price/offers.  SOLD  

75.3-18,930dwt/8.5m. blt2009Japan,IACS Class, Loa140m x Bm25m. 4hold/4hatches, 21580m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W 7000hp. price/offers. 

76-Bulk Carrier-19000dwt/8.5m. blt2006Japan, IACS Class, Loa140m x Bm25m x Dbt11.5m. 4hold/4hatches, gr/bl 23000/22500m3, Derrick 3x30ton, m/e 7200hp. spd14knts. price/offers/SOLD. 


76.1-Bulk Carrier,tween- 19,500dwt/9.6m. blt2008Japan, IACS Class, Loa147m x Bm25m. 3hold/3hatch, 29000m3, cr 3x30ton, m/e B&W 8800hp. price-offers.

77-Bulk Carrier,MPP-19,700dwt/9.5m. blt1986Japan, tween, IACS Class, Loa155m x Bm23m x Dbt13m. 4hold/4hatches, gr/bl 29600/23800m3, crane 2x25ton +2x40ton, m/e Mitsubishi 6900hp. spd13.5knts. price/offers. /SOLD


77.1-Bulk Carrier-19,800dwt/8.96m. blt2010China, IACS Class, Loa155m x Bm22.60m x Dbt12.60m , 4hold/4hatches, 25000m3, crane 4x25ton, m/e Daihatsu 6000hp., price/offers. 

77*1-Bulk Carrier-20,150dwt/9.8m. blt1999China, IACS Class, Loa149m x Bm23.1m. 4hold/4hatches, 23,600m3, crane 3x30ton, m/e B&W 9000hp. price-usd5million.

77.2-Bulk Carrier-20,420dwt/9.85m. blt1998China, IACS Class, Loa149m x Bm 23.1m. x Dbt13.5m. 4hold/4hatches, 23,600m3, crane 3x30ton, m/e B&W 9000bhp. price-usd3.9million. /SOLD

77*3-Bulk Carrier-20,755dwt/9.7m. blt1999 Singapore, Loa158m x Bm23m. IACS Class, 4hold/4hatch, 23800m3, m/e B&W, price/offers. SOLD 

77.3-Bulk Carrier-21,145dwt/8.1m. blt1998Korea, IACS Class, Loa164m x Bm25.6 x Dbt12.95m. 4hold/4hatch, 24000m3, m/e Man B&W 6650hp. crane 3x30ton. price/offers./SOLD 

77.4-Bulk Carrier-21,270dwt/9m. blt2007China, IACS Class, Loa167m x Bm23m x Dbt12.8m. 4hold/4hatches, m/e Pielstick 4000hp. crane 3x25ton,  price/offers.  

77.5-Bulk Carrier-21,500dwt/9.7m. blt1985Japan, Loa152m x Bm24m. 4hold/4hatches, 26800m3,  crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W , shaft gen, price-offers.

78-Bulk Carrier-21,600dwt/9.7m. blt1986Japan, Loa152m x Bm24m x Dbt13.2m. 4hold/4hatches, gr/bl 26800/25700m3, crane 2x25ton + der 1x20ton, m/e B&W 6350hp, spd12knts. price/offers.


79-Bulk Carrier- 21,900dwt/9.9m. blt1984Japan, IACS Class, Loa155m x Bm23m. 4hold/4hatches, gr/bl 28,000/26,600m3, m/e B&W 8000hp. Crane 4x25ton. price/offers. 


80-Bulk Carrier-21,950dwt/9m. blt1995Japan, Loa158m x Bm25m x Dbt 12.7m. IACS Class, 4hold/4hatches, gr/bl 29,250/28,250m3, m/e Mitsubishi 7200hp. crane 4x30ton. price-usd4.5million. /SOLD


80.1-Bulk Carrier-21,950dwt/9.1m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class, Loa158m x Bm25m, 4hold/4hatches, 29000m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e Mitsubishi, price-usd5.1million.

81-Bulk Carrier-22,000dwt, blt1994Japan, IACS Class, Loa149m x Bm25m x Dbt12.7m. 4hold/4hatches, gr/bl 29250/28250m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e Mitsubishi 7200hp. price/offers. /SOLD


81.1-Bulk Carrier-22,060dwt/9.1m. blt1994Japan, IACS Class, Loa158m x Bm25m. 4hold/4hatch, 29200/28200m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e Mitsubishi 6460hp. log fitted. price/offers.

81.1-00-Bulk Carrier-22,100dwt/9.8m. blt2009China, IACS Class, 5hold/5hatches, 28900m3, crane 3x30ton, m/e B&W, price-offers.

81.1-0-Bulk Carrier- 22,185dwt/9.2m. blt2009China, IACS Class, Loa166m x Bm23m, 4hold/4hatch, 30000m3, crane 3x25ton. price/offers.

81*1-Bulk Carrier-22,200dwt/9.1m. blt1992Japan, IACS Class, Loa157m x Bm25m x Dbt12.7m. 4hold/4hatch, 29000m3, crane 4x30ton. m/e Mitsubishi 6200hp. price/offers.  SOLD

81*2-Bulk Carrier-22,242dwt/9.1m. blt1992Japan, IACS Class, Loa157m x Bm25m x Dbt12.7m. 4hold/4hatch, 29000m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e Mitsubishi 6230hp price/offers. SOLD

81.2-Bulk Carrier-22,250dwt/9.1m. blt1990Japan, Loa157m x Bm25m x Dbt12.7m. 4hold/4hatch, 29000m3, crane 4x30ton. m/e Mitsubishi 6200hp. price/offers.  

81.3-Bulk Carrier-22,350dwt/9.7m.blt2008China, Loa159m x Bm24m, IACS Class, 4hold/4hatch, 21,400m3, crane 3x25ton, m/e Pielstick, price/offers.

82-Bulk Carrier-22,700dwt/9.9m. blt1985Japan, Loa157m x Bm23m. 4hold/4hatches, grain 30,000m3, m/e Mitsubishi, crane 4x25ton, price/offers. /SOLD


82*1-Bulk Carrier-22,700dwt/9.8m. blt2012China, IACS Class, Loa159m x Bm24m x Dbt14m. 4hold/4hatch, 30500m3, crane 3x15ton, m/e B&W 6000hp. price/offers.

82*2-Bulk Carrier-22,830dwt/9.8m. blt2012China IACS Class, Loa199m x Bm24m. 4hold/4hatch, 29000m3, m/e B&W, cr 3x30ton, price-offers.

82.1-Bulk Carrier-23,000dwt/9.8m. blt2009China, IACS Class, Loa160m x Bm24.4m x dbt14m. 4hold/4hatches, 30400m3, crane 3x30ton, m/e Man B&W, price/offers.

82.2-Bulk Carrier-23,300dwt/9.57m. blt2009Japan, IACS Class, Loa150.5m x Bm26m x Dbt13.2m. 4hold/4hatches, 31100m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W 8350hp. price/offers.  SOLD

82.3-Bulk Carrier-23,300dwt/9.58m. blt2008Japan, IACS Class,Loa150m x Bm26m. crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W 8400hp. price- usd14million. SOLD 

82*3-Bulk Carrier-23,467dwt/9.5m. blt1998Japan, IACS Class, Loa154m x Bm26m x Dbt13.35m. 4hold/4hatch, 30,000m3, m/e B&W 6600hp. cr 4x30ton, price/offers.

82.4-Bulk carrier-23,480dwt/9.6m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class, Loa164m x Bm24m. 5hold/5hatch, 29000m3, m/e Mitsubishi 5950hp. crane 3x30ton. price/offers. SOLD

82.5-Bulk Carrier- 23,482dwt/9.6m. blt1996Japan, IACS Class, Loa164m x Bm24m x Dbt13.4m. 5hold/5hatches, folding hatchcovers, 29800m3, m/e Mitsubishi 7000hp. crane 3x30ton, price/offers. 

83-Bulk Carrier-23,500dwt/9.5m. blt1996Japan, IACS Class, 4hold/4hatches, Crane 4x30ton, m/e Mitsubishi 7200hp. price/offers./SOLD 


83.1-Bulk Carrier-23,575dwt/9.5m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class, Loa154m x Bm26m x Dbt13.3m. 4hold/4hatches, 30700/29900m3, crane 4x30ton. m/e B&W 6600hp. price/offers. /SOLD

83*1-Bulk Carrier-23,580dwt/9.5m. blt1997Japan, IACS Class,
Loa154m x Bm26m, 4hold/4hatch, 30800m3, cr 4x30t,
Mitsubishi 7200hp. price-offers.

83.2-Bulk Carrier-23,600dwt/9.88m. blt1997Japan, IACS Class, Loa154m x Bm26m x Dbt13.35m. 4hold/4hatch, 30800m3, crane 4x30ton. m/e Mitsubishi 7200hp. price/offers.

84-Bulk Carrier-23,700dwt/9.9m. blt1985Japan, IACS Class, Loa160m x Bm24m x Dbt13.6m. 4hold/4hatches, gr/bl 30700/29300m3, crane 3x25ton + 1x35ton. m/e Mitsubishi 7100hp. price/offers.


84*1-Bulk Carrier-23,720dwt/9.6m blt1995Japan, IACS Class, 
Loa150m x Bm26m, 4hold/4hatch, 31200m3, crane 4x30ton,
m/e B&W 7200hp, price-offers.

84-1-Bulk Carrier-23,730dwt/9.6m. blt1994Japan, IACS Class,
Loa150m x bm26mi 4hold/4hatch, 31,000m3, crane 4x30ton,
m/e Mitsubishi 7200hp, price-offers.

84.1-Bulk Carrier-23,800dwt/9.5m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class, Loa153m x Bm26.2m x Dbt13.4m. 4hold/4hatches, 30600/29400m3, m/e B&W 7100hp. crane 4x30ton.  log fitted, price/offers.  

84.2-Bulk Carrier-24,100dwt/9.55m. blt1997China, IACS Class, Loa160m x Bm25.8m. x Dbt13.72m. 4hold/4hatches, 31900/31200m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e Sulzer 8200hp. price/offers.

84*3-Bulk Carrier-24110dwt/9.5m. blt1997Japan,IACS Class, Loa160m x Bm25.8m. 4hold/4hatches, crane 4x30ton, m/e Sulzer 10600hp,price/offers. SOLD

84*3.1-Bulk Carrier-24,112dwt/9.55m. blt1999China, IACS Class, Loa160m x Bm25.8m. 4hold/4hatch, 31,900m3, m/e Sulzer 8250hp. crane 4x30ton. price/offers.

84*3.2-Bulk Carrier-24,158dwt/9.55m. blt1999China, IACS Class, Loa160m x Bm25.8m. 4hold/4hatch, 31,900m3, m/e Sulzer 8250hp. crane 4x30ton. price/offers.

84*3.3-Bulk Carrier,MPP- 24,200dwt/9.8m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class, 4hold/4hatch, 30000m3, 400teu, cr 3x30ton, m/e B&W 9600hp. price-offers.

84.3-Bulk Carrier-24,280dwt/9.55m. blt1997Japan, IACS Class, Loa157m x Bm26m x Dbt13.3m. 4hold/4hatches, crane 4x30ton, m/e Mitsubishi 7200hp. price/offers.   /SOLD

84.3-1-Bulk Carrier- 24,300dwt/9.7m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class, Loa158m x Bm26m, 4hold/4hatches, 30000m3, crane 3x25ton, m/e Mitsubishi 7200hp.

84.3-2-Bulk Carrier-24,300dwt/9.5m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class, Loa154m x Bm26m, 4hold/4hatches, 30800m3, 600teu, crane 4x30ton, price/offers.

84*4-Bulk Carrier-24,390dwt/9.9m. blt1997Japan, IACS Class, 4hold/4hatches, m/e Mitsubishi 8400hp. crane 4x30ton, price/offers. SOLD

84.4-Bulk Carrier- 24,540dwt/9.5m. blt1998Japan, IACS Class, Loa154m x Bm26m x Dbt13.35m. 4hold/4hatch, gr/bl 31000/30000m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e Mitsubishi 7200hp. price/offers.  

85-Bulk Carrier-24,800dwt/9.7m. blt1999Japan, IACS Class, Loa153m x Bm26m x Dbt13.3m., 4hold/4hatches, gr/bl 32300/31300m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W 7500hp. spd13knts. price/offers.


85.1-Bulk Carrier-24,822dwt/9.6m.blt2007Japan, IACS Class, Loa158m x Bm25m x Dbt13.5m. 4hold/4hatches, 32500m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W, price/offers.  

85.2-Bulk Carrier-24,825dwt/10.05m. blt1996Japan, Loa157m x Bm26m. IACS Class, 4hold/4hatch, box, crane 4x30ton, consumption 13knts/19ton ifo +0.1mdo. price/offers. 

85.3-Bulk Carrier-24,830dwt/9.6m. blt2001China, Loa175m x Bm23m x Dbt13.65m IACS Class, 5hold/5hatch, 30600/29500m3, crane 4x25ton, m/e B&W 9000hp. boxhold,grab,co2,lakes fitted. price/offers./SOLD

85*3-Bulk Carrier-25,360dwt/9.8m. blt2000Japan, IACS Class, 4hold/hatch, 32600m3, m/e B&W, price-offers.

85.4-Bulk Carrier-25,370dwt/9.8m. blt1996Japan, Loa160m x Bm26m x Dbt13.5m. IACS Class, 4hold/4hatch, 32600/31100m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e Mitsubishi 7200hp. price/offers. 

86-Bulk Carrier-25,400dwt/10.2m. blt1985Japan, Loa160m x Bm25m x Dbt14m. 4hold/4hatches, gr/bl 32000/30500m3, m/e B&W 7000hp.,spd13knts, price/offers. SOLD


87-Bulk Carrier-25,600dwt/9.9m. blt1985Japan, IACS Class, Loa159m x Bm26m x Dbt13.6m. 4hold/4hatches, gr/bl 32,400/31,000m3, crane 4x25ton, m/e 6400hp.price/offers. 


87.1-Bulk Carrier- 25,950dwt/9.3m. blt2010Japan, IACS Class, Loa157m x Bm27m. 4hold/4hatch, 30700m3, m/e B&W 7900hp. crane 3x30ton. price-offers.

87.2-Bulk Carrier-26,000dwt/10m. blt1998China, IACS Class, Loa172m x Bm25m. 5hold/5hatch, 35600m3, m/e B&W, price-offers.

88-Bulk Carrier- 26,550dwt/9.5m. blt1987Japan, IACS Class, Loa167m x Bm26m xDbt13.3m. 5hold/5hatches, gr/bl 33900/32600m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W 6900hp. 12knts/17t.ifo +1.5do, price/offers.


88.0-Bulk Carrier- 26,550dwt , blt1997Japan, IACS Class, 5hold/5hatch, 35900m3, m/e Mitsubishi 7300hp. cr 4x30ton. price-offers.

88.1-Bulk Carrier-26,670dwt/9.5m. blt1986Japan, IACS Class, Loa167m x Bm26m x Dbt13.3m. 5hold/5hatch, 33900/32700m3, m/e B&W 6900hp. crane 4x30ton. price/offers. /SOLD

89-Bulk Carrier-26,700dwt/10.5m. blt1993, Loa185m x Bm23m. 6hold/6hatches, gr/bl 33500/30900m3, crane 5x25ton, 13knts 23t ifo180 +2.8mdo. price/offers. /SOLD


89.1-Bulk Carrier-26,750dwt/9.5m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class, Loa167m x Bm26m x Dbt13.3m. 5hold/5hatches, 33900/32600m3, crane 4x25ton, m/e Mitsubishi 7200hp. price/offers.  

90-Bulk Carrier-26,900dwt/9.5m. blt1986Japan, IACS Class, Loa168m x Bm27m x Dbt13.5m. 5hold/5hatches, gr/bl 34900/33000m3, m/e Mitsubishi 7000bhp. crane 4x30ton, price/offers. /SOLD


90-0-Bulk Carrier-26,960dwt/9.2m. blt1990Japan, IACS Class, Loa174m x Bm27m. 5hold/5hatches, 37000m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e Mitsubishi 6000hp. price/offers.

90*0-Bulk Carrier- 27,000dwt/9.2m. blt1990Japan, IACS Class,
Loa174m x Bm27m, 5hold/5hatch, 37000m3, Mitsubishi 7100hp,
cr 4x30ton, price-offers.

90*0-1-Bulk Carrier-27,230dwt/9.9m. blt1996Korea, IACS Class, Loa167m x Bm26m. 5hold/5hatch, 35,000m3, cr 4x30ton, m/e B&W 7400hp. price-offers.

90*0.1-Bulk Carrier-27,280dwt/9.8m. blt1998China, IACS Class, Loa175m x Bm20m. 5hold/5hatch, 36000m3, cr 4x30ton, m/e B&W, price-offers.

90*0-2-Bulk Carrier-27,300dwt/9.8m. blt1997China, Loa175m x Bm26m. IACS Class, 5hold/5hatch, 36000m3, cr 4x30ton, m/e B&W, price-offers.

90.1-Bulk Carrier-27,307dwt/9.6m. blt1994Japan, IACS Class, Loa165m. x Bm27m x Dbt13.30m. 5hold/5hatches, 34,800/34180m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W 7300hp. price/offers.  

90*1-Bulk Carrier-27,308dwt/9.6m blt1995Japan, IACS Class, Loa165m x Bm27m. 5hold/5hatches, 34,000m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W 6500hp. log fitted. price/offers.  

90.2-Bulk Carrier-27,380dwt/9.8m. blt1998China, IACS Class, Loa175m x Bm26m x  Dbt13.90m. 5hold/5hatches, 36800/35700m3, m/e Sulzer 9200hp. crane 4x30ton. price/offers. /SOLD 

90.3-Bulk Carrier-27,650dwt/9.6m. blt1985Japan, IACS Class, Loa165m x Bm27m x Dbt13.3m. 5hold/5hatch, 34800/34100m3, m/e Mitsubishi 6500hp. crane 4x25ton, price/offers. SOLD


90.4-Bulk Carrier-27,750dwt/9.4m. blt1996Japan, IACS Class, Loa176.6m x Bm26m x  Dbt13.3m. 5hold/5hatch, 38,000m3, m/e Mitsubishi 8000hp, crane 4x30ton. price/offers. 

90*4-Bulk Carrier-27,770dwt. blt1999Japan,Loa169m x Bm27m x Dbt13.8m. IACS Class, m/e Hitachi 8900hp. 5hold/5hatch, 36000/34000m3, crane 4x30ton. price/offers.  SOLD

90*4-1-Bulk Carrier-27,850dwt blt1995Japan,Loa176m x Bm26m,
IACS Class, 5hold/5hatch, price-offers.

90*5-Bulk Carrier-27,867dwt/9.7m blt1997Japan, IACS Class, 5holds/5hatches, 36,000m3, crane 4x30ton. m/e B&W 8900hp. price/offers. SOLD

90.5-Bulk Carrier-27,870dwt/9.4m. blt1990Japan,IACS Class, Loa176m x Bm26m x Dbt13.30m. 5hold/5hatches, 38200/37300m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e Mitsubishi 6300hp. price/offers. 

90.5-1-Bulk Carrier- 27,880dwt/9.4m. blt1989Japan, IACS Class, Loa176m x Bm26m, 5hold/5hatch, 38200m3, crane 4x25ton, m/e Mitsubishi 7000hp. price-offers.

90*6-28,024dwt/9.8m. blt1989Japan, IACS Class, Loa166m x Bm27m. 4hold/4hatch, 36000m3, m/e B&W , cr 4x30ton, price/offers.

90.6-Bulk Carrier-28,100dwt/13.6m. blt2001China, IACS Class, Loa170m x Bm27.2m x Dbt13.6m. 5hold/5hatches, 37500/35800m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e Sulzer 9600hp. price/offers.  /SOLD

90.6-0-Bulk Carrier-28,105dwt/9.7m. blt2001China, IACS Class, Loa169m x Bm27m, 5hold/5hatch, 37400m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e Sulzer 9500hp. price-offers.

90*7-Bulk Carrier-28,200dwt/9.7m. blt1998China, IACS Class, Loa169m x Bm27m. 5hold/5hatches, 37400m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e Sulzer, price-offers.

90*7-1-Bulk Carrier- 28,250dwt/9.5m. blt1996Japan, IACS Class, Loa170m x Bm27m, 5hold/5hatches, 37700m3, crane 4x30ton, price-offers.

90*7-2-Bulk Carrier-28,280dwt/9.7m. blt1995Japan,IACS Class, Loa166m x Bm27m, 5hold/5hatch, 37500m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W 7400hp. price-offers.

90*7-3-Bulk Carrier-28,300dwt/9.7m. blt1996Japan, IACS Class,
Loa177m x Bm26m, 5hold/5hatch, 38000m3, cr 4x30ton,
B&W 6850hp. price-offers.

90*7-4-Bulk Carrier-28,390dwt/9.68m. blt1997Japan, IACS Class, Loa177m x Bm26m. 5hold/5hatch, 39400m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W 8360hp. price-offers.

90*7-5-Bulk Carrier- 28,390dwt/9.6m. blt1997Japan, IACS Class, Loa177m x Bm26m. 5hold/5hatch, 38000m3, m/e B&W 8700hp. cr 4x30ton. price-offers.

90.7-Bulk Carrier-28,390dwt/9.76m. blt1996Japan, IACS Class, Loa169m x Bm27.2m x dbt13.6m. 5hold/5hatches, 37500/35760m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W 7800hp. price/offers. 

90.7-1-Bulk Carrier-28,400dwt/9.7m. blt1996Japan, IACS Class, Loa169m x Bm27m. 5hold/5hatch, 37500m3, cr 4x30ton, m/e B&W 7800hp. price-offers.

90*8-Bulk Carrier-28,430dwt/9.8m. blt1997Japan, Loa169m x Bm27m
5hold/5hatch, 37000m3, m/e B&W 7800hp. crane 4x30ton, 

90.8-Bulk Carrier-28,460dwt/9.8m. blt2000Japan, IACS Class, Loa169m x Bm27.2m x Dbt13.6m. 5hold/5hatches, 37500/35700m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W 7900hp. price/offers. /SOLD

91-Bulk Carrier-28,500dwt/12m. blt1983Japan, IACS Class, Loa180m x Bm23m x Dbt14.5m. 5hold/5hatches, gr/bl 35,000/32,900m3, crane 4x25ton, m/e Mitsubishi 10600hp, spd12knts, price/offers.



91.0-Bulk Carrier-28,500dwt/9.7m. blt1993Japan, IACS Class, Loa170m x Bm27m x Dbt13.8m. 5hold/5hatch, 37500m3, Mitsubishi 8000bhp. crane 4x30ton. price usd6.5million.  

91.0-1-Bulk Carrier-28,509dwt/9.8m. blt1994Japan, IACS Class, Loa170m x Bm27m, 5hold/5hatch, McGr. 37600m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e Mitsubishi 8000hp. price/offers.  

91.0-2-Bulk Carrier-28,540dwt/9.8m. blt1997Japan, IACS Class, Loa169m x Bm27m, 5hold/5hatches, 37500m3, crane 4x30ton, price-offers.

91.1-Bulk Carrier-28,580dwt/10.1m. blt1996China, IACS Class, Loa175m x Bm26m x Dbt13.9m. 5hold/5hatches, 36800/35700m3, B&W 7900hp. price/offers.

91.2-Bulk Carrier-28,581dwt/9.57m. blt1996Japan, IACS Class, Loa172m x Bm27m. 5hold/5hatch, 38000m3, crane 4x30ton. m/e B&W 7700hp. price/offers.  

92-Bulk Carrier-28,600dwt/9.7m. blt1996Japan, IACS Class, Loa177m x Bm26m. , 5hold/5hatches, gr/bl 39,000/38,000m3, m/e Mitsubishi 8000hp. crane 4x30ton. price/offers. /SOLD


92.1-Bulk Carrier-28,620dwt/9.6m. blt1996Japan, IACS Class, Loa172m x Bm27m x Dbt13.6m. 5hold/5hatch, 38400m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e Allis Chalmers 9700hp/127rpm. price/offers.  SOLD

92.2-Bulk Carrier-28,670dwt/9.8m. blt1998Japan, IACS Class, Loa170m. Bm27.2m x dbt13.8m. 5hold/5hatches, 37180/35400m3, crane 4x30ton. m/e B&W 10800hp. price/offers.  /SOLD

92*2-Bulk Carrier-28,700dwt/9.7m. blt1996Japan, IACS Class, 5hold/5hatch, 39000m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e Mitsubishi 8000hp. price/offers.  

92*2-1-28,834dwt/10m. blt1989Japan, IACS Class, Loa169m x Bm26m. 5hold/5hatch, 37000m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e Mitsubishi 7700hp. no3-5 retractable tweens, no2-3-4 box hold, price/offers. SOLD

93-Bulk Carrier-31,250dwt/10.5m. blt1985Japan, IACS Class, Loa175m x Bm27m x Dbt14.6m. 5hold/5hatches, gr/bl 40400/38800m3, crane 4x25ton, m/e Sulzer, price- usd3.5million. /SOLD


93.1-Bulk Carrier-31,700dwt/10.4m. blt2005Japan, IACS Class, Loa171m x Bm27m x Dbt14.8m. 5hold/5hatch, 40300/39800m3, crane 4x30ton m/e Mitsubishi 9600hp. price/offers. SOLD

93.1-1-Bulk Carrier-31,770dwt/9.55m. blt1999Japan, IACS Class,
Loa177m x Bm29m. 5hold/5hatch, 42000m3, Mitsubishi 9600hp.
co2,log,grain,ahl fitted, price-offers.

93.2-Bulk Carrier-32,200dwt/10.6m. blt2000Japan, IACS Class, Loa171m x Bm27m x Dbt14.8m. 5hold/5hatch, 41700/41100m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e Mitsubishi 9600hp. log fitted, price/offers.


93.3-Bulk Carrier-33,740dwt/10m. blt2005Japan, IACS Class, Loa174.5m x Bm27.8m x Dbt14.33m. 5Hold/5hatches, 44,400/43,300m3, crane 4x30ton. Log fitted, m/e Man B&W 8400hp. price/offers. /SOLD 

93*3-Bulk Carrier-33,740dwt/10m. blt2004Japan, IACS Class, 5Hold/5hatch, 44300m3, m/e B&W 8400hp. crane 4x30ton, price/offers. SOLD  

93.4-Bulk Carrier-34,300dwt/10.2m. blt2013China, IACS Class, Loa180m x Bm29.1m x Dbt14m. 5hold/5hatches, 46300m3, folding type cvrs, crane 4x30mt. m/e  B&W 10,600hp, price/offers.

93.4-1-Bulk Carrier- 36,000dwt/11.5m. blt1998China, IACS Class, Loa189m x Bm27.5m. 8hold/8hatch, 46000m3, crane 4x40ton, price-usd8million.

93*4-Bulk Carrier- 38,850dwt/10.9m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class, Loa180m x Bm30m x Dbt15.3m. 5hold/5hatch, 46000m3, crane 4x25ton, m/e Sulzer 7900hp. price/offers.  SOLD

93.5-Bulk Carrier-42,000dwt/11.2m. blt1990Japan, IACS Class, Loa180m x Bm30.5m x Dbt15.8m. 5hold/5hatches, gr/bl 52100/51100m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e Sulzer 8400hp. price/offers. /SOLD

94-Bulk Carrier-42,000dwt/11.2m. blt1991Japan, IACS Class, loa180m x Bm30.5m x Dbt15.8m. 5hold/5hatches, gr/bl 52000/49800m3, crane 4x25ton, m/e Sulzer 8400hp, spd 13knts, price-usd7million. SOLD


94.0-Bulk Carrier-42,000dwt/11.2m. blt1990Japan, IACS Class, Loa180m x Bm30m. 5hold/5hatch, 52000m3, m/e Sulzer 8300hp. cr 4x25ton, price-offers.

94.1-Bulk Carrier-42,170dwt/11.48m. blt1987Japan, IACS Class, Loa186m. x Bm30.4m. 5hold/5hatches, 57700/50300m3, m/e Sulzer 11,500hp. crane 5x25ton. price/offers. /SOLD

94.1-1-Bulk Carrier-42,200dwt/11.2m. blt1991Japan, IACS Class, Loa180m x Bm30.5m. 5hold/5hatches, 52000m3, crane 4x25ton, m/e Sulzer 8400hp. price/offers.

94*1-Bulk Carrier-42,220dwt/11.2m. blt1991Japan, IACS Class, Loa180m x Bm30.5m. 5hold/5hatch, 52100/51100m3, m/e Sulzer 8400hp. crane 4x25ton. price/offers.  

94*1-1-Bulk Carrier-42,240dwt/11.2m. blt1990Japan, IACS Class, Loa180m x Bm30.5m. 5hold/5hatch, 52000m3, cr 4x25ton, m/e Sulzer 7200hp. price-offers.

94*2-Bulk Carrier-42,260dwt/11.2m. blt1991Korea,IACS Class, Loa183m x Bm30.5m x Dbt15.95m. 5hold/5hatch, 51000m3, m/e B&W 11300hp, crane 4x10ton. price/offers. 

94*2-00-Bulk Carrier-42,460dwt/11.1m. blt1990Japan, IACS Class,
Loa182m x Bm30.5m. 5hold/5hatch, 52000m3, Sulzer 8500hp.
cr 4x25ton, price-offers.

94*2-00-Bulk Carrier-42,460dwt/11.1m. blt1990Japan, IACS Class,
Loa182m x Bm30.5m. 5hold/5hatch, 52000m3, Sulzer 8500hp.
cr 4x25ton, price-offers.

94*2-0-Bulk Carrier-42,528dwt/11.6m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class, Loa185m x Bm30.5m. 8hold/8hatches, 47750m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W 11000hp. price/offers.

94*2-01-Bulk Carrier- 43,180dwt/11.2m. blt1994Korea, IACS Class,
Loa185m x Bm30.5m. 5hold/5hatch, 54000m3, cr 4x25ton,
B&W 9500hp. price-offers.

94*2-1-Bulk Carrier- 43,192dwt/11.3m. blt1995Korea, IACS Class, Loa185m x Bm30m, 5hold/5hatch, 54000m3, crane 4x25ton, m/e B&W 11600hp, price/offers.  

94.2-Bulk Carrier-43,200dwt/11.2m. blt1996Korea, IACS Class, Loa185m x Bm30.5m. 5hold/5hatch, 54200/52400m3, m/e B&W 11600hp. crane 4x25ton. price/offers. SOLD

94.2-1-Bulk Carrier- 43,240dwt/11.2m. blt1995Korea, IACS Class,
Loa185m x Bm30.5m. 5hold/5hatch, 54000m3, cr 4x25ton,
B&W 10,500hp. price-offers.

94.3-Bulk Carrier-43,470dwt/11.3m. blt1991Japan, IACS Class,
5hold/5hatch, 53500m3, B&W 9600hp. cr 4x25t0n,

94*3-Bulk Carrier-43,490dwt/11.3m. blt1991Japan,IACS Class, Loa185m x Bm30m. 5hold/5hatch, 53000m3, m/e B&W 9600hp. price/offers.

95-Bulk Carrier-43,500dwt/11.3m. blt1985Japan, IACS Class, Loa186m x Bm30.5m x Dbt16.2m. 5hold/5hatches, gr/bl 53500/52200m3, m/e B&W 9700hp. cranes 4x25ton, good condition. price-usd3.5million. SOLD


95.1-Bulk Carrier-43,590dwt/11.3m. blt1994Japan, IACS Class, Loa185.8m. x Bm30.4m. 5hold/5hatches, 53500m3, m/e 9800hp. crane 4x30ton. price/offers. /SOLD

95.2-Bulk Carrier-43,920dwt/11.2m. blt1996Korea, Loa190m x Bm30.5m x Dbt16.6m. 5hold/5hatch, 56600/54800m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W 11,600hp. price/offers./SOLD

95.3-Bulk Carrier-43,975dwt/11.2m. blt1994korea,IACS Class, Loa190m x Bm30.5m. 5hold/5hatches, 56,600m3, crane 4x25ton. m/e B&W 9700hp. price/offers.  

96-Bulk Carrier-44,100dwt/11.3m. blt1991Korea, IACS Class, Loa190m x Bm30.5m x Dbt16.6m. 5holds/5hatches, gr/bl 56600/54900m3, m/e B&W 11,200bhp. crane 4x25ton, price/offers. 


96.0-Bulk Carrier-44,180dwt/11.6m. blt1997Japan, IACS Class, Loa181m x Bm30m. 5hold/5hatch, 53000m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e Sulzer 11000hp. price-offers.

96.1-Bulk  Carrier-44,800dwt/11.4m. blt1995Korea, IACS Class, Loa187m x Bm30m x Dbt16.3m , 8hold/8hatch, 54000/52000m3, crane 4x25ton, m/e B&W 10600hp. 12knt-28ton ifo180 , price/offers./SOLD 

96.2-Bulk Carrier-44,800dwt/11.4m. blt1994Korea, Loa186m x Bm30m. 5hold/5hatches, 54000m3, crane 4x25ton, m/e B&W, price/offers.

97-Bulk Carrier-45,200dwt/11.4m. blt1994Japan, IACS Class, Loa188m x Bm31m. 5hold/5hatches, gr 58000m3, m/e Mitsubishi 10800bhp. crane 4x25ton. price/offers. /SOLD


97.0-Bulk Carrier-45,200dwt/11.4m. blt1994Japan, IACS Class, Loa188m x Bm31m. 5hold/5hatches, 58000m3, crane 4x25ton, m/e Mitsubishi, price-offers.

97.01-Bulk Carrier-45,250dwt/11.3m. blt1994Japan, IACS Class,
Loa188m x Bm31m. 5hold/5hatch, 58000m3, crane 4x25ton.
Mitsubishi 9600hp. price-offers.

97*1-Bulk Carrier- 45,260dwt/11.7m. blt1997China, IACS Class, Loa190m x Bm31m x Dbt16.5m. 5hold/5hatches, crane 4x30ton, grab 4x10m3, m/e Sulzer 9750hp. price/offers.

97*2-BulkCarrier-45,300dwt/11.6m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class, Loa189m x Bm31m. 5hold/5hatch, 58000m3, m/e B&W, cr 4x25ton. price-offers.

97.1-Bulk Carrier-45,300dwt/11.28m. blt1996Japan, IACS Class, Loa190m x Bm30.5m x dbt15.8m. 5hold/5hatches, 56400/55300m3, m/e mitsubishi 10,000hp.  13knt /28t ifo + 2mdo, crane 4x30ton. price/offers.

97*3-Bulk Carrier-45,310dwt/11.3m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class, Loa189m x Bm30m. 5hold/5hatch, 56000m3, cr 4x25ton, m/e Mitsubishi 10000hp. price-usd4million.

98-Bulk Carrier-45,500dwt/11.8m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class, Loa190m x Bm30.5m x Dbt16.5m. gr/bl 59000/58000m3, crane 4x30ton. price/offers. 


98.1-Bulk Carrier-45,525dwt/11.6m. blt1996Korea, IACS Class, Loa190m x Bm31m. 5hold/5hatch, 58500/55900m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W 11,600hp. log fitted, price/offers.

98.2-45.580dwt/11.6m. blt1996Japan, IACS Class, Loa185m x Bm30.4m. 5hold/5hatches, 57000/55000m3, crane 4x30ton + grabs 4x10m3, m/e B&W 9700hp. price/offers.  

98.3-Bulk Carrier- 45,600dwt/11.6m. blt1994Japan, IACS Class, Loa185m x Bm30m, 5hold/5hatches, 57000m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W, price-offers.

99-Bulk Carrier- 45,600dwt/11.6m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class, Loa185m x Bm30m x Dbt16.5m., 5hold/5hatches, gr/bl 57000/55500m3, crane 4x25ton, m/e B&W 9700hp. price/offers.


99*1-Bulk Carrier-45,710dwt/11.6m. blt1995, IACS Class, Loa185.7m x Bm30.4m x Dbt15.5m , crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W 9700hp, price/offers. SOLD 

99.1-Bulk Carrier-45,870dwt/11.5m. blt1997Japan, IACS Class, Loa188m x Bm31m. 5hold/5hatch, 58100/56200m3, crane 4x25ton, m/e Mitsubishi 9900hp. price/offers. 

99.1.1-Bulk Carrier-45,900dwt/11.6m. blt1997Korea, IACS Class, Loa189m x Bm30.5m. 5hold/5hatch, 56000m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W 11600hp., price-offers.

99.1-1-Bulk Carrier-46,200dwt/11.8m. blt1998Japan, IACS Class,
Loa185m x Bm31m, 5hold/5hatch, 56000m3, cr 4x30ton,
B&W 10,100hp. price-offers.

99.2-Bulk Carrier-46,570dwt/11.8m. blt1998Japan, IACS Class, Loa183m x Bm31m x Dbt16.4m. 5hold/5hatches, 58000m3,  m/e Sulzer 6RTA 10,100hp. crane 4x25ton + 3grabs, price/offers. SOLD


100-Bulk Carrier- 46,600dwt/11.6m. blt1997Japan, IACS Class, Loa190m x Bm31m x Dbt16.5m. 5hold/5hatches, gr/bl 59800/57200m3, m/e B&W 11,100hp. Generators 3xDaihatsu, crane 4x30ton. price/offers./SOLD 


100-0-Bulk Carrier-46,600dwt/11.6m. blt1999Japan, IACS Class, Loa190m x Bm31m. 5hold/5hatch, 59000m3, m/e B&W 10,000hp. crane 4x30ton. price-offers.

100-1-Bulk Carrier- 46,630dwt/11.6m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class, Loa190m x Bm31m. 5hold/5hatches, crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W, price/offers.

100-1-0-Bulk Carrier-46,636dwt/11.6m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class, Loa 190m x Bm31m. 5hold/5hatch, 59000m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W 11000hp. price- offers.

100-1-01-Bulk Carrier- 46,640dwt/11.6m. blt2000Japan, IACS Class, Loa190m x Bm31m. 5hold/5hatch, 59000m3, crane 4x30ton. price-offers.

100*1-Bulk Carrier- 46,746dwt/11.3m. blt1998Japan, Loa187m x Bm32m. 5hold/5hatch, 59700m3, m/e sulzer 9800hp. crane 4x30ton. price/offers.  

100.1-Bulk Carrier-46,770dwt/11.7m. blt2000Japan, IACS Class, Loa183m x Bm31m x Dbt16.47m. 5hold/5hatch, 59,000/58,000m3, crane 4x30ton. m/e Mitsubishi 10.100bhp. SOLD

100.1-0-Bulk Carrier-47,000dwt/11.6m.blt1997Korea, IACS Class, loa190m x Bm32m. 5hold/5hatch, 58600m3, m/e B&W 11600hp. cr 4x25ton, price-offers.

100.2-Bulk Chip Carrier-47,045dwt/11.02m. blt1991Japan, IACS Class, Loa199.7m. x Bm32.2m x Dbt19.65m. 6hold/6hatch, 99,500/89,600m3, m/e Sulzer 10800hp/122rpm. crane 3x14ton. price/offers.Usd 6million 

100*2-Bulk Carrier- 47,100dwt/11.6m. blt1998Korea, IACS Class, Loa190m x Bm32m., 5hold/5hatch, 58000m3, m/e B&W 11600hp. crane 4x25ton + 4x10m3 grabs, price-offers.

100*2-1-Bulk Carrier- 47,170dwt/11.7m. blt1997Japan, IACS Class, Loa185m x Bm31m. 5hold/5hatch, 59,000m3, cr 4x30ton, m/e B&W 11600hp. price-offers.

100.3-Bulk Carrier-47,180dwt/10.9m. blt2013China, IACS Class, Loa190m x Bm32.2m , 5hold/5hatches, 60,500m3, m/e Man B&W 11,250hp. crane 4x30ton. cons. 14knts/28ton ifo380cst +0.1mdo, price/offers.

100*3-Bulk Carrier- 47,560dwt/11.8m. blt1995Japan, Loa189m x Bm30m. 5hold/5hatches, 59800m3, m/e Sulzer 12000hp, crane 4x25ton, price/offers.

100*3.0-Bulk Carrier-48,900dwt/11.6m. blt2001Japan, IACS Class, Loa190m x Bm32m. 5hold/5hatch, 61500m3, cr 4x30ton, m/e Sulzer 10400hp. price-offers.

100*3-1-Bulk Carrier-49,000dwt/11.7m. blt1997Japan, IACS Class, Loa190m x Bm32m. 5hold/5hatch, 61000m3, cr 4x35ton, m/e B&W 10800hp. price-offers.

100.4-Bulk Carrier-50,777dwt/12.25m. blt2010Japan, IACS Class, Loa190m x Bm32.25m , 8hold/8hatches, 57,800m3, crane 4x40ton, m/e Man B&W 13000hp, price/offers.

100.5-Bulk Carrier-52,180dwt/12m. blt2003Korea, IACS Class,
Loa191m x Bm32.25m, 5hold/5hatch, 67,500m3, crane 4x30ton,
m/e B&W 11,000hp, price-offers.

101-Bulk Carrier- 52,300dwt/13m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class, Loa216m x Bm32m. x Dbt17m. 8hold/8hatches, gr/bl 60100/58300m3, crane 4x25ton, m/e B&W 12900hp. price/offers. 


101.1-Bulk Carrier-52,340dwt/12m. blt2005Japan, IACS Class, Loa190m x Bm32m. 5hold/5hatch, 67000m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W 10,500hp. price/offers.  SOLD

102-Bulk Carrier-52,400dwt/12m. blt2002Japan, IACS Class, Loa190m x Bm32m x Dbt17m. 5hold/5hatches, gr/bl 66500/64500m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W 10400hp. spd14.5knts. price/offers.


102.0-Bulk Carrier- 53,120dwt/12.2m. blt2003Japan, IACS Class, Loa190m x Bm32m. 5hold/5hatch, 68000m3, crane 4x30ton. m/e B&W 12800hp. price-offers.

102.1-Bulk Carrier-53,176dwt/12.6m. blt2011China, IACS Class, Loa190m x Bm32.2m. 5hold/5hatches,price/offers.

102.2-Bulk Carrier-53,190dwt/12.6m. blt2010China, IACS Class, Loa190m x Bm32.2m. 5hold/5hatches, 65900/64000m3, m/e Man B&W , crane 4x35ton. price/offers. 

102*3-Bulk Carrier-53,480dwt/12.3m. blt2006Japan, IACS Class, Loa190m x Bm32.2m x Dbt17.3m. 5hold/5hatch, 68900/65500m3, m/e B&W 12800hp. crane 4x30ton, price/offers.  SOLD

102*4-Bulk Carrier-53,600dwt/12.5m blt2007China, IACS Class, Loa190m x Bm32m, 5hold/5hatches, 65,700m3, crane 3x35ton, grabs 4x12m3, speed 14knots, price- Usd 17million.   SOLD 

102.3-Bulk Carrier-55,600dwt/12.5m. blt2007Japan, IACS Class, Loa190m x Bm32.2m, 5hold/5hatch, 69800/68700m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W 11,100hp. price/offers. /SOLD

102.4-Bulk Carrier-56,000dwt/12.6m. blt2005japan, IACS Class, Loa190m x Bm32m x Dbt18m. 5hold/5hatch, 70800/68000m3, crane 4x30ton,grab 4x12m3, m/e B&W 12800hp. price/offers. /SOLD


102.4-1-Bulk Carrier- 57,360dwt/11.3m. blt2011China, IACS Class, Loa190m x Bm32m x Dbt18.5m. 5hold/5hatch, 71000m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e Man B&W 12900hp. price/offers. 

102.4-2-Bulk Carrier-63,560dwt/13.3m. blt2013China, IACS Class, Loa200m. x Bm32.5m. 5hold/10hatch, 78700m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e B&W 10,900hp. price-usd31million.

102.5-Bulk Ore Carrier-69,400dwt/13.27m. blt1989Japan, IACS Class, Loa225m x Bm32.2m x Dbt18.3m , 7hold/7hatches, 79700m3, m/e Sulzer 9330hp, price/offers.

102.6-Bulk Carrier-69,600dwt/13.3m. blt1992Japan, IACS Class, Loa225m x Bm32.2m x Dbt18.3m. 7hold/7hatch, 81,800m3, m/e B&W 12,100hp. price/offers.  

102.7-Bulk Carrier-70,160dwt/13.3m. blt1994Japan, IACS Class, Loa225m x Bm32.3mx Dbt 18.3m. 7hold/7hatches, 81000 m3, m/e Sulzer 10500hp. price/offers.  SOLD

102.8-Bulk Carrier- 70,720dwt/13.7m. blt1995Brazil, IACS Class, Loa225m x Bm32m x Dbt19.15m. 7hold/7hatches, 85000m3, m/e Sulzer 11000hp. price/offers. SOLD

103-Bulk Carrier-72,260dwt/13.50m. blt2000Japan, IACS Class, Loa225m x Bm32m. 7hold/7hatch, 85000m3, m/e B&W 13,300hp. price/offers. 

103.1-Bulk Carrier-72,650dwt/13.53m. blt1998Japan, IACS Class, Loa225m x Bm32.2m. x Dbt18.7m. 84,700/81,600m3, m/e Man B&W 12000hp. price/offers.  /SOLD

103.1*1-Bulk Carrier,Panamax-72,830dwt/12.2m. blt1994Korea, IACS Class, Loa225m x Bm32.2m. x Dbt19.1m. 7hold/7hatch, 85000m3, McGr side rolling, m/e Man B&W 11,800bhp. price/offers. /SOLD 

103.2-Bulk Carrier-73,000dwt  blt1995Korea, IACS Class, Loa224m x Bm32m x Dbt19.1m. m/e B&W 6S60MC(MarkIII) 11,800hp. , Generators 3xYanmar 750hp. price/offers. SOLD


103*2-Bulk Carrier- 73,007dwt/14.12m. blt1996China, IACS Class, Loa225m x Bm32.2m. 7hold/7hatch, 89,700m3, m/e HD Man B&W 13000hp. price/offers.  SOLD

103.3-Bulk Carrier-73,650dwt/14m. blt2000Japan, IACS Class, Loa225m x Bm32.2m x Dbt19.3m. 7hold/7hatch, 89000m3, crane 4x30ton, m/e Sulzer 14300hp. price/offers.

103*3-Bulk Carrier-73,700dwt/13.9m. blt1997Japan, IACS Class, Loa225m x Bm32m. 7hold/7hatches, 87000m3, m/e 12000hp. price/offers.

103.4-Bulk Carrier-76,600dwt/14.1m. blt2001Japan, IACS Class, Loa225m x Bm32.2m x Dbt19.5m. 7hold/7hatch, 90700m3, m/e 14,000hp. price/offers./SOLD 

103.5-Bulk Carrier-79,000dwt/14.6m. blt2011China, IACS Class, Loa229m x Bm32.2m. x Dbt20.25m. m/e B&W 15000hp., gr/bl 97800/93900m3, price/offers.

103.6-Bulk Carrier-76,900dwt/14m. blt2006Japan, IACS Class, Loa225m x Bm32.2m. 7hold/7hatch, 92,000m3, m/e B&W 11,400hp. crane 4x30ton, grab 4x12m3, price/offers. /SOLD

103.7-Bulk Carrier-77,300dwt/14.2m. blt2008Japan, IACS Class, Loa225m x Bm32.3m x Dbt19.4m, 8hold/8hatch, 90400/88700m3, m/e B&W 11,950hp/86rpm. price/offers. 

103.8-Bulk Carrier-77,500dwt/12.1m. blt1999Japan, IACS Class, Loa229m x Bm36.6m. 5hold/5hatch, 92600m3, m/e B&W 13400hp. price/offers.  /SOLD

103.9-Bulk Carrier-77,670dwt/12.8m. blt1998Japan, IACS Class, Loa229m x Bm36.5m. x dbt18.5m. 5hold/5hatches, 90,400m3, m/e B&W 13900hp. double hull, grain fitted, price/offers. /SOLD  

103.9-1-Bulk Carrier-77,671dwt/12.8m. blt2000Japan, IACS Class, Loa229m x Bm36.5m x Dbt18.5m. price/offers. /SOLD 

103.10-Bulk Carrier-81,176dwt/14.44m. blt2012China, IACS Class, Loa229m x Bm32.26m x Dbt20.05m. 7hold/7hatches, 83,600/80900m3, m/e Man B&W 13,300hp. crane 4x35ton, price/offers./SOLD   

103.11-Bulk Carrier- 82,650dwt/14.4m. blt2007Japan, IACS Class, Loa229m x Bm32.2m x Dbt20m. 7hold/7hatch, 97000m3, m/e B&W
13,300hp. price/offers.  

103*11-Bulk Carrier-82,850dwt/14.5m. blt2012Korea, IACS Class, Loa229m x Bm32.2m x Dbt20.2m. 7hold/7hatch, 96000m3, side rolling hatch covers, m/e STX Man 13,000hp. 13knts /25t ifo380. price/offers. SOLD

103.12- Bulk Ore Carrier-87,900dwt/13.8m. blt1995Japan, IACS Class, Loa235m x Bm38m x Dbt20m. 5hold/8hatch, 104,000m3, m/e B&W 13500hp., price/offers. /SOLD

104-Chemical Tanker- 100,000dwt  blt1999Japan, IACS Class, Loa240m x Bm42m x Dbt21m. Capacity 112,170m3,  Double Hull/Double Bottom. price/offers.    



104.0-Bulk Carrier-122,336dwt/15.4m. blt1995Korea, IACS Class, Loa266m x Bm40.5m. x Dbt21.2m. m/e B&W 16200hp/82rpm. price/offers.  

104.1-Bulk Ore Carrier-149,670dwt/17.52m. blt1994China, IACS Class, Loa270.2m x Bm44m x Dbt24m. 9hold/9hatches, 166,600m3, side rolling pontoons, m/e B&W 6S70MC 20,939bhp/85rpm. aux. Yanmar, 14.5knts/52t ifo380cst + 0.1mdo, eco 11.5knts/38t ifo380cst laden, price/offers.

104.2-Bulk Carrier-179,928dwt/18.22m. blt2011Philippines, IACS Class, Loa292m x Bm45m. 9hold/9hatch, 199200m3, m/e B&W 25,370bhp. price-offers.



1-Container,MPP-3700dwt/5.5m. blt1992Germany, IACS Class, Loa87m x Bm13m. 1hold/1hatch, box, gr/bl 4650m3, 100Teu, 6 reefer plugs, gearless, m/e Deutz 2000hp. bowthruster, price/offers./SOLD


2-Container,MPP-4500dwt/5.2m. blt2005Holland, IACS Class, Loa89m x Bm15m x Dbt7m. 1hold/1hatch, gr/bl 6400m3, gearless, 215Teu, m/e Mak 2450hp. 12knts/7.5t ifo180cst. shatgenerator, price/offers.


3-Container,MPP-4530dwt blt1991 Spain, IACS Class, Loa104m x Bm15m x Dbt7.8m. 2holds box, gr/bl 5900m3, 250Teu, 20 reefer plugs, m/e Mak 2000hp. bowthruster, price/offers.SOLD 


4-Container,MPP-4560dwt/6m. blt1992Turkey, Loa98m x Bm17.5m x Dbt7m. 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 5200m3, m/e B&W 4550hp, 270Teu, 25reefer plugs, crane 2x25ton, non-cellular, price/offers.SOLD

4.1-Container,MPP-4765dwt/5.8m. blt1996Portugal, IACS Class, Loa100.5m x Bm16.5m x Dbt16.5m. 2hold/2hatch, 6790m3, 390Teu,  m/e Mak 3000hp, 12knt /10t ifo380, bow thruster, crane 2x40ton. price/offers.  

4.2-Container,MPP-4765dwt/5.9m. blt1995Portugal, IACS Class, Loa100.7m x Bm16.5m x Dbt7.5m. 2hold/2hatch, 6790m3, 390Teu, m/e Mak 4480hp. 12knt/10t ifo380, bowthruster, crane 2x40ton, price-teklifler/offers.  

4.3-Container,MPP-4767dwt/5.9m. blt1994Portugal, IACS Class, 2hold/2hatch, 6600m3, 394Teu, m/e Mak 4480hp. price-usd800,000.SOLD

4.4-Container,MPP-5000dwt/6.19m. blt1998Romania,IACS Class,Loa99.5m x Bm16.8m. 2hold/3hatches, gr/bl 5800m3, m/e B&W 4000hp. 12knt/9.5ton ifo,shaft generator, bow thruster, box, price-Euro1.75million. 

4.5-Container,MPP-5275dwt/6.6m. blt1997Germany, IACS Class, Loa99.9m x Bm18m. 3hold/3hatch, 520Teu, m/e Mak 5370hp.price/offers. 

4.6-Container, MPP-5310dwt/6.6m. blt1995Germany, IACS Class, Loa101m x Bm18.4m , 2hold/3hatch, 500Teu, m/e 5200hp. price/offers.  

4.7-Container,MPP-5350dwt/6m. blt1993Germany, IACS Class, Loa108m x Bm16.40m x Dbt7.90m. 2hold/2hatch, 447Teu, m/e 5000hp. price/offers.

4.8-Container Cellular,MPP-5480dwt/6.3m. blt1998China, IACS Class, Loa101m. x Bm18m x Dbt8.1m. 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 5850/5600m3, 396Teu, m/e Mak 5375hp, 13.5knts/17ton, bowthruster, price-Usd975,000. 


5-Container,MPP,sd-5500dwt/6.5m. blt1996Denmark, IACS Class, Loa100m x Bm15.3m. 2hold/2hatches, hyd fold. 230Teu, gr/bl 5950m3,2cargoelevatorsx12ton, 3 froklifts, m/e Mak 4500hp. 12knts-10t ifo180. shaft generator, bowthruster. price-usd1.5-usd1.3million.



6-Container,MPP-5650dwt/6m. blt1995Germany, IACS Class, Loa113m x Bm16.5m x Dbt7.9m. 3holds/3hatches, gr/bl 7400m3, 500Teu, 60reefer plugs, Cellular holds, m/e mwm 5200hp. price/offers. SOLD


 7-Container,MPP,Tween-5700dwt/6.5m. blt1998Holland, IACS Class, Loa101m x Bm15m x Dbt6.5m. 1hold/2hatches, box hold, gr/bl 7700m3, 270Teu, 15reefer plugs, m/e Deutz 3750hp. bowthruster, gearless, price-Euro1.65 million. SOLD


8-Container- 6850dwt/7m. blt1996Germany, IACS Class, 2hold/2hatches, gr/bl 7000/6800m3, Cellular, 530Teu, 80reefer plugs, gearless, m/e Mak 5300bhp. 12knts/10t ifo180cst. price-usd1.8million.


9-Container- 6850dwt/7m. blt1998Germany, IACS Class, Loa118m. x Bm18m. x Dbt9.2m. 3holds/3hatches, Cellular, 650Teu, 100 reefer plugs, gearless, m/e Man 7800hp. 17knt/28t ifo180cst. Bow thruster, shaftgenerator, price-/offers.  


10-Container,MPP-7200dwt/7.3m. blt1996Germany, IACS Class, Loa118m x Bm19.5m x Dbt9.5m. 3cellular holds/3hatches hyd.folding, 600Teu, 80reefer plugs, gearless, m/e B&W 6650hp. 16knts/18.5t ifo180cst. bowthruster 450kw. shaftgenerator, pitch propeller, price/offers. SOLD


 11-Container,MPP,Tween-24,100dwt/9.9m. blt1992Japan, IACS Class, Loa177m x Bm27m x Dbt14.6m. 5hold/5hatches, gr/bl 31170/28300m3, decks2 partly celled, 1340Teu, incl.100 reefer plugs, crane 4x30ton, B&W 15500hp. 14knts /22ton ifo380cst. price/offers.


00-Oil Products Tanker-1105dwt/3.92m. blt1990Japan, IACS Class, Loa67m x Bm10m, 8tanks st st (clad) coiled, capacity 98% 1255m3, 2 screw pumps x 300m3/h, m/e Nigata 1000hp. shaft generator,dbl bottom, the cargo tank are stainless steel clad. price/offers.  

01-Oil/Chemical Tanker-1114dwt/3.93m. blt1990Japan, IACS Class,Double Hull, Double Bottom, IMO II, Loa64.95m x Bm10m x Dbt4.5m. tanks 8+1 SUS316L st.steel tanks-1179m3, st steel coiled, pumps 2x200m3/h, m/e 1000hp/350rpm. price/offers.

01*1-Oil/Chemical/Molas Tanker-1125dwt/4.2m. blt1992 Japan, IACS Class, double hull IMO2,Loa 65m x Bm 10m. tank capacity 1228m3, st. st. sus304, coiled, pumps gear driven m/e 2x300m3/h, m/e Mitsubishi , currently1400bhp.carrying veg oil at Japan. price/offers. SOLD

01*1-1-Oil Products Tanker-1212dwt/4.7m. blt1992Korea, IACS Class, Loa54m x Bm9m. dbl hull, dbl bottom, capacity 1280m3, cargo pumps gear type 2x350m3, m/e Man 1400hp. derrick 1.2ton, price/offers.   

01*2-Bitumen/Asphalt/Oil Tanker- 1280dwt/4.1m. blt1992Japan, Loa68m x Bm10.8m, tank capacity1280m3, m/e Mitsubishi 1800bhp. price-/offers.  

01*3-Chemical/Molten Sulphur Tanker- 1500dwt/4.65m. blt1991Japan, IACS Class, IMO3, Molten Sulphur (S.G.1.79), Loa70m x Bm12m x Dbt5.6m. tanks 786m3 (independent tank fully insulated), pumps-deepwell 2x90twph, heating coiled min115degC, loading 150degC, m/e Hanshin 2000bhp. Boiler Miura 1070kg/h. ifo burner, cpp, Double Hull, Coal Tar carrier, high heat cargo like Bitumen, price/offers.  /SOLD  

01.1-Oil Tanker-1766dwt/4.3m. blt1987Japan, IACS Class, Double Bottom,Single Side, Loa74.9m x Bm11.5m x Dbt5m., 10 epoxy coated tanks-2200m3, coiled, pumps 2x600m3/h, speed/consumption  11knts/3.2t ifo, price- usd550,000.  /SOLD

01.1-1-Oil/ Chemical Tanker-2100dwt/4.6m. blt2013Turkey, IACS Class, Double Hull,Double Bottom,Double Side, IMO II, SBT, Loa78m x Bm12m, pumps 1x100twph , 10x150twph, deepwell electric driving, tanks 11, liq cubm 2506, phenolic epoxy coated, coiled st st, m/e ABC 1750bhp/1000rpm. bowthruster, price/offers.  


01.1*1-Chemical Tanker-2490dwt/5.4m. blt1991Korea, IACS Class, Loa74m x Bm12m x Dbt6.2m. 12tanks center sus316L, side epoxy coated, tank capacity 2489m3, 3 pumpsw 2x200 + 1x300 twph, m7e Mitsubishi 1800hp. coiled, double hull, price/offers.  

01.1*1-1-Oil/Chemical Tanker-2670dwt/5m. blt1989Japan, IMO II, IACS Class, Loa81m x Bm12.8m x Dbt5.8m. dbl hull, dbl bottom, 12 sus304 tanks capacity 2467m3, st st coiled, pumps 4x150m3/h, m/e Hanshin 1800hp. excellent condition, price/offers.  /SOLD

01.1*2-Oil / Chemical Tanker- 2690dwt/5m. blt1988 Korea, IMO II/III, IACS Class, Loa82m x Bm12.4m x Dbt5.8m. dbl bottom, dbl hull, capacity 2763m3 including slop, 2 grades, zinc coating, cargo: chemical (m3/h) diesel 1600, screw pumps 2x300m3/h, pipeline diameter 8", boiler-yes, heating coil-no, m/e 1600hp. price-usd1.2 million.  

01.1*3-Chemical/Oil Pruducts Tanker- 2835dwt/5.4m. blt1999Turkey, IACS Class, IMO III, Loa80m x Bm12.2m x Dbt6.2m.  10tanks  3100m3, pumps 1x175twph + 3x375twph, epoxy interline coated, st sr coils in all cgo tnks, dbl hull,dbl bottom,dbl side, m/e Alpha 1700hp. price / offers.

01.2-Coastal Oil Tanker-2890dwt/5.7m. blt1987Japan, IACS class, Loa85m x Bm13m x Dbt6.60m.  10cargo tanks total capacity 3007m3, m/e hanshin 2800hp. cargo pumps Taiko screw  1000m3 x 2sets, stripping pump 300m3x1set, epoxy coated, coiled, double hull, price/offers. 

01.2.1-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-2920dwt/4.4m. blt1991 Holland, IACS Class, Loa97m x Bm10.9m. dbl hull, 14 tanks epoxy coated, coiled, pumps screw 2x350m3/h, m/e 1500hp. 2 segregations, FPP, Bow thruster, price/offers.   

01.2*1-Oil Products Tanker-3278dwt/6m. blt1987Japan, IACS Class, Loa85m x Bm13m x Dbt6.6m. dbl hull, dbl bottom, 10 zinc coated tanks 2910m3, coiled, pumps 2x1000m3/h, m/e Hanshin 2800hp. bow and stern thruster, trading DPP cargoes in Korea domestic. price/offers.

01.2*10-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-3400dwt/5.6m. blt1992Korea, IACS Class, IMO II,III, Loa88m x Bm14m, tanks 10, cap 3900m3, zinc coated, 3 grades, st st coiled, pumps 4x300m3/h, dbl bottom, m/e2800hp. price-offers.

01.2*2-Oil/Chemical Tanker- 3420dwt/5.8m. blt2002Korea, IACS Class, Loa87m x Bm13m. 10tanks zinc coated, coiled, tank capacity 98% 3720m4 + slop 98% 128m3, pumps Framo 10x200m3/h, m/e Hanshin 2600bhp. 6 grades, double hull, bowthruster,  price/offers.  

01.3-Oil/Chemical Tanker-3422dwt/5.9m. blt1998Korea, IACS Class, IMO II, IMO III, Double Hull, Loa87.4m x Bm14m x Dbt7m. Cargo tanks Center stainless steel SUS304-2664m3, Wing tanks zinc coated-1378m3, fully heating coiled, cago pumps 4x200m3/h centrifugal type, m/e Man B&W 3270hp/250rpm. price-usd4million. 

01.4-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-3440dwt/5.8m. blt2002Japan, IACS Class, IMO II, Double Hull, Loa87.3m x Bm14m.  6 grades, capacity 3724m3 98% + slop 128m3, st st coiled, upto 158F solid center line bulkhead in all cargo tanks, zinc coated, bowthruster, crane 2ton, last 3 cargoes all gasoil,  pumps 10 submerged Framo 200m3/h,  m/e B&W 8L28/32A 2660hp. price- usd5.5million- try less.

01.4*0-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-3590dwt/5.9m. blt2001Korea, IACS Class, IMO II, double hull, st st tanks SUS316L , st st heating coils, capacity 3680m3 98% excl.slop, slop 53m3 98%, cargo tanks 10 + 1slop tank, 11 segregations / 11 cargo pumps, crane 1x1.7ton, m/e B&W, price- offers.

01.4*1-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-3660dwt/5.8m. blt2001Turkey, IACS Class, Loa88m x Bm14.3m x Dbt6.9m, 8 tanks epoxy coated 3750m3, pumps 6x240twph, m/e Mak 2500hp, IMO2, IMO3, double hull, SBT, shaft generator, price/ofers.   /SOLD 

01.4*10-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-3740dwt/5.9m. blt1997Denmark, IACS Class, IMO II, Loa91m . solid stainless steel, double hull, 14 cargo tanks + 1 slop tank, cargo pumps Framo deepwell pumps 14x120m3/h + 1x50m3/h, cargo tanks capacity 3880m3 100%. m/e Wartsila 3300hp. price-offers.

01.4*11-Oil Products Tanker,Bunkering Tanker-3796dwt/5.65m. blt2012China, IACS Class, Loa83m. x Bm12.90m x Dbt 7.45m. 10tanks 3495m3 98% (excl slops), slop 77m3, coated,coiled, pumps 2x Borneman 440m3/h,  1x Borneman 100m3/h, m/e wartsila 2100hp. cpp, insp. b.sea. price/offers.


01.4*12-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-4280dwt/6.2m. blt2005Turkey, IACS Class, Loa96m x Bm14.2m x Dbt7.66m. cargo capacity excluding slop 4723m3  98%, slop101.5m3, max cargo density 1.540t/m3, 2 valve, 5 segregation, max loading rate 1200m3/h, max discharging rate 600m3/h, max heating capacity 80 C, epoxy coated, cargo pumps marflex deepwell 10x150m3/h, slop x35m3/h. price/offers.  

01.4*12-0-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-4366dwt/6.1m. blt1989Korea, IACS Class, Loa97m x Bm15m. 10 + 2 zinc coated tanks-4840m3 + 250m3 -98%, screw pumps 2x400m3/h, m/e B&W 2500hp., price-offers.

01.4*12-1-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-4570dwt/6m. blt2004Turkey, IACS Class, Loa99.8m x Bm15m. 4985m3 at 98% incl. slops, marineline coating, pumps 13x 200m3 Hamworthy Svanehoj deepwell, heating st st coils, m/e Man B&W, cpp, crane 5ton, bowthruster,mainly trading vegoils,fishoils,price/offers.  

01.4*13-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-4978dwt/6.25m. blt1996Korea,IACS Class, Loa98m x Bm15.6m. capacity including slops 5650m3 98%, coiled, sbt,cls, m/e Hyundai Man B&W 3000hp, price/offers.

01.4*13-1-Oil Products Tanker-4980dwt/5.9m. blt1997Philippines, IACS Class, Loa96m x Bm15m. 5780m3 98% including 184m3 slop tanks 98%, 5 grades, pumps 2x500m3/h centrifugal, 1x75m3/h for stripping, 10 tanks epoxy coated, m/e Wartsila, price-usd3.4million.   

01.4*2-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-4990dwt/5.7m. blt2011China, IACS Class, Loa102m x Bm15.2m x Dbt7.2m. tanks-16grades, st st avesta duplex 5250m3, cargo pumps-Marflex deepwell 14x150-200m3/h, spec grav. 1.86t/m3, price/offers.  

01.4*3-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker- 5000dwt/6.3m. blt1998Korea, Loa98m x Bm15.6m. IACS Class, 10 tanks epoxy coated, coiled, capacity 98% 5920m3, pumps-Framo 10x196m3/h, 5 segregations, IMO3, double bottom, price/offers.

01.5-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-5135dwt/6.2m. blt2005Turkey, IACS Class, IMO II, Double Hull, Loa102.9m x Bm15m x Dbt7.6m. capacity 5560m3 including 166m3 slops, 12 tank segregations, pumps 12 deepwell/200m3/h , Phenolic Epoxy coated, crane 5t + 12t, IGS NOX bottles only, tank cleaning yes fixed machines, cargo heating thermal water, m/e Mak 3260hp., bow thruster, gens 3x500kw + 800kw shaft generator, price-usd 6million.    

01.5.0-Oil Tanker- 5236dwt/4.6m. blt1995Russia, IACS Class, Loa113m x Bm16m. 8 cargo tanks 5160m3-98%, epoxy coated, coiled st st,  60 deg. cargo pumps deepwell 4x140m3/h, segregation 4, m/e SKL 2850hp. bowthruster 180hp. price- offers.

01.5*0- Oil Products Tanker-5500dwt/5.7m. blt2011Turkey, IACS Class, ice class 1C, Loa109m x Bm16m. 12tanks cap 5100m3 98%, cargo pumps 3 x 450m3/h, coated, coiled, m/e B&W 3700hp, bowthruster 400hp. double bottom, double side, price- offers.

01*5-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-6230dwt/6.3m. blt1995Italy, IACS Class, Loa115m x Bm16m. Stainless Steel Tanks (Duplex), Double Hull,heating coils in cargo tanks only, 18cargo tanks+6deck tanks+2slop tanks, 7000m3 98%, 22 segregations, crane 2x4ton, nitrogen bottles, m/e wartsila 4500hp.price-Usd5million.

01*5.0-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-6500dwt/7m. blt2012China, dh, IACS Class, Loa99m x Bm18m. tanks 10- 6900m3 98%, 3 grades, epoxy coated, 2 x daihatsu engines 2200hp. pumps 2 x950m3/h + 1x350m3/h taiko horizontal screw, bowthruster, price- usd7.5million.

01*5.01-Product/BunkeringTanker- 6510dwt/6.8m. blt2010China, dh, IACS Class, tanks 10-6900m3 98%, 3 grades, epoxy coated, 2 x Daihatsu 2200hp. pump 2 x900m3/h + 1x350m3/h Taiko horizontal screw, bowthruster, price-usd6.5million.

01*5.02-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-6570dwt/6.95m. blt1998Japan, IACS Class, Loa105m x Bm16m. 9sus 316 st st center tanks 4665m3 + 8 zinc coated wing tanks 2740m3, total cap 7405m3 incl slop, pump cetrfugal 9x200m3+8x150m3, m/e Mitsubishi 4200hp, coiled, price-offers.

01*5.1-Oil Products Tanker-6610dwt/6.3m. blt2007China, IACS Class, Loa112m x Bm16m. 10tanks 6700m3 98%, epoxy coated, coiled st st. max 79deg. loading/maintain, pumps 2x600m3, ballast 2x250m3, double hull, price-offers.

01.6-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-6670dwt/6.8m. blt2001Turkey, IACS Class, dbl hull, Loa114m x Bm16.9m x Dbt8.4m. 12 phenolic epoxy coated, stainless steel coiled cargo tanks, 7133m3 + 54m3 slops at98%, 12 grades double valve segregation, centrifugal cgo pumps 12x200m3+1x120m3+1x70m3, m/e Mak 5200hp. cpp, shaftgenerator,bowthruster,crane 3ton, price-teklifler/offers as is where is damaged condition.  

02-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-6800dwt/7.5m. blt1991Germany,IACS Class, IMO II, double hull, Loa117m x Bm20m x Dbt9.6m. 13 Tanks-avesta 2205 stainless steel, 13 grades segregation, 7550m3 98%, 13 Framo deepwell pumps each 200m3/h, st.st. oil heating to 80C, m/e Normo 4000hp. bowthruster, cpp, price/offers.  

03-Oil Products Tanker-6875dwt/7m. blt2007China, IACS Class, Loa99.8m x Bm18m x Dbt10m.  10tanks, 7130m3, pumps 2x30twph +1x340twph+2x850twph, coiled,double bottom,double side, bowthruster, price/offers. /SOLD

03.0-Chemical/Oil Products tanker-7000dwt/6.3m. blt2010Turkey,IACS Class, Loa119m x Bm17m, 12 cargo tanks +2slop tanks, segregations 12 + 2grades cargo, seperate lines, pumps,  marineline coatins, m/e Mak 4000hp. bowthruster 350kw. crane 1x5ton 4 1x2ton, price-offers.

03*1-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-7110dwt/6.8m. blt2004Turkey, IACS Class, Loa119m x Bm17m x Dbt8.4m. 12 cargo tanks, 7700m3 98%, 6 segregations, cargo pumps 12x300m3/h deepwell, epoxy coated, stainless st coiled up to 65C, inert gas system, m/e Mak 4700hp. CPP propeller, shafgenerator, bowthruster, price/offers.

03*1-1-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-7300dwt/6.7m. blt2011Malaysia, IACS Class, Loa105m x Bm19m. 10 cargo tanks +2slop tanks,  cap.8230m3, pumps 4x120m3/h + 6x160m3/h, st st heating coils, cargo tanks marineline coated, m/e Daihatsu 4500hp. price-Usd 7million.

03.1-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-7500dwt/7.1m. blt1996Japan, IACS Class, Loa108m x Bm18m x Dbt9m. 14 cargo tanks + slop, cargo capacity 7346m3, cargo pumps 14 centrifugal x200m3/h, 16 segregations, SBT, bowthruster, m/e B&W 3700hp, price/offers.

03.2-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-7636dwt/6.7m. blt2005, IACS Class, Loa118m x Bm18m. Double hull, coiled, capacity 8350m3 excluding slops, 12 tanks, epoxy coated, 2 segregation, m/e G8300ZC 2700hp, price/offers. 

03.3-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-7785dwt/7m. blt2001Japan, Loa112m x Bm18m. m/e B&W , pumps 4x500m3/h + 1x1000m3/h, epoxy coated, price-offers.

04-Oil Products Tanker-7810dwt/7.2m. blt2003Japan, IACS Class, Loa110m x Bm18.5m. capacity 9550m3, epoxy coated, double hull, cargo pumps 2x1000m3/h, m/e hanshin 3600hp. price/offers.


04*0-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-7910dwt. blt2007Turkey, IACS Class, Loa122m x Bm17m. , Pumps 12x300m3/h,+ 2x250m3/h, marineline coated, 13 segregations, m/e Mak, controlled pitch propeller, bowthruster, nitrogen generator, Price-offers.

04.0-Oil Products Tanker- 8000dwt/7.8m. blt2011China, IACS Class, Loa108m x Bm18m. 8700m3, flash point less than 60degree, epoxy coated, coiled, dbl bottom, dbl hull, 10cargo tanks, 2 slop tanks, cargo pumps 3x500m3/h, m/e Yanmar 3500hp.price- usd12million.

04*1-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-8000dwt/7.1m. blt1992Italy, IACS Class, Loa114m x Bm17.2m x Dbt9m. cargo tank 18 +2 deck tanks-total 8700m3, m/e Wartsila, bowthruster, price/offers.

04*1.0-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-8030dwt/7.5m. blt2006Korea, IACS Class, Loa113m x Bm18m, m/e Wartsila 4500hp. capacity 8300m3, cargo pumps 12x200m3, slop 380m3, epoxy coated, coiled, double hull, price- offers.

04*2-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-8050dwt/7.65m. blt1997, IACS Class, Loa109m x Bm18.6m. double hull, IMO III, coated, m/e Bryansk Man B&W Mark V 4500hp. price/offers.  SOLD

04*2.0-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker- 8055dwt/7.7m. blt1997Russia, IACS Class, Loa109m x Bm18m.. double hull, coiled st st.  12tanks, 8350m3, epoxy coated,  price-offers.

04*3-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-8120dwt/6.85m.blt2005Turkey,IACS Class IMO II, Loa122m x Bm17m. segregations 12, double valve, pumps 12x380m3/h Framo deepwell, st st coils, m/e Mak, bowthruster 500kw, crane 1x3ton, CPP, price/offers.

04.1-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-8130dwt/6.60m. blt2008China, IMO II, cargo tanks 12, capacity 9200m3, Epoxy coated, pumps 2x850m3, m/e Man B&W 3700hp, price- usd8.5 million- try less. 

05-Oil Products Tanker-8296dwt/7.37m. blt1983Japan, IACS Class, Double Hull, Loa117m. x Bm17m x Dbt 8.25m.    , 12 cargo tanks 8160m3 100%, 2 slop tanks 396m3, phenolic epoxy coated, st st coiled, m/e Hanshin 4500hp, Cargo pumps Taiko 400m3 x 6sets, Boiler Miura, double hull converted 2008, price/offers. SOLD

05*1-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-8330dwt/7.4m. blt1999Japan, Double Hull, IMO II, IACS Class, Loa111m x Bm18.4m x Dbt9.2m. m/e Mitsubishi 3780hp. 15 cargo tanks, all st.st. sus 316L (8670m3), cargo pumps submerged 15 x 230m3/h, st st coiled, bow thruster 310kw, price/offers. SOLD

05.1-Oil/Chemical Tanker-8610dwt/7.9m. blt1992Japan, Double Hull, IMO II, IACS Class, Loa121.7m x Bm17.2m x dbt9.7m..m/e mitsubishi 4900hp/210rpm. cargo tank capacity 9125m3, cargo pumps 1x100m3/h + 10x1200m3/h. heating coil fitted up to 80C, Tank coated SUS316L, price/offers. SOLD

05.1.0-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-8670dwt/7m. blt2007Turkey, IACS Class, IMO II, double hull, cargo tanks 10280m3  100%,  marineline coating,  m/e AVM-DPS-duplicated propulsion system, engine wartsila 2x3300hp, bowthruster 400kw, sternthruster 2 x200kw. crane 1x2ton + 1x2ton +1x1ton, cargo pumps Marflex elctric deepwell pumps 12x200m3/h, ballast pumps 2x400m3/h. 12 cargo tanks + 2 slop tanks, segretagion 8+2 grades cargo, seperate lines,pumps. price-offers.

05.1*0--Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-8710dwt/7.4m. blt2002japan, IACS Class, Loa113m x Bm18m. 18segregations (incl. 2 slop tanks), capacity 9360m3 (100%), Framo hyd vert centrifugal pumps 18x200m3/h, ballast pumps 2x250m3/h, bowthruster 500hp, m/e B&W 5300hp. price- offers.

05.1-0-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-8830dwt/7.8m.blt.2003Japan, IACS Class, Loa115m x Bm18m. double hull, 16 tanks 9200m3, st st coated, coiled st st, pumps 16x200m3/h, m/e Man B&W 5300hp. price-offers.

05.1*01-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-9020dwt/7.6m. blt1997Indonesia, IACS Class, Loa118m x Bm18m. double hull, IMO II, IMO III, capacity cargo tanks 8900m3 + slop 670m3, segerations 12,  pumps 12 - 4x100m3/h + 4x150m3/h + 4x200m3/h, st st coiled, zinc/phenolic epoxy coated, price- offers.

05.1*011-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-9050dwt/7.7m. blt2003Japan, IACS Class,IMO II, III, Dbl hull, Loa114m x Bm18m. Tanks 16 cap 9480m3, grades 16, pumps 8x300twph submerged + 8x200twph submerged, coiled sus316LN max.80degC,coated sus 316LN, m/e B&W 5300hp. bowthruster, price-offers.

05.1*1-Chemical /Oil products Tanker- 10,300dwt/7.8m. blt1998Japan, IACS Class, IMO2,IMO3,double hull,double bottom,double side, 11,300m3 in 20 tanks,  20 pumps, m/e B&W 8270bhp, price/offers.

05.1*1-1Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-10,302dwt/7.75m. blt1997Japan, IACS Class, Loa125m x Bm18.7m. cgo capacity 98% excl.slops 10,600m3, slop tanks 98% 646m3, SUS tanks/SUS coils, price/offers.  

05.1*1-2-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker- 10,313dwt/7.75m. blt1996Japan, IACS Class, Loa125m x Bm18.8m. dbl hull,dbl bottom,dbl side, SBT, pumps 1x70twph + 7x300twph + 14x150twph centrifugal pumps, Tanks 21, sstl 11,564m3, sus316L cladding coated, coiled st st, m/e B&W 5200hp. bowthruster, price/offers.  

05.1*1-3-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-10,710dwt/8.3m. blt2005Korea, IACS Class,IMO II/III , Loa121m x Bm19m, SBT, Pumps Framo deepwell 10x300twph, Framo deepwell 2x150twph, centrifugal hyd. for slops Framo 2x300twph, tanks 10 plus 2 slops, 11350m3, epoxy coated, st st coiled, m/e Man B&W 5400hp, bowthruster, nitrogen generator, price/offers. 


05.1*2-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-11,000dwt/8.47m. blt2010 Korea, IACS Class, Loa113m x Bm19.2m x Dbt10.8m. 10 + 2 epoxy coated tanks 11560m3, st st coiled, pumps 12 x 300m3/h, m/e Man B&W 6000hp. price/offers.   SOLD

05.1*3-Chemical/Oil Product Tanker-11,390dwt/8.6m. blt1999Japan, IACS Class, IMO II, Loa118m x Bm19.5m x Dbt11.9m. epoxy coated tanks, 18cargo tanks (P+S)12,820m3, 2 slop tanks(P+S) 620m3, st st coiled sus316L, cargo pumps screw type 500m3 x 2sets, 300m3x2 sets, 4 cgo segregation, m/e B&W 5200hp, SBT, Double Hull, price/offers.


05.1*4-Chemical/Oil products Tanker- 11,675dwt/8.8m. blt1996Japan, IACS Class, IMO II, IMO III, dbl hull, Loa117m x Bm20m, st st tanks, st st coiled, 11750m3 98% excl slops, slop 520m3 98%, cargo tanks 18, slop tanks 2, 20 segregations, 20 cargo pumps, crane 5ton, m/e Mitsubishi 4900hp. price/offers.

05.1*5-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-11,956dwt/8.4m. blt2002Japan, IACS Class, dbl hull, Loa123m x Bm20m, tanks 22, cap 13,760m3, st st coated, st st coiled, pumps 18x200m3/h + 4x300m3/h, m/e B&W 5700hp. price-offers.

05.2-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-12,800dwt/7.8m. blt2009China,IACS Class, Dbl Hull, Loa134m x Bm22m,  Tanks 10, cap. 14000m3, coils, m/e 5900hp. spd 13knts. price-offers.

05.2-1-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-12,940dwt/8.7m. blt2006Jpn, IACS Class, Loa127m x Bm20m. 12 tanks 13,000m3 98%, epoxy coated, coiled st st, doublr hull, pumps 12x300m3/h + 12x100m3/h ,m/e B&W 6000hp, price-offers.

05.2-2-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-13,000dwt/8.7m. blt2007Korea, tanks 12, epoxy coated, cap 13,300m3, m/e B&W 6000hp. dbl hull, price-offers.

05.3-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-13,000dwt/8.7m. blt2009Korea,IACS Class, Dbl Hull, Loa128m x Bm20.4m. m/e Man B&W 6000hp, SBT/IGS/COW, 12 tanks marineline coated 13500m3, heat exchangers st st, pumps 12x300m3/h +2x100m3/h Framo submersible, 13 segregations, bow thruster, stern manifolds, price/offers. SOLD

05.4-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-13005dwt/8.7m. blt2007, IACS Class,Loa128m x Bm20.4m. epoxy coated, st st coiled, 14000m3 98% incl. slops, 13 double valve segregations, price/offers.

05.5-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker- 13010dwt/8.7m. blt2008 , IACS Class, Loa128m x Bm20.4m. epoxy coated, st st coiled, 14000m3 98% incl slops, 13 double valve segregation, price/offers.

05.5.0-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-13,070dwt/8.7m. blt2008Korea, IACS Class, dbl hull, Loa 128m x Bm20m. tanks 12, epoxy coated, cap 13,300m3, pumps 12, coiled, m/e B&W, price-offers.

05.5-0-Chemical/Oil Product Tanker-13,800dwt/8.6m. blt2010China, Double Hull, IMO II, IACS Class, Loa142.6m x Bm20.8m x Dbt11.2m. 15,000m3, marineline coated, 15 pumps, 12x200m3/h, 2 x100m3/h, 1x70m3/h, 6 grades, IGS, m/e Man B&W 5900hp. 13.4knt/13mt ifo380cst.  price/offers.

05*5-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-13950dwt/7.9m. blt2015China, IACS Class, double hull, Loa146m x Bm22m. 12cargo tanks(15795m3) + 2slop tanks(530m3), segregations 4, screw pumps 4x50m3/h, epoxy coated, heating st st coils, bowthruster 400kw,, crane 1x5ton, price- offers.

05.6-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker- 14200dwt. blt2004Japan, IACS Class, IMO II/III , sus 316, capacity 16,660m3  98%, m/e B&W 6000hp. price/offers.


06-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-15,090dwt/8.5m. blt2009Ukraine, IACS Class, Double Hull, IMO II, ice class 1A, Loa149.5m x Bm22m  Dbt12.95m.  capacity 17900m3 98% excluding slops, m/e Man B&W 8L40/54, 14-13knts 22/23mt ifo + 0.1mdo. phenolic epoxy coated, 14 submerged cargo pumps x 350m3/h, SBT/deck mounted cgo heater thermal oil,price/offers. /SOLD

07-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-15,200dwt/8.5m.blt2009Ukraine,IACS Class, Double Hull, IMO II ,ice class 1A, Loa149.5m x Bm22m x Dbt12.95m. capacity 17,900m3 98% excluding slops, m/e Man B&W 8L40/54, Gen Wartsila, 14knts/22t ifo, phenolic epoxy coated. cargo pumps 14 sets submerged x 350m3/h.  SBT / heat exchanger, price/offers. /SOLD

07.1-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-15600dwt/8.6m. blt2006Turkey, IACS Class, IMO II, iceclass 1A, unrestricted navigation, 18 cargo tanks + 2 slop tanks, total 18300m3 100%, marineline coating, propultion system AUM-DPS, duplicated propulsion system, 2xRolls Royce Bergen-2x3600kw/720rpm, hfo 380cst, 2 azimuth thrusters-4blade action 360deg.bowthruster 600kw.pumps Framo 18x330m3/h, 2slop pumps X 100m3/h, 1 portable hayd.cgo pump 70m3/h, total loading rate 2000m3/h, total discharge rate 1980m3/h, nitrogen generator 1125m3, cargo tanks heating-2 x thermal oil heaters 2500kw each., 2xshaftgenerators 1200kw each, 1xScania genetaror 430kw, 1 generator 150kw. price-offers.

07.2-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-16450dwt/9.1m. blt2001Japan, IACS Class,  Loa135m x Bm22m. 14tanks epoxy + zinc coated-17600m3, pumps 8x300m3/h + 6x200m3/h, m/e B&W 6500hp. price-offers.

07.2.0-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-17,000dwt/9.2m. blt2010Korea, dbl hull, Loa144m x Bm22m, cargo tanks 1-7 (P-S), 18250m3(slop730m3), marineline coating, st st coiled, m/e B&W 8000hp. cargo pumps Framo 8x300m3/h+6x200m3/h+2x100m3/h, bowthruster, price-offers.

07.3-Chemical/Oil ProductsTanker-18,700dwt/9.5m.blt2002Spain, IACS Class, Loa144m x Bm23m. 7 cargo tanks stainless st. 18600m3, ballast tanks epoxy coated, 12 centrifugal cgo pumps x 280m3/h + 2x80m3/h + 1x70m3/h,  2ballast pumps x 490m3/h, IGS, SBT, price-offers.

07.4-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-19,800dwt/9.5m. blt2004Japan, IACS Class, dbl hull, Loa144m x Bm24m. 20 cargo tanks st st coated, 20 grades, 20,400m3, 18pumpsx500m3/h, coiled 65degC,m/e B&W 8300hp. price-offers.

08-Chemical/Oil Products tanker-19,960dwt/9.28m. blt1999Croatia, IACS Class,ice class 1C, IMO II, Loa149m x Bm23.8m x Dbt12.65m. Double Hull, 14 tanks 22540m3, 18 pumps, 14 grades, coiled, IGS, COW, m/e B&W 9750hp. price/offers.  /SOLD

08*1-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-19,990dwt/9.3m. blt1999Croatia, IACS Class, Loa149m x Bm23.8m x Dbt12.65m. IMO II/III, dbl hull, 14 tanks 22,540m3, epoxy coated, 14 pumps, coiled, IGS,COW, m/e 9750hp. price/offers.

09-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-20700dwt/9.95m. blt2004Japan, IACS Class, capacity 22,180m3, fully cld 3161 stainless steel tanks, 20 segregations, Framo deepwell pumps,Nitrogen Generator 1250m3/h, m/e Man B&W Mark 6, price/offers. 

010-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-22000dwt/9.54m. blt1993Spain, IACS Class, IMO II, ice 1A, Loa162m x Bm23m x Dbt14.8m. 12 cargo tanks, epoxy coated, capacity 25,988m3 98%, pumps 14x4100m3/h, Framo deepwell type electro-hydr. coiled heat exchangers, m/e B&W 10600hp, bowthruster, DB/DS/DH , SBT,IGS,COW,CPP, price/offers.

011-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-33,540dwt/12.39m. blt1997Russia, IACS Class, Loa179m x Bm25.3m x Dbt18m. Double Hull, IMO I+II+III, 14tanks 34,420m3, 14pumps x 5450m3, IGS , m/e B&W 10,800hp. price/offers. 

011*0-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-35,765dwt/11m. blt2001, IACS Class, Loa183m x Bm27m. dbl hull, 41300m3, segregation 6, pumps 14, epoxy coated, price-offers.

011.0-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-35,960dwt/11m. blt2002, IACS Class, Loa183m x Bm27m, dbl hull, segregation 7, cap 41300m3 98%, pumps 14 submerged, epoxy coated, price-offers.

011*1-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-36,000dwt/11m. blt2001Korea, IACS Class, IMO III, Loa183m x Bm27m x Dbt17.6m.  12tanks 42,300m3,  pumps 12x450m3/h, 7 segregations, phenolic epoxy coated, st st coils, IGS, COW, bowthruster, m/e B&W 9450hp. price/offers.  

011.1-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-36,680dwt/11.32m. blt2006Korea, IACS Class, IMO II / III, Loa184m x Bm27.4m. ice strengthening 1A, total capacity 40,750m3 98% (excluding slop), slop1033m3, 12 cargo tanks,
10 Framo pumps x 500m3/h,  2 Framo pumpsx300m3/h, 2 Framo pumpsx150m3/h, 7 double valve seg,  st st heat exchangers, st st cargo piping, phenolic epoxy coating, IGS/COW, bow thruster, m/e Sulzer 13000hp. price/offers.  

011.2-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-37,260dwt/11.2m. blt2001Korea, IACS Class, IMO III, cargo capacity 41,340m3 98%, slops 860m3, epoxy coated, SBT, COW, IG generator, 6 grades, 15 cargo pumps, m/e B&W  12,800hp. price/offers.  

012-Oil Products Tanker- 38,690dwt/12m. blt2002Romania, IACS Class, Loa189m x Bm28m., capacity 41000m3  98%, slop 1720m3 98%, segregation 3, pumps 3x700m3/h. centrifugal, derrick 2x10ton, Epoxy coated, Double Hull, heating coils, price/offers. /SOLD

013-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-43,530dwt/11.8m. blt1998Croatia, IACS Class, Loa177m x Bm32.2m. capacity 50,500m3 98%, slop 1200m3, segregations 14, crane 10ton, pumps 12x550m3/h centrifugal + 2x100m3/h centrifugal, IGS,COW,SBT,VRS, Phenolic Epoxy coated, Double Hull, inertgas and nitrogen generator, price/offers. 

013.1-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-44,126dwt/12m. blt1996China, dbl hull, SBT,COW,IGS, Loa182m x Bm30m. IACS Class, coiled st. st. 7 tanks +2 slops,  tanks45,040m3 + 1510m3 slops,in good cond. price/offers.  

013.2-Oil Tanker-45,970dwt/12m. blt2007Japan, IACS Class, 52600m3 98% incl slops, epoxy coated, st st coils, cgo pumps 4x1000m3/h, m/e B&W, price-offers.

014-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-45,990dwt/12.20m. blt1996Korea, IACS Class, IMO II, Loa183m x Bm32.2m. Tanks 8+2 , 51,760m3, tanks 5and 7 zinc coated, tanks 1,2,3,4,6,8,and slops modified epoxy coated, 8 deepwell cargo pumps, st. st. cargo pipes, DIH,SBT,IGS,COW, m/e Hyundai B&W 11450hp. 14.5knt/33mt. vsl is suitable for full cargo of methanol, price/offers.   

014.0-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-46,160dwt/11m. blt1996Korea, IACS Class, IMO III, Loa182m x Bm32m, 16tanks cap 50,000m3 excl slops, m/e B&W, price try usd9mill.

014.1-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-46,750dwt/12.2m. blt2008Korea, IACS Class, dbl hull, Loa183m x Bm32m, grades 7, cap. 51400m3, pumps 16, epoxy coated, coiled sus316L, price-offers.

015-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker- 46,760dwt/12.2m. blt2003, IACS Class, Loa183m x Bm32.2m. capacity 51900m3  98%, slop1028m3, crane 10ton, segregations 8, pumps 6x400m3/h centrifugal + 10x250m3/h  centrifugal, IGS,SBT,VRS, epoxy coated, Double Hull, N2 generator, price/offers.


015*1-MR Tanker-47,170dwt/12.7m. blt1996Japan, IACS Class, Loa182m x Bm32m.  14tanks 50,300m3 98% incl. slop. pure epoxy coated, coiled, SBT, IGS, COW, cargo pumps 4x1000m3/h, grades 4, m/e B&W 14600hp. price/offers.

015*2- Oil/Products Tanker- dbl hull, 47,200dwt/12.6m. blt1998Japan, IACS Class, Loa182m x Bm37m. m/e B&W 11,500hp. cgo cap 50,000m3, slop 2200m3, cgo pump 4x1000m3/h, epoxy coated, st st coils, sbt, price-offers.

015*2-1-Oil Products Tanker-99,900dwt/14.1m. blt1998Korea, IACS Class,dbl hull,  6 cargo tanks, cap 98% excl slops 115,500m3, m/e B&W 16600hp. price-offers.

015*3-Oil Products Tanker-104,500dwt/14.8m. blt2006China, IACS Class, dbl hull, Loa243m x Bm42m. pumps 3, m/e B&W 18000hp. price-offers.

015.1-Chemical/Oil Products Tanker-105,000dwt blt1999Japan, IACS Class, Loa240m x Bm42m x Dbt21m. Double Hull, Double Bottom, capacity 112,150m3, price/offers.  

016-Crude Oil Tanker-105,050dwt/14.77m. blt1999 Korea, IACS Class, Loa243.5m x Bm42m.  14tanks, 113,380m3  98% incl.slop, coiled, IGS, COW, SBT, cargo pumps 3x2800m3/h.    3 grades, m/e Man B&W 16,680hp. price/offers. SOLD

017-Crude Oil Tanker-105,990dwt/14.9m. blt1998Korea, IACS Class, Loa 244m x Bm42m x Dbt21m. m/e B&W 10,600hp. 12 tanks, 2slops, 117,800m3, coiled, IGS, COW, SBT, pumps 3x3000m3/h + 1x300m3/h + 1x400m3/h + 1x2000m3/h,  generator 3x750kw, price/offers.  

017-1-Crude Oil Tanker-106,630dwt/14.9m. blt2002Japan, IACS Class, Loa240m x Bm42m x Dbt21.2m. 12tanks 121000m3, pumps 3, dbl hull, dbl bottom, dbl side, m/e B&W 16600hp. 13knts/37ton, price/offers. 

018-Crude Oil Tanker-107,160dwt/14m. blt1998Japan, IACS Class, Loa247m x Bm42m x Dbt21.30m.,  14ttanks  116.680m3, pumps 3x2500twph, coiled Al Brass, SBT, IGS, COW, Double Hull, Double Bottom, Double Side, Sulzer 7RTA62 17,400bhp/94rpm  , 14/14.5knts L/B on 44/42mt ifo.  excellent condition. price/offers.  

018.1-Oil Tanker-109,600dwt/15.5m. blt2004China, IACS Class, dbl hull, Loa244m x Bm42m. 12 cargo tanks cap. 117900m3 excl slops, coiled, m/e 21000hp. price-offers.

018.2-Oil Tanker-149,900dwt/16m. blt2008Japan, IACS Class, dbl hull, Loa274m x Bm48m, 12tanks, 2slops, epoxy coated, 9pumps, price-offers.

019-Suezmax Crude Oil Tanker-149,990dwt/16,15m. blt2000Korea, IACS Class, Loa274m x Bm48m x Dbt23.7m. cargo capacity 167,800m3.price/offers.  

019.1-Crude Oil Tanker-159,200dwt/17m. blt1998Korea, IACS Class, price/offers.  

019*1-VLCC-Crude Oil Tanker- 299,700dwt/21.60m. blt1995Denmark, IACS Class, Loa343m. x Bm56m x Dbt30.4m. 321,162m3 (98% excl slops) cargo pumps 6x5000m3/hr, m/e Mitsubishi 8UEC75L SII 32000hp. price/offers.

019.2-VLCC-Crude Oil Tanker-299,880dwt/22.15m. blt1997Korea, IACS Class, Loa330m x Bm58m x Dbt31m. 15 tanks (total cap excl. slops 98% 331,600m3), dbl hull, IGS, COW, SBT, m/e B&W , price/offers. /SOLD  

020-VLCC-Crude Oil Tanker- 300,950dwt/22.5m. blt1997Japan, IACS Class, Loa 340m x Bm56m x Dbt31.8m. 10tanks 333,200m3, pumps 3x500twph, epoxy coated 1m top and botton cgo tanks, coiled alubrass, SBT/IGS/COW, double hull, double bottom,double side, m/e Mitsubishi 32000hp, price/offers.

021- VLCC, Crude Oil Tanker- 301,240dwt, blt1997 Korea, Loa330m x Bm58m, 15 tanks, m/e B&W, price/offers.  

021.1-VLCC, Crude Oil Tanker-309,000dwt/22m. blt2011Korea, IACS Class, dbl hull, Loa333m x Bm60m, cap338000m3 excl slops, pumps 8, epoxy coated, price-offers.

022-VLCC,Crude Oil Tanker-320,000dwt/21m. blt2010Korea,
IACS Class, Loa333m x Bm60m x dbt30.5m. 12tanks + 2slops,
epoxy coated, m/e sulzer 40,000hp.
pumps 3x500m3+1x350m3+2x600m3+1x2500m3/h,
gens 2x1700hp.  price-offers.


001-LPG Gas Tanker-1259dwt blt1988Holland, Loa93m x Bm11m. IACS Class, 2000m3, price/offers.

002-LPG Gas Tanker-2980dwt/4.51m. blt1996Japan, IACS Class, Loa94m x Bm16.5 x Dbt7.1m.  tanks 2,  3510m3, m/e B&W 2950hp, pumps 2x600twph. price/offers.   

003-LPG Gas Tanker-2995dwt/5.7m. blt1988Japan, Loa95m x Bm15m x Dbt7m. 2800m3, m/e Hanshin 3600hp. price/offers.  

004-LPG Gas Tanker-3800dwt/5.08m. blt1997Japan, IACS Class, Loa99m x Bm18m x Dbt7.8m. Tanks 2,  5000m3, m/e B&W 3240hp. pumps 2x600twph, pressurised, price/offers. 

005-LPG Gas Tanker-4250dwt/5.7m. blt1990Japan, IACS Class, Loa106m x Bm16m x Dbt7.2m., Tanks 2,  3145m3, -48C, cargo: propylene, propane, butadiene,ammonia,vcm, m/e mitsubishi 3780hp. pumps 3x1000twph, semi refrigerated, IGS fitted, price/offers.

006-LPG Gas Tanker-4380dwt/6.1m. blt1991Spain, IACS Class, Loa105m x Bm15m x Dbt9.96m. tanks 3,  4109m3, pumps 5x110twph, semi refrigerated, IGS fitted, m/e Wartsila 4000hp. ice class,price/offers.

007-LPG Gas Tanker-5105dwt/5.6m. blt1992Japan, IACS Class, Loa122m x Bm20m x Dbt9m. IMO II/III, tanks 3,  6525m3, pumps 3x150twph, m/e Mitsubishi 3150hp. max. press.18.6kg. min teöp 0degC, IGS fitted, price/offers.  

008-LPG Gas Tanker-5400dwt/6m. blt1994Japan, IACS Class, Loa105m x Bm19.8m x Dbt8.6m. tanks 2,  0degC, pumps 2x300twph.  m/e Mitsubishi 4200hp. price/offers.  

009-LPG Tanker- 7030dwt/6.7m. blt1985Japan, IACS Class, Loa119m x Bm18.8m. x Dbt9m. tanks 3 , grades 1, pumps 1x30twph, 2 x450twph, m/e B&W 5250hp. fully pressurised, price/offers.

0010-LPG Tanker-24,460dwt/12m. blt 1983Norway, IACS Class, Loa159m x Bm24.4m. Cargo tanks 6 , 23,640m3 (%98 excl.slop), 2 grades, cargo pumps 6x400m3/hr. booster pump 2x500m3/hr. m/e Sulzer 14400hp. price/offers.